Elvis: The Miniseries 2007

Jonathan Rhys Meyers of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III and BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM delivers a definitive performance in the acclaimed mini series event that depicts Elvis from 50s teen outcast to worldwide sensation, through his grim decline to spectacular 68 comeback. Experience the triumphs and tragedies, excesses and affairs, madness and music of The King Of Rock & Roll, featuring a stellar cast that includes Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Camryn Manheim as his beloved mother Gladys, Oscar® nominee Randy Quaid as the notorious Colonel Parker, Robert Patrick as Vernon Presley, and Rose McGowan as Ann-Margret.

Walter's War 2008

Drama inspired by the life of Walter Tull who, after years in an orphanage, went on to become a professional footballer and then the first black commissioned officer to lead British troops during WW1. The action concerns Tull's turbulent passage from ordinary soldier to extraordinary officer at officer training camp, where he had to face his own demons as well as fight the prejudice that surrounded him

Silent Britain 2006

A documentary about the early years of silent films made in Britain. Showing that it wasn't just a few, easily dismissed comedies, but many high quality films including some very popular comedies and some fine dramas. Matthew Sweet shows through examples how the art and even the language of film was developed by some of these pioneers working in Britain.

Mist: The Tale of a Sheepdog Puppy 2006

Mist: The Tale of a Sheepdog Puppy is a British family television film following the life of a border collie puppy as she grows up to become a working Herding dog. Part fiction, part documentary, it was filmed by real-life shepherd David Kennard on his farm in Devon. It features his seven working dogs - the puppy Mist, her gentle mother Gail, grandfather 'Sir' Gregory, eccentric, bubbly, hyper uncle Jake, sour and negative great-auntie Fern, gruff, tough cousin Ernie and wise auntie Swift. [Wikipedia]

Icons of Power: Napoleon's Final Battle 2006

Documentary - This historical documentary from National Geographic recounts the final defeat of one of history's most compelling leaders. Napoleon Bonaparte's phenomenal rise to power came to an end by 1814, when an alliance of enemies triumphed over his forces and banished him to the island of Elba. But the French ruler refused to give up on his dream of world conquest, and he proceeded to organize an epic, history-defining battle from his island prison. - Vasile Muraru, Philippe Nevo, Dorin Andone

Noite Sangrenta 2010

A group of soldiers are sentenced for the murders of key political figures in the night of October 19th, 1921, in the streets of Lisbon. But the names of the conspirators remain unknown. Berta Maia, a widow of the 1910 revolution hero Carlos da Maia, will fight for the truth…

I'm Not Dead Yet 2008

Documentary about the inheritance of a Gothic home and a family's unspoken past. 78-year-old Ruth has promised her beloved estate to one of her twin daughters, with whom she has lived for the past 35 years. As tensions mount, Ruth flees to France into the arms of her other, estranged daughter. Ruth's granddaughter Elizabeth documents the struggle, unaware of the dark secrets that lie within the house's walls, as Ruth's turbulent journey sees the unravelling of a family consumed by the legacy of silence and denial. (Storyville)

Hospital! 1997

Comedy about a brilliant young brain surgeon set in an unorthodox hospital. A "Naked Gun" type comedy from Britain, this one-off special was made specifically for the launch of Channel 5 in 1997.

Den ryska dörren 2010

The year is 1989 and Stefan works as a bus driver between Norrland and Murmansk. With him on the journeys is the Russian interpreter Jana which he has fallen in love with. He is prepared to do everything to win her love, but her mother sets an ultimatum - get a safe front door. Stefan has competition from a Russian and soon the contest is on, "who can give the mother the best door".

Angel Cake 2006

A cakemaker and her dysfunctional family live on a grimy estate. When Elaine's rock buns come out of the oven resembling the Virgin Mary, potentially miraculous consequences follow for her family and friends. Her arthritic mother Millie is suddenly able to move freely, her irresponsible son Todd falls in love, and both she and her husband Ed are offered the chance of other relationships. But miracles are not all they seem.