Chirpy 2001

Described by the director as his statement on modern pornography, the film follows the misadventures of a small yellow bird, which include the adult themes of hallucinogenic drugs and sexual intercourse with a horse.

A Hollywood Detour 1942

This cartoon, featuring a running-gag throughout of a John Barrymore caricature being mobbed by fan for an autograph, is a burlesqued tour of Hollywood. The narrator conducts a tourist tour all around the town of Hollywood Boulvevard, Malibu Beach, Santa Anita Race Track, the Brown Derby, and Grauman's Chinese theatre.

Three Woodcutters 1959

Bubble, Straw and Bast Shoe look for firewood. Bubble doesn’t want to work but when, on their way back he shifts the share of firewood on the shoulders of the Bast Shoe, he gets in a trouble – the wind blows him off. After some adventures Bubble is rescued and reforms.

Swinging His Vacation 1920

When Mr. Givney says business at the railroad station is "too slow" to let him take vacation time, Jerry has an idea to increase ticket sales.

Without Coal 1920

Animated film based on the comic strip "Jerry on the Job" - a man on the station platform tells Jerry Flannigan and Mr. Givney that he knows how to run a train without coal.

Pink Swine! 1962

One of Lawrence Jordan's earliest animated films, PINK SWINE is an energetic and playful mix of various animation styles. Described as "an anti-art dada collage film," this free-form short presents cut-out images animated across old photos (a style picked up by Terry Gilliam a few years later) and found objects that dance to the beat of the rock-and-roll soundtrack. He produced this short during a summer spent with Joseph Cornell and Jordan edited the film entirely in camera, making the upbeat visual rhythm of this delightful lark even more impressive. –Sean Axmaker

The Window 1965

A night in the life of an apartment building features interesting occurrences, as seen through its lit windows.

Bewitched Matches 1913

Three girls seeking to have their fortunes told invite a witch over. When the girls' father offends the witch, she puts a hex on him and his matches.