The Man Who Haunted Himself 1970

Harold Pelham, a partner in a large electronics firm, finds himself in bewildering circumstances after recovering from a near-fatal car accident. What causes him to renounce his high business principles? Why do friends and colleagues repeatedly sight him in places he has never been? And why does Julie, an attractive girl he has seen only once, claim such an intimate relationship with him? Does Pelham really have a doppelganger – or is he losing his mind?

Garfield as Himself 2004

Garfield as Himself gathers three thoroughly delightful Garfield television specials from the early 1980s, based on the pudgy, self-centered feline character and friends from Jim Davis's popular comic strip. Here Comes Garfield, Garfield on the Town, and Garfield Gets a Life.

Himself as Herself 1967

One of the most vertiginous of Markopoulos's interior landscape studies, Himself as Herself is based loosely on Balzac's Séraphita. The film consists of a shimmering, nearly plotless evocation of gender identity in flux, and it contains some of Markopoulos’s most haunting, densely interlaced images. This film is dedicated to the American artist Emlen Pope Etting and features a musical excerpt from Poulenc's "Gloria." - Harvard Film Archive

Sartre by Himself 1976

Michel Contat is Emeritus Director of Research at the CNRS, ITEM/CNRS/ENS and a specialist of Jean-Paul Sartre whose novels and theater he has edited in the Pléiade edition and about whom he has written several books. With Alexander Astruc, he made the film Sartre par lui-même (1976) and, with Antoine Burnier, co-wrote the script of Claude Garretta’s TV film Sartre, L’Age des passions (2006). As a journalist, Contat contributed literary columns for Le Monde since 1978, and as an amateur musician, he was the jazz columnist for the magazine Télérama. His most recent books are Pour Sartre (2006) and André Gorz; vers la société libérée (2009).

The Man Who Lost Himself 2005

The life story of Terry Evanshen, a Canadian Football League star who fell into a coma after a fatal car accident. When he wakes up, he has no recollection of his family or anything else in his life.

Mysterious Man Himself 2010

The film revolves around "young" are forced to lie at the beginning of his life as a result of the difficult conditions experienced by the passage of time believe everyone lie, can not undo, and despite his work as an employee in the private sector but that correspond with a number of government agencies demanding to resolve a number of crises public such as "bread" and "unemployment" and "housing crisis" and occur after a surprise and become famous.

And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself 2003

In 1914, the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa (Antonio Banderas) invites studios to shoot his actual battles against Porfírio Diaz army to raise funds for financing guns and ammunition. The Mutual Film Corporation, through producer D.W. Griffith (Colm Feore), interests for the proposition and sends the filmmaker Frank Thayer (Eion Bailey) to negotiate a contract with Pancho Villa himself.

Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself 2002

The strange comedy film of two close brothers; one, Wilbur, who wants to kill himself, and the other, Harbour, who tries to prevent this. When their father dies leaving them his bookstore they meet a woman who makes their lives a bit better yet with a bit more trouble as well.

The Man Who Lost Himself 1941

John Evans encounters his lookalike, Malcolm Scott. When Scott is killed in an accident, Evans finds himself mistaken for Scott and decides to do some good in his new role.

Beside Himself

It’s the middle of the night, and local eccentric Kevin Devlin arrives at a Belfast police station with an urgent confession to make. Only problem is, he’s one hundred percent innocent. He might just be the last innocent soul in the city. But when Constable Beattie, the only officer still on duty, tries to send him away, matters take a dangerous turn for both herself and Devlin. Just how far will Devlin go to find absolution? And what is it he really wants to confess anyway?

Foucault Against Himself 2014

In both his private and public life, Foucault often contradicted himself, especially when his ideas collided with the institutions where he worked. Contemporary critics and philosophers reframe their legacy in an effort to build new ways of thinking about his struggle against the mechanisms of domination within society, demonstrating how the conflict lies at the heart of his life and work.

Beni Walks by Himself 1975

Beni is an eight-year-old boy living in Korçë with his parents and leads a sheltered life. His mother is very protective and doesn't let him play outside. When Beni is able to go outside, the neighborhood children make fun of him. One day when his uncle Thomai is visiting, he sees Beni crying after the other children took his horse. Thomai decides to take Beni on horseback to a distant village where he teaches him about life and how to be a man.

Saved from Himself 1911

Joseph Graybill, learning that his friends have been making a lot of money in the stock market, takes a flyer himself. However, when a drop in the shares he has bought wipes him out, he breaks into his employer's safe for money to pay for a margin call. Will the thought of his grey-haired mother and the importunities of his co-worker Mabel Normand stop him or will he descend to a life of crime?

The Man Who Sold Himself 1959

Meant to be a diatribe against yellow journalism and current social ills, this weakly limned drama by Josef von Baky features a reporter who works for one of the tabloid papers. The reporter digs up dirt on the past life of a local hotel owner, and wanting to take full advantage of the muck, he strings out his revelations in a series of perjorative, damning articles on the man. The result of this campaign turns out to be much worse than simply ruining the hotel owner's reputation.

Every Man for Himself 1924

This Our Gang short has the group running an athletic club where Joe is put through a couple fights. They also appear to be running a wireless shoe-shining gig where they get customers by splashing paint on their shoes.

God Hates Himself 2012

God Hates Himself finds the ardently atheist Kibbins recording the testimony of a witness and victim of Congolese civil-war atrocities who still declares a faith in God. Kibbins lets this declaration of belief stand, but juxtaposes it with a more solipsistic story of the unfolding of a typical North American life — yet again undercutting the tools which we use to try and make sense of our place in the world.

A Class by Himself 1971

A Class by Himself was a British sitcom, which aired from 1971 to 1972. The half-hour series was made by Harlech Television and starred John Le Mesurier of Dad's Army fame as Lord Bleasham.

And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself

And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself is a 2003 television film for HBO in partnership with City Entertainment and starring Antonio Banderas as Pancho Villa, directed by Bruce Beresford, written by Larry Gelbart and executive produced by Joshua D. Maurer, Mark Gordon and Larry Gelbart and line produced by Tony Mark. The cast also included Alan Arkin, Jim Broadbent, Michael McKean, Eion Bailey and Alexa Davalos. Maurer, who originally conceived the story and did extensive research, sold the project to HBO and then brought on Gordon and hired Gelbart to write and collaborate on the screenplay. At the time of production, this was the most expensive 2-hour television/cable movie ever made, with a budget of over $30 million. The movie was shot almost entirely on location in and around San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The movie garnered nine Emmy nominations including Outstanding made for television movie or miniseries, one Golden Globe nomination for Banderas for Best Performance by an actor in a television movie or miniseries, and won an ALMA award for Outstanding Television Movie or Miniseries as well as Writers Guild Award to Larry Gelbart for Outstanding screenplay for a television movie or miniseries and Maurer and Gordon were nominated for a Producers Guild Award for Producer of the Year for Outstanding Television Movie or Miniseries. In addition, Maurer, Gordon, Gelbart and Mark won the 2004 Imagen Award for producing for Best Movie for Television by the Imagen Foundation .

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