The Gendarme of St. Tropez 1964

The ambitious police officer Cruchot (Louis de Funès) is transferred to St. Tropez. He's struggling with crimes such as persistent nude swimming, but even more with his teenage daughter, who's trying to impress her rich friends by telling them her father was a millionaire and owned a yacht in the harbor.

Les Randonneurs à Saint-Tropez 2008

Ten years after their disastrous walking holiday in Corsica, four friends – Cora, Nadine, Mathieu and Louis – decide to spend the summer together on the Côte d’Azur. To their surprise, who should they meet in St-Tropez but Eric, the guide-from-Hell who transformed their last holiday into a nightmare and whom they swore never to see again...

It Happened in Saint-Tropez 2013

Zef’s stormy relationship with his brother Roni is further aggravated when Roni marries his daughter just as he is attending to his wife’s funeral. The two brothers have never got on with each other. One is faithful to his religion, the other lives only for the present. Between London, Paris, Saint-Tropez and New York, a series of confrontations and betrayals threatens to drive the family further apart, but out of this confusion will come a great love story, perhaps even two...

A Summer in St. Tropez 1983

In an isolated country house close to the shore near Saint-Tropez, seven young women share a bedroom. Over two days, they wake, shower, breakfast, play dress up, bathe in the sea, picnic, ride bikes, pick flowers, have a pillow fight, run on the strand, practice ballet stretches, groom themselves and each other, and laugh. Anne returns a horse to Renaud; the next day, he's in a rowboat and meets her by the pier. By the film's end, all are celebrating with the lovers.

The Gendarme Takes Off 1970

The whole clique of Cruchot's police station is retired. Now he lives with his rich wife in her castle - and is bored almost to death. He fights with the butler, because he isn't even allowed to do the simple works. But when one of the clique suffers from amnesia after an accident, all of the others reunite and kidnap him, to take him on a tour to their old working places and through their memories. In their old uniforms they turn St. Tropez upside down.

Saint-Tropez Blues 1961

With her parents away, Anne-Marie drops her studies to spend eight days in Saint-Tropez with her friend Jean-Paul. They are soon caught up in the Saint-Tropez whirlwind. Jean-Paul is seduced by a wealthy woman while Anne-Marie ends up alone with a young man she meets along the way.

A Virgin for St. Tropez 1975

Annie, a beautiful young woman, lives in Saint-Tropez, France. On a trip to the seaside resort, the American writer Mark Redley meets the girl and is enchanted by her. He writes books on female behavior and freedom. He invites her to accompany him on a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Annie accepts and falls in love with the Brazilian city. However, she is still a girl traumatized by sexual abuse suffered in her childhood.

Road to St. Tropez 1966

The debut film from pop singer turned film director Mike Sarne (Joanna; Myra Breckinridge) is an 'anti-travelogue' starring Udo Kier, Melissa Stribling, and Gabriella Lucidi. The stylishly shot film tells of a woman who has a brief amorous liaison while on a trip along the South of France to Saint Tropez, but returns disillusioned.

Pink Floyd: Saint-Tropez 1970

When Pink Floyd played in Saint Tropez in August 70, the show was recorded for the tv show "Pop2". The audio has been floating around for years, but the video wasn't available until now.

Sous le soleil 1996

Sous le soleil is a French soap opera broadcast on French major channel TF1 since 1996.

Saint-Tropez Games 2006

Saint-Tropez Games is a popular TV show broadcast in Italy, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. It is presented by Dan Negru.

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