A Beautiful Soul 2012

An R&B singer snagged by the trappings of superstardom loses his way and turns his back on his church and faith-filled beginnings. Tragedy strikes, leaving a chance for redemption in its wake. But with rebirth, first comes death.

Kuroshitsuji: The Most Beautiful Death in the World 2014

England, the 19th Century. The almighty butler Sebastian of the Phantomhive House: the "evil nobles" that are contracted to perform Queen Victoria's "underground" work. His true form is that of a demon. According to his contract with his young Master Ciel, a proudly independent boy who faces his cursed fate head-on, he becomes Ciel's shadow and cleans up the incidents that occur in the underground society.

Soul Eater 2008

Set at the "Death Weapon Meister Academy", the series revolves around three teams, each consisting of a weapon meister and weapon that can transform into a humanoid. Trying to make the latter a "death scythe" and thus fit for use by the academy's headmaster Shinigami, the personification of death, they must collect the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch, in that order; otherwise, they will have to start all over again.

Blade and Soul 2014

Blade and Soul adalah anime yang diadaptasi dari MMORPG Korea, Blade anda Soul. Aruka adalah seorang pembunuh dari Klan Tsurugi. Dia sedang mencari seorang wanita benama Jin Valel, yang membunuh gurunya Hon.  Jin adalah seorang wanita iblis yang menguasai energi kekacauan  dan membunuh tanpa ampun, tak seperti Aruka yang mempelajari teknik membunuh hanya untuk melakukan pekerjaannya sebagai seorang pembunuh.

Soul Land 2018

Tang San spent his life in the Tang Outer Sect, dedicated to the creation and mastery of hidden weapons. Once he stole the secret lore of the Inner Sect to reach the pinnacle of his art, his only way out was death. But after throwing himself off the deadly Hell's Peak he was reborn in a different world, the world of Douluo Dalu, a world where every person has a spirit of their own, and those with powerful spirits can practice their spirit power to rise and become Spirit Masters. The spirit that awakens within Tang San is Blue Silver Grass, a useless spirit. Can he overcome the difficulties to reach the high ranks of Spirit Masters and bring the glory of the Tang Sect into this new world?

Soul Food 2000

Soul Food: The Series is a television drama that aired Wednesday nights on Showtime from June 28, 2000 to May 26, 2004. Created by filmmaker George Tillman, Jr. and developed for television by Felicia D. Henderson, Soul Food is based upon Tillman's childhood experiences growing up in Wisconsin, and is a continuation of his successful 1997 film of the same name. Having aired for 74 episodes, it is the longest running drama with a predominantly black cast in the history of North American prime-time television.

Soul Eater Not! 2014

Ding-dong! Dead-dong! Class is about to begin, and you don't want to be late on your first day of school! Join Tsugumi Harudori in the "NOT" class at Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school dedicated to training transforming weapons like Tsugumi and the meisters who will wield them. Many "NOT" (Normally Overcome Target) students aspire to join the elite "EAT" (Especially Advantaged Talent) class. But it may take Tsugumi some time to find her confidence-- and a partner -- at this crazy school!

Soul Man 1997

Soul Man is an American sitcom that aired

Soul Buster 2016

Soul Buster is about a boy named Son Shin who lives in the present time. He breaks a seal in his dream and erases the past known as the Sangokushi period. Without knowing why, he travels back in time and gets involved with the Sangokushi timeline.


Soul! or SOUL! was a pioneering performance/variety television program in the late 1960s and early 1970s produced by New York City PBS affiliate, WNET. It showcased African American music, dance and literature.

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 2011

Kimimaro works two jobs to make ends meet. He could go from pauper to prince in a parallel world called the Financial District—if he’ll invest his future as collateral in a dangerous game. Winning gets you more wealth, but losing could erase you from existence. When the destructive forces at play compel Kimimaro to confront the most powerful player, can he save the real world from total collapse?

Soul Mates 2014

Soul Mates has fun with big life questions as the twin souls of a pair of Bondi Hipsters appear throughout history and the future in a fresh blend of sketch comedy with a narrative arc.

The Soul Man 2012

R&B superstar-turned-minister Reverend Boyce "The Voice" Ballentine was living the high life in Las Vegas at the top of the music charts when he gets the calling to go from soul singer to soul saver. Relocating to St. Louis with his wife, Lolli and his daughter, Lyric to take over the preaching duties in his father's church, his family is not exactly eager to give up the fabulous superstar life for a humble one.

Body & Soul 2002

Following the death of her brother, Sister Anna takes leave from her order to return home to help save her family business. Becoming a shrewd businesswoman and meeting a man whom she grows to love, puts her life in conflict with her religious vows. Now she must decide what is really important to her.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold 2015

Transcending eternity, the 12 Gold Saints return to protect love and peace on Earth! They gave their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall to break the way for Seiya and the Saints in their battle against Hades in the Underworld! Though presumed to have perished, Aiolia and the other Gold Saints return to the beautiful earthly world of radiating luminescence! Why have these lost souls been brought back to life? Shrouded in this deep mystery, Aiolia becomes embroiled in a duel. When he burns his Cosmo to its limit…the Cloth of Leo transforms! In 2015, the Golden Cosmo is finally revived!

Soul Music 1997

Soul Music is a seven-part animated television adaptation of the book of the same name by Terry Pratchett, produced by Cosgrove Hall, and first broadcast on 12 May 1997. It was the first film adaptation of an entire Discworld novel. The series soundtrack was also released on CD, but the disc is now out of production. The soundtrack is, however, now available through iTunes.

Soul Train 1971

Soul Train is an American musical variety show that aired in syndication from 1971 to 2006. In its 35-year history, the show primarily featured performances by R&B, soul, and hip hop artists, although funk, jazz, disco, and gospel artists have also appeared. The series was created by Don Cornelius, who also served as its first host and executive producer. Production was suspended following the 2005–06 season, with a rerun package airing for two years after that. As a nod to Soul Train's longevity, the show's opening sequence contained a claim that it was the "longest-running first-run, nationally syndicated program in television history," with over 1,100 episodes produced from the show's debut through the 2005-06 season. Despite the production hiatus, Soul Train will continue to hold this honor until at least 2016, if and when its nearest competitor, Entertainment Tonight, completes its 35th season.

Video Soul

Video Soul is a 2-hour long American music video program that aired on BET from 1981 to 1996.

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