Love Affair: A Secret Affair 2016

Ho-je remarried Hyeon-ah. He thinks wives and girlfriends are different things and refuses to sleep with Hyeon-ah. Although she's upset, she keeps it in for the sake of his wealth and comforts herself with hosts, but she's still feeling empty inside. Meanwhile, Ho-je's daughter Ho-yeon feels something strange between her boyfriend Joo-cheol and Hyeon-ah and offers Hyeon-ah 50 million won for sleeping with her father. Hyeon-ah thinks this is the perfect chance to get rid of Ho-je's girlfriend and accepts but...

Secret Love Affair 2014

Despite being married and having a fulfilling career as a sophisticated arts foundation director, something is missing in Oh Hye Won's life. When she meets twenty-something Lee Seon Jae, Hye Won's appetite for passion is awakened, and she soon falls for the impoverished piano prodigy. Though they risk everything, Hye Won and Seon Jae can't help but embark on an affair that threatens to destroy both their lives. Based on the 2005 Japanese film Tokyo Tower, this romance aches with the desperate struggle between love and reality.

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