Magoo Makes News 1955

Mr. Magoo misreads a newspaper flyer thinking it is a letter from his power company saying they are shutting off his power. Outraged, Magoo heads for the power company intent on giving them a piece of his mind. However, instead of going to the power company, he goes to a newspaper printing officer by mistake getting tangled up in the machinery all the while thinking he is being given "the bum's rush". He returns to his house with the power back on thinking he has won. But the next day, he doesn't like the paper's editorial and heads to the newspaper office wanting to give them a piece of his mind!

Magoo Goes West 1956

Mr. Magoo is depressed over the constant rainy weather. Well, actually, it isn't raining; he's just left the sprinkler running. Fed up, he plans to venture to California in search of sunny weather. Even though he never actually leaves town, the trip is a long one with Magoo driving through city parks and water fountains. Finally believing himself to be on the home stretch when going through a car wash, he is convinced he has finally made it to California when he crashes into a billboard advertisement for Florida.

Calling Doctor Magoo 1956

When Rodney, a friend of the nearsighted Mr. Magoo, goes to the hospital, Mr. Magoo decides to visit him and to take along some of his cure-all, homemade elixir. But he makes a wrong turn and ends up on a docked-ship visiting a stranger wearing a turban, thanking he is Rodney, and gives him some of the elixir. He returns home and gets a telephone call from Rodney who is waiting for his visit. He thinks Rodney is delirious and ventures forth for another visit carrying a giant-size bottle of his elixir.

Hello, Children! 1962

A sad story about a little Japanese girl fighting heavy decease in a Russian summer camp on the Black Sea coast.

A Winter Morning 1967

A little girl named Katherine saved one boy's life during the bombing in Leningrad while under the Siege in WWII. The boy cannot speak yet. So she gave him a name Seryozha and provided him with food and care. She was later adopted by the boy's father, who recognized his son.

Yesterday's Boys Didn't Use Hair Fixers 1937

A Young man from a wealthy family hide them his attraction for tango culture of arrabal. In a milonga he fell in love with Mirella and he have a knife fight with all others guapos that want her, he won. Time pass and Mirella became a mistress but this situation is unstable because of the society prejudices.

The Cutlass 1954

A Red Army officer Polevoy possesses a navy dirk with a secret message encrypted in its handle. The second part of a message belongs to a White army officer Nikitskiy. It's up to three young friends of Polevoy to uncover the mystery.

God's Top 10 2002

From Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the "God's Top Ten" cassette/CD is comprised of the theme song and 10 songs from the "God's Top Ten" video. Each song concentrates on an individual commandment and is great as a stand along product as well as companion to the video. Award-winning producer Scott Votaw, President of KidzVid Entertainment, produces the original songs from KidzVid Entertainment.

Clown Princes 1939

The landlord has given final notice to Porky's family--pay the rent or get out. Of course the Our Gang put on a show to raise the needed money.

Sheriff Teddy 1957

A story about thirteen years old Kalle who is moving with the family from West Berlin to East.

Einstein: Light to the Power of 2 1996

Nine-year old Lannie is unmotivated and struggling at school because of a racist teacher. Reminded of his own intellectual and political challenges, Einstein steps into 1950 to spark a love of learning in Lannie.