Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark 2017

Whether you’re a home theater novice or a professional calibrator, you’ll find all the tests you need to set up and adjust your HDTV in the Spears and Munsil HD Benchmark. The previous edition of the HD Benchmark was recommended by the New York Times, Widescreen Review, Home Theater Magazine and dozens of other print and online publications. This new edition keeps all the features of the previous disc and adds dozens of new features, including: • 3D stereoscopic calibration and evaluation patterns • Audio tests for speaker setup, calibration, and A/V sync • Motion patterns to evaluate 120Hz and 240Hz interpolation modes • More help for the home theater beginner • More patterns for the advanced user or professional calibrator The Spears and Munsil HD Benchmark is the most accurate and comprehensive HD test disc available anywhere. Every pattern was created using our exclusive ultra-high-precision software tools and represents the state of the art in video reproduction.

Ocean HD Lounge 2011

Relaxing video capturing some of the worlds most beautiful ocean scenery. Featuring various musical artists. 1 Tierra Negra: The Green Fields And The Blue Sky 2 Spanish Paradise 3 Blue Knights: Straight From The Heart 4 Brendan O#Neil: Three Day Weekend 5 I Chill Music Factory: Ghost Written 6 Discreet Lounger: Sueno De Playa 7 Tierra Negra: Clouds In The Sky 8 I Chill Music Factory: Django 9 Emily Shreve: Now And Always 10 Jorge Soley & Lee Ben: Permanent Vacation 11 I Chill Music Factory: Ready Rubbed 12 Bernward Koch: June #62 13 Paco Alondo: La Isla Del Sol 14 Blue Knights: Blue Summer Night 15 Brendan O#Neil: Sunset Dreams 16 Frank Fischer: Byron Bay


The HD Moods Aquarium features three different salt water scenes that showcase the stunning and beautiful variety of life on a tropical reef. Relax and enjoy a non-invasive form of entertainment that is perfect for winding down or just showing off the superior image that a Blu-ray player coupled to a hi-def flat screen TV can produce. HD Moods Aquarium will provide aquarium scenes so lifelike and captivating, you'll think the fish are actually swimming in your television set.

Animusic HD 2010

9 Hi-Definition music animations All 8 animations from Animusic 2 Pipe Dream, from Animusic 1 Bonus Features

H.D. 2005

Peggy Ahwesh, H.D., 2005, still from video with sound, 1 min. 30 sec.

HD Moods - Mountains 2008

Imagine mountain scenes so lifelike and captivating, you can smell the evergreens and feel the mist from a waterfall on your face! With soothing scenery and calming music, HD Moods Mountains will help you relax and unwind from a hectic day. Featuring a multitude of mountain scenery from the Western United States from cascading waterfalls to lush green valleys and peaks that touch the clear blue sky it s perfect for people who want to enjoy the relaxing qualities of the great outdoors. And, it s great as background scenery and sounds for a party any time of the year!

Vietnam in HD 2011

Vietnam in HD is a 6-part series that immerses viewers in the sights, sounds and stories of the Vietnam War as it has never before been seen. Thousands of hours of uncensored footage--much of it shot by soldiers in action--will detail every critical chapter of the conflict. The war will unfold onscreen through the gripping firsthand accounts of 13 brave men and women who were forever changed by their experience in Vietnam.

AVS HD 709 2010

Calibration Patterns for High Definition Displays.

Hooked (2011) Animation HD 2011

Animation by Cybertime. A short film is a bit like "Finding Nemo". Young fish wants to know more what's going on around her ..

StarGaze HD: Universal Beauty 2008

StarGaze HD brings the beauty and majesty of the Universe to your HD Home Theater. Journey beyond the stars with images from the Hubble Space Telescope Spitzer Space Telescope and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. With over an hour of astounding images set to ambient music StarGaze HD will quickly become a favorite in your Blu-ray collection.

HD Moods: Beaches 2009

Imagine beach scenes so lifelike you'll swear you can smell tanning oil and feel the soothing breeze off the ocean. HD Moods: Beaches features several different live beach scenes from around the globe, from warm and sunny Mexico to the majestic grandeur of the Oregon Coast. Relax and enjoy a non-invasive form of entertainment that is perfect for winding down, cocktail parties, or just showing off that superior image that a Bluray player coupled to a hi def flat screen TV can produce.

HD Moods: Fire

Enjoy the comfort of a fireplace without all the hassle. HD Moods Fire gives you five soothing scenes to choose from. Snuggle up to the sights and sounds of a crackling wood-burning fire, enjoy the peaceful blaze of a modern gas fireplace, or head to the beach and don t forget the s mores! Seasonal fires include a gothic-style fireplace with a spooky soundtrack and a cozy hearth complete with festive decorations and holiday tunes. Each fireplace includes several unique soundtracks to choose from in 5.1 surround sound or stereo. Relax and enjoy a non-invasive form of entertainment that is perfect for winding down, cocktail parties, or just showing off the superior image that a Blu-ray player coupled to a hi-def flat screen TV can produce.

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