Death Challenge

Death Challenge 1977

Modern day Hong Kong is the backdrop for this action adventure about the narcotics trade. A convicted felon named Peter Chin breaks up a bloody barroom battle and saves the life of a gang member. He is rewarded with an introduction to one of the gang's lieutenants, a beautiful woman named Daisy. Together they plot to extort millions from a rival gangland chief, but their efforts are foiled by an uneasy truce between the two leaders. Knives, flying kicks, fists, guns and bombs come into play as Peter strives to keep a gangland leader from escaping with a fortune in drugs and money.


Output 1974

A young filmmaker becomes involved with a gangster in Berlin. Based on the Ulf Miehe novel Ich hab' noch einen Toten in Berlin.

Shark Operation

Shark Operation 1988

This is an action-packed action movie from the tough criminal environment of Hong Kong. Carter plays a tough narcotics cop tracking a syndicate chief suspeced for drug trafficking and trading of counterfeit money. Carter and his team make their way to Malaysia where the drug baron is residing, where the final showdown, after several surprises, reaches its peak. The film is packed with action in all variants.

The Fixer

The Fixer 1979

The facts of a fixer who controls politics from behind the scenes.

Slomannaya Podkova

Slomannaya Podkova 1973

По мотивам повести Жюля Верна "Драма в Лифляндии". Французский аэронавт Жюль Ардан, путешествуя на воздушном шаре, случайно оказывается в Ревеле. Здесь он знакомится с доктором Петерсоном и его дочерью Лейдой. За женихом Лейды охотятся жандармы. В городе происходит убийство сына банкира. Подозрение падает на Петерсона. За расследование преступления берется Жюль Ардан.

The Criminal

The Criminal 1977

A court justice finds himself in a bad spot when the criminal case that he hears involves members of his own family. He jails his own son for murder and witnesses the break up of his family among other things.

Manidhan Marivittan

Manidhan Marivittan 1989

A naive man who is new in town gets entrapped in a crisis due to his resemblance with a gangster. The revelation gets shocking when the criminal turns out to be his own twin brother.

Águia na Cabeça

Águia na Cabeça 1984

A senator having contacts with illegal betting activities is killed by the man who is his right arm, who wanted to get his position. But the power structure resents this disturbance and can fall apart, specially since there's a witness.

Das Stundenhotel von St. Pauli

Das Stundenhotel von St. Pauli 1970

West German crime film directed by Rolf Olsen and starring Curd Jürgens, Andrea Rau and Corny Collins. It is set in the red-light district of St. Pauli in Hamburg.

The Bloody Hands of the Law

The Bloody Hands of the Law 1973

When a crime boss is murdered while in hospital, a young woman sees the killers, but her room mate convinces her not to tell the police, fearing the consequences. Unfortunately the murderers realize that they have been seen, and kill both women. Catching the killers proves difficult as anyone who knows anything dies in unexplained circumstances. It becomes evident that a large and powerful criminal organization is behind the murders, and that they have links within the police force. It is up to Lt. Carmine to see that justice prevails, using any means necessary.

A Life Full of Evils

A Life Full of Evils 1983

A man just out of jail seduces a lonely woman with more money than sense. He swindles her out of both, then kills her. Very quickly, hes hitched up with another woman and a businessman friend.

Ruthless Family

Ruthless Family 1988

Ruthless Family aka Ruthless Law is a Hong Kong Crime movie directed by Max Lee Chiu-Chun and starring Alex Man and Chan Wai-Man.

Sitting Ducks

Sitting Ducks 1980

Two small-time thieves come together as a bizarre comic duo in a quest to make their childhood dreams come true. In a limousine stuffed with cash stolen from the mob, they take off for Miami, where they plan to fly to a safe haven in Costa Rica. On the road they pick up a singer/chauffeur plus two unlikely women they meet in a Holiday Inn. Then the fun begins! A zany, hilarious, screwball road comedy about sex, money and vitamins, with an exceptional cast who deliver comic performances of manic perfection!