Fear and Love 1967

"Love + fear = Torment" exposes the secret world of the French model studios, and the men who try to corrupt them. Mobsters become involved when fifty-thousand dollars worth of uncut gems are stolen. A model studio becomes terrorized as one of the models innocently befriends one of the mobsters.

Chick 1936

The hall porter at an Oxbridge College inherits an Earldom and enjoys a series of adventures.

The Private Police 1969

After the war, Kijima (Bunta Sugawara) returns to Tokyo where he meets Ôba (Noboru Andô), an Ex-Kamikaze pilot, and the two ruffians gather hooligans to join their group. In Ginza, the Togawa gang have taken over Sakurada's territory. After several fights Kijima and Ôba gain control of the territory by chasing out the notorious Togawa Group in the name of Sakurada. But Kijima is arrested for assaulting an American soldier. A few years pass. Kijima has served his prison term and the sears of war have been erased from Ginza. Ôba is now president of a company specializing in collection of bad debts, cheque frauds and everything that means money. People call their organization the “Private Police,” and Kijima begins to work for Ôba. Now the Takegami gang waits a chance to seize the Ginza territory.

Super Kung Fu Kid 1974

Ah Lung is a decent law abiding citizen armed with deadly martial arts skills. He soon discovers he has a brother who is a gangster, Man Ho. All martial hell breaks loose when he tries to meddle in the gangs affairs.

The Face 1999

A poor girl marries into a wealthy family, but after the birth of her first child, she discovers that she is unhappy in her marriage and is forced to make a series of difficult decisions.

Kohtalo johtaa meitä 1945

Sirkka feels she's doing the right thing when she kills her cruel stepfather. But there is a witness to the murder, the musician Eino. However, he helps Sirkka get rid of the dead body. Suspected by the police for the murder Sirkka flees abroad.

Song of Warsaw 1953

A cynical tale of two liquor smugglers, who struggle with life, love and lust. A seedy love triangle is unavoidable.

Efter levande modell 1961

Three young women and four young men are gathered in a hunting lodge on a small island. Two of the men, Paul and Bilbo, write a police drama for a big newspaper. Imprudently, they initially imagined a perfect crime, so perfect that they can not find the solution. And yet they worked "from nature": their novel takes place in a pavilion similar to that where they are and the characters are like them.