The Search for Our Beginning Could Lead to Our End.
A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.
Title Prometheus
Release Date 2012-05-30
Genres Science Fiction Adventure Mystery
Production Companies Dune Entertainment, Scott Free Productions, Brandywine Productions, 20th Century Fox
Production Countries United Kingdom, United States of America


Per Gunnar Jonsson
The special effects are great, the scenery and photography is lovely but the film is as a whole a big disappointment. You would have thought that with such a budget they could have hired some guy to make a basic sanity check of the script but obviously that wasn’t in the budget for this one. I do not know if a lot of Hollywood people are idiots or think the audience are idiots or both but for Christ sake, how difficult can it be to come up with a plot that holds together and are at least half believable? A trillion dollar expedition to discover the “makers of mankind” and they put together a band of asocial morons for crew where not even the scientists among them seems to have met each other before the wake up millions of miles from Earth. Almost everyone behaves in a completely unbelievable way. Yeah, it looks okay so let’s remove the helmets for instance? Right, apart from the immediate danger to your own health, what about quarantine procedures…idiots? Why did the robot put the mutagen in the drink? It’s just illogical and never really adequately explained. Speaking of robots, robots have a power source and it’s not spread all over them. If you rip their head of they do not continue to talk like nothing had happened. In the original Alien they at least had to hook him up to something. It goes on. The entire film is just a jumble of illogical acts one after another. Then we have the ending. What a joke. Apart from the fact that Elizabeth’s actions are just ridiculous, how does she expect to live on a alien ship without food or any other supplies? This film had good promise. The idea of getting to know the origin of the aliens intrigued me and the basic plot idea was cool. However, the film was really ruined by a script obviously written by total morons.
Andres Gomez
Although this is not a great movie, I was positively surprised, given the tons of bad references I got from this movie. The background story is interesting and the cast is quite decent. Theron and Elba played well but specially remarkable are Rapace and Fassbender. In any case, it does have many flaws in the script. Several characters are stupid beyond comprehension, several things are completely unexplained, Pearce character is really bad and the crashing of the alien spaceship is just ridiculous, as it is the killing of Theron's character. In any case, it doesn't leave a bad after taste and I am looking forward to the continuation of the story.

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