Rainbow City

Rainbow City is a British television series made by the BBC and shown in 1967. The series is notable for being the first British TV series to feature a black actor, Errol John, playing the lead character. John starred as John Steele, a black solicitor and the series dealt with his personal and professional problems living and working in the multi-ethnic community of Birmingham. Also highly significant was the fact that Steele's marriage was inter-racial. Steele's white wife Mary was played by Gemma Jones, who would go on to star in the BBC's 1970s period drama The Duchess of Duke Street.

Champion House 1967

Champion House is a BBC television drama series. The series dealt with the Yorkshire-based Champion family and the dramas surrounding the family textiles firm, Champion Mills. Two series were made between 1967 and 1968. The cast included Edward Chapman, Nicole Maurey, Maurice Kaufmann and Virginia Stride. Champion House was created by Hazel Adair and Peter Ling, who had previously devised Compact and Crossroads. The series was a casualty of the BBC's wiping policy of the era and no longer exists in the BBC archives.

The Champion

The Champion is an idol drama produced by Mediacorp in Singapore. It was telecast from October 20 to November 16, 2004. The show stars Taiwanese idol Toro, Yan Xingshu, Qi Yuwu, Julian Hee, Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin, Fiona Xie and Joyce Zhao, all young actors and actresses. This show also marked Jesseca Liu's acting debut. It received one of the highest viewership rate during the telecast of the show, especially since there were a few semi-nude scenes such as Qi Yuwu stripping on-screen and Fiona Xie and other members of the Flying Fish running down Orchard Road in their bikinis. This was also the first drama which allowed viewers to vote via a SMS competition on Nov 16 2004 for the viewers' favourite 2-minute short ending which was aired on Nov 17 2004 at 8.58 pm just before the debut of the next drama My Mighty In-Laws.

Sutherland's Law

Sutherland's Law is a television series made by BBC Scotland between 1973 and 1976. The series had originated as a stand alone edition of the portmanteau programme Drama Playhouse in 1972 in which Derek Francis played Sutherland and was then commissioned as an ongoing series. The producer was Frank Cox. Sutherland's Law dealt with the duties of the Procurator Fiscal in a small Scottish town. The major cast members included Iain Cuthbertson, Gareth Thomas, Moultrie Kelsall, Victor Carin, Martin Cochrane, Maev Alexander and Edith MacArthur. The exteriors for the series were filmed in Oban, Argyll. The signature tune was The Land of the Mountain and the Flood, by Hamish MacCunn. Series creator Lindsay Galloway released a novel based on the series in 1974. The DVD of Sutherland's Law Series 1 was released on Region 2 by Acorn Media UK in the UK on 1 June 2009.


Swizzlewick was a twice weekly 1964 BBC comedy drama series about the day-to-day events of a local council in a fictional Midlands town. The writers included David Turner who created the series. This series is principally remembered as an early target of 'Clean Up TV' campaigner Mary Whitehouse. An episode in August 1964 featured Mrs Smallgood, a parody of her, who was depicted launching a "Freedom from Sex" campaign with a friend. A scene with a prostitute was cut from another episode of the series, after a television studio worker leaked an advance copy of the script to her. She was told "It's too late to re-shoot.", and answered "I don't want re-shooting, I want cuts." She delivered a letter of complaint in person to the Postmaster General of the United Kingdom, who appears to have passed the matter on to the BBC, and the scene Mrs Whitehouse found offensive was cut. Turner resigned from the series. Television programmers from this era were often wiped, discarded or not recorded at all if they went out live. Of 26 episodes, only one episode is believed to still exist.

Dangerous Sister 2005

Kiken na Aneki is a Japanese television drama. It premiered in 2005 and was broadcast by Fuji Television, and ran for 10 episodes into 2006. It boasted the acclaimed actress Misaki Ito as one of the primary roles. The ending theme is the song "Pop Star" by Ken Hirai.

Condemned To Be Shot

Condemned To Be Shot was an early BBC television drama, broadcast by the BBC Television Service in the United Kingdom on the evening of Saturday March 4, 1939. It is particularly notable for two reasons – firstly, it was one of the very first plays to be written especially for television, rather than adapted from the theatre or from radio drama. Secondly, it was the first television production where the camera was made into one of the 'characters' of the piece – the play revolves around the first-person perspective of the character whose viewpoint the camera represents, and who is not otherwise seen, his voice heard only in voiceover. The play ends with the main character faced with a firing squad. The cast consisted of Reginald Brooke, Zoe Davies, Olga Edwardes, Wilfred Fletcher, Neil Porter, Hilary Pritchard, Henry Belling and Ben Soutten. Twenty minutes in length, the play was written by R.E.J. Brooke. It was produced by Jan Bussell and broadcast live from the BBC's studios at Alexandra Palace. As there was no professional method of recording television programmes at the time, no record survives of the production aside from still photographs.


Spycatcher was a BBC television series, starring Bernard Archard, which ran from 1959 to 1961. It was based on the real-life activities of Dutch counterintelligence officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Oreste Pinto, who specialised in the interrogation of suspected spies during World War II and had later published his memoirs under the title Spy Catcher. Each episode showed Pinto questioning refugees to England from Nazi-dominated Europe, and eventually exposing them as enemy agents. In 1960 a board game called Spycatcher inspired by the series was produced by J & L Randall under their Merit trading name. There was also an earlier BBC Radio series, of 24 Episodes, which covered the same cases in radio-drama form.

October 1970 2006

A dramatization of the actual events surrounding the October Crisis in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Maid in Akihabara

Maid in Akihabara is a 6 episode series that was produced in Japan in 2005 and released on February 24, 2006. Each episode ran about 15 minutes, and took place in Akihabara, Tokyo - the cyber city of Japan. The story begins when a woman named Saki, an ex-bar girl, tries to find a job to hide from a group of yakuza. She ends up getting a job at a Maid cafe called Meido no miyage. She is the third maid to be joining the cafe. She was homeless and starts living in a 24-hour internet cafe.

