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In a Valley of Violence

A man can only take so much!
In a Valley of Violence
The story of a drifter named Paul who arrives in a small town seeking revenge on the thugs who murdered his friend. Sisters Mary Anne and Ellen, who run the town's hotel, help Paul in his quest for vengeance.


**In the old west, it's always about the revenge!** Believe it or not, this is the western version of 'John Wick'. Same storyline except it takes place in the desert of the old west. A man who had enough killing native Americans, is now abandoned everything and heading towards Mexico for a fresh start. But on a way in a small town, he gets into a trouble. After surviving the assault, he goes back to hunt them all and like most of the western film, the end is predictable. This is not a bad flick, but it was not fresh enough, either its story or the gun fights. With a bunch of decent actors, a decently made film. The characters were limited, the atmosphere was like deserted. So the overall narration was focused on a few characters in its entire 100 minute run. I felt sorry for Travolta, they did not get anything out of him, he just had a presence and nothing else. In other hand Ethan was okay, but his role was designed as an average man in the old west, not a powerful one as we expect in this type of film. The title says it all, but it was not that ruthless as compared to the most of the similar western films I have seen. Mostly it will bring a disappointment for its viewers, but definitely a few would enjoy it for its simpleness. For me, it was an average, but thought it could have been better, particularly in the gun battle. So it's nothing more than just once watchable with a low expectation. _6/10_
John Chard
The Denton Rapscallion. In a Valley of Violence is written and directed by Ti West. It stars Ethan Hawke, Taissa Farmiga, James Ransome, Karen Gillan and John Travolta. Music is by Jeff Grace and cinematography by Eric Robbins. Ethan Hawke plays Paul, an ex soldier accompanied only by his dog, Abbie, who is drifting across the desert towards Mexico. Stopping off in the dying town of Denton, Paul finds trouble that will have consequences for himself and town alike. Ti West is more well known for his horror ventures, where although divisive in that genre sphere, he can be proud of his success rate. Here he tackles the Western, and true to form, he homages past genre masters whilst unmistakably putting his own stamp on things. Opening with credits straight out of Spaghetti Western land, and introducing us to a musical score that will accompany the story that is wonderfully feverish, West is in no hurry for blood and bone shenanigans. He always favours the slow burn and so it proves here. There's nothing remotely new here, it's a standard tale of a gunman - one damaged by his war efforts - who through circumstance is forced to abandon his hope of a quiet life. He's a loner man of few words, thus giving viewers a classic Western character staple, an anti-hero to root for and for us to yearn for him to find peace. When the violence comes, it's sharp and bloody, but often there is humour as well, deftly inserted into proceedings, whilst the canine is skillful and a key character to all and sundry. Perfs are more than adequate. Hawke sifts seamlessly into being a believable drifter type of complexity, Ransome is annoyingly brattish, but that's actually job well done, and Travolta - sporting a wooden leg - gets better once (and if) you buy into him in this setting. Gillan isn't given much to do, but lands some decent emotive punches, but it's Farmiga who stands out as Mary-Anne. She's utterly infectious and thankfully she gets a well written part, that of a young woman trying to hold her own in the most trying of township circumstance. The purpose built town of Denton looks just that!, but this is off- set a touch by the nice location landscapes (Santa Fe, New Mexico), and with the story working from solid genre foundations then this is a pleasure - without pulling up any trees - for fans of such. 7/10

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