East of Ipswich

East of Ipswich was a BBC television drama from 1987 written by Michael Palin, based on his own memories of dreary holidays in English coastal towns in the 1950s. The plot revolves around Richard, a seventeen year-old only son, and his rebellious holiday romances in Southwold, Suffolk, leading to his sexual initiation by a promiscuous Dutch girl named Anna. It starred Edward Rawle-Hicks as Richard, Joan Sanderson as the overbearing landlady of a guest house, John Nettleton as Richard's father, Pippa Hinchley as Anna, and Janine Duvitski.

Glenview High 1977

Glenview High is an Australian television drama series produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation for the Seven Network between 1977 and 1978. The show's title is a reference to the high school Glenview Park Secondary School located in Cambridge, Ontario.

Dolce Vita 2006

Dolce Vita is an English language information TV programme on Television Broadcasts Limited in Hong Kong. It has been hosted by Kelly Cheung, Rabeea Yeung, Lorea Solabarrieta, Aimee Chan, Vaneese Toses, Jason Chan, Winnie Young, Francis Chan, Vincent Wan, Becky Lee, Marcus Kwok, Desmond So, Rani Samtani, Nelson Siu and Hilda Chan through its run. The weekly programme follows the format of former TVB Pearl lifestyle-magazine shows Eye on Hong Kong, and Citylife. With the launch of Dolce Vita, the lifestyle programme features fine dining, fashion and other latest leisure goods/activities available in Hong Kong. It also interviews English speaking artists, celebrities or fashion designers who visit Hong Kong. It is shown at 9:30pm every Thursday, 12:00am every Friday and 10:30am every Saturday on TVB Pearl. It is shown at 11:00am and 7:00pm every Saturday and 6:00am and 2:45am every Wednesday on TVB HD Jade.

Shopping Hero

Shopping Hero, also known as Tsuhan-Man, is a Japanese comedic television drama. Eleven episodes were created and broadcast on TV Asahi, from July 5, 2002 to September 20, 2002.

Soldier's Girl

Soldier's Girl is a 2003 Canadian-American drama film produced by Showtime. It is based on a true story: the relationship between Barry Winchell and Calpernia Addams and the events that led up to Barry's murder by fellow soldiers. It was written by Ron Nyswaner and directed by Frank R. Pierson, with Troy Garity starring as Barry and Lee Pace starring as Calpernia.

The Arrow

The Arrow is a four-hour miniseries produced for CBC Television in 1996, starring Dan Aykroyd as Crawford Gordon, experienced wartime production leader during World War II and president of A. V. Roe Canada during its attempt to produce the Avro Arrow supersonic jet interceptor. The film also stars Michael Ironside and Sara Botsford. The mini-series is noted as the highest viewership ever for a CBC program. Other significant individuals in the program, portrayed in the series, include RCAF pilot Flight Lieutenant Jack Woodman who conducted test flights on Avro aircraft but was supplanted by Janusz Żurakowski for the first few flights; Jim Chamberlin and James Floyd in the design team; Edward Critchley who would be asked to develop an engine for the Arrow when other models became unavailable. The film also boasted cameos by Michael Moriarty as U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Michael Ironside as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Christopher Plummer as George Hees.

Cleo 2002

Cleo is a Swedish drama/comedy TV series in two seasons, each consisting of nine episodes. The series was broadcast on SVT, the first season in 2002 and the second in 2003. Directed by Svante Kettner and screenplay by Michael Hjorth, Tomas Tivemark and Johan Kindblom. The name of the series comes from the main character Cleopatra "Cleo" Andersson, played by Suzanne Reuter. When the first episode aired on March 24, 2002 it was watched by 2,2 million people. At the 2004 Monte-Carlo TV Festival Cleo won three awards in the comedy category, Outstanding Actor, Outstanding Actress and Outstanding European Producer.

Casanova 1971

The Italian adventurer and libertine Giovanni Jacopo Casanova lived from 1725 to 1798, but in this six-part series Dennis Potter attempted to find a contemporary relevance through his central themes of sex and religion. He commented that Casanova "was concerned with religious and sexual freedom, and these are the things we have to address ourselves to now." Casanova was imprisoned in Venice in 1755, and Potter used that event as a central device, constantly inter-cutting to contrast Casanova's amorous escapades, radiant, joyful and brightly lit, with his oppressive solitary confinement in the gloom of a half-darkened cell.

Taiga drama

Taiga drama is the name NHK gives to the annual, year-long historical fiction television series it broadcasts in Japan. Beginning in 1963 with the black-and-white Hana no Shōgai, starring kabuki actor Onoe Shōroku and Takarazuka star Awashima Chikage, the network has hired a producer, director, writer, music director, and actors for the series. The 45-minute show airs on the NHK General network every Sunday at 20:00, with rebroadcasts on Saturdays at 13:05. Satellite, HDTV digital satellite, and NHK World Premium broadcasts are also available.

What Goes On 2007

What Goes On is an American drama series that was scheduled to air on The N. The series explores "the emotional life of teens." Created by Sri Rao, the initial working title of the series was The Block. The series was scheduled to premiere in late 2007, but was canceled before a single episode aired on television. In 2008, all ten episodes of the series leaked online. According to FutonCritic.com, the series is "an ensemble drama that explores the lives of five teenagers growing up in a typical suburban neighborhood," and "takes an honest look at the journey of adolescence — figuring out who you are in the context of who you were and who you want to be" while "chronicling the relationships with parents, families, friends and crushes."