Al final del día

Neftalí works in a construction, waking up very early to go to the job. During the day, he works arduously, but there's something that makes him uneasy and distracted. Upon finishing his daily routine, Neftalí travels a long way to meet with his wife. To support the the monotonous routine has its reward in a brief moment.

Al final del día 2014

Three friends meet after 5 years. Although it seems that they have nothing in common, there are situations that bring them together more than they can imagine.

Todo acaba al final del día 2017

Jéssica investigates the death of her girlfriend because she thinks it wasn't natural. Juan is trying to know if a robbery in a rural house is a fraud. Everything gets complicated and Juan's life will be in danger. While he is trying to survive, he will meet Jéssica and they will try to find the truth together.

Night and Day 2016

Working on a series of harrowing cases, forensic pathologist, Sara Grau, finds the key to a case in which she has unwittingly become a prime target. Sophisticated Spanish crime thriller.

El día de mañana 2018

In 1966, Justo Gil arrives in Barcelona as a migrant with the purpose of gaining enough money to give his sick mother the best care. His great charisma allows him to socialize with the youngsters of the upper-class, until an unexpected turn of events makes him become an informer of the political police, in order to pursue communist cells.

Dia Semanis Honey 2016

For Hani, engagement is not supposed to happen. For Ahnaf Furthermore, this engagement is accepted only as obedient child. Semi contentious wrangling eventually bred love. But when you yourself are ready for husbands, came the Ariana destroy all dreams to life with Hani. Hani abandoned. Three years passed, Ahnaf again after a long hiatus. The return of the man when Adam Hani has in hand, and the presence of Bella in the Ahnaf reinforce the barriers between them.

Séptimo día

Séptimo día is a Colombian television newsmagazine broadcast by Caracol TV on Sunday evenings. It proclaims itself as "a weapon against injustice". Séptimo día first aired in 1996 on Canal Uno, when Caracol TV was still a production company. At the time it was presented by its creator, Manuel Teodoro, and Adriana Vargas. The show was successful, but also had to face a the large amount of sues against it, which was the reason Caracol TV pulled it out of air in 2000. Eventually, Caracol TV won all the legal suits. A new season of Séptimo día started on 10 June 2007, presented by Teodoro and Silvia Corzo. Since 1 May 2011, María Lucía Fernández co-hosts the programme with Teodoro. In the Miami, Florida market, Séptimo día is broadcast by WGEN-TV on Sunday nights.

Dia Bidadariku 2017

Tells the story of Suri, acting by Erra, spinster whose heart was closed when dropped fiancee 15 years ago. Suddenly now ex-fiance Ridzal acting psycho Norman Hakim had him come back to win her love. Besides appearing girls named Ammar casting Hisham Hamid, who wants to try to win over Suri. Can Ammar to get love Suri has long been that cold.

Aku Cinta Dia 2018

The story of a girl named Laila in her life despite the love built with her husband, ends up splitting. Laila was disappointed that Ikhwan did not attend the wedding, she suffered from the shame when also got to know that Ikhwan took himself abroad to find solace. Making room reservations was one of the challenges that Laila had to face in Amsterdam. After finding his place, he went out for a walk. Laila met Sarina, a friendly and popular person on Instagram social media. Laila was given the opportunity to rent a room in Sarina's lodge after telling her what had happened. Laila's recent encounter with Affan who had just arrived from Malaysia to visit Sarina found Laila with her instacrush. Each of them does not know the real reason Laila was there. The three of them are getting closer. Laila tells the story of her arrival in Amsterdam because she likes to see Affan's uploaded Instagram post. Unexpectedly, Affan offered to take Laila to the place. Affan kept his promise. Laila almost forgot about the story she had left in Kuala Lumpur and she was so happy with it all that she was shocked by the news of the Ikhwan's wedding with her roommate Nel. The news is sad and Laila finally tells Affan about it. Feelings of love begin to arise. Affan decides to propose to Laila and wants to get married as soon as possible. Laila was shocked by the proposal. They got married in Amsterdam. At the same time, Sarina wants to find their biological father in Malaysia but has no approval from Affan. Laila was also worried about accepting her family. Can Sarina meet her biological father? How Dr. Azhar and Mrs. Zaity about their children's wedding in Amsterdam?

Día a Día con Raymond y Dagmar 2007

Día a Día con Raymond y Dagmar is a variety program at 2:00 pm on WKAQ-TV Telemundo Puerto Rico with Raymond Arrieta and Dagmar.

Asalkan Dia Bahagia 2019

Adira, who's also being chased by her own foster brother. Adira knew all along that she was the adopted child of Mrs. Zarina and Mr. Bakhtiar. Adira's relationship with their son, Ikmal Reza is also very close. Since growing up, Ikmal lived overseas after graduating and working there. Ikmal feels uncomfortable when he comes home because Adira is not his mahram and Ikmal is trying to hide something.

Un Nuevo Día

Un Nuevo Día, formerly named ¡Levántate! is a Spanish language morning show which has aired on the Telemundo television network since 2008. It is broadcast from the network's studios in Miami, Florida, and is hosted by Rashel Diaz, Daniel Sarcos, Ana Maria Canseco, and Adamari López. Journalist Edgardo del Villar is the show's news anchor who provides regular national and world news updates during the show as of 2013.

Mañana Será Otro Día

The title "Manana Sera Otro Dia" is the name of a Mexican telenovela. It began in 1976, with principal actors Jacqueline Andere and Eduardo Fajardo. The title in English means "Tomorrow will be another day", similar to Scarlett O'Hara's famous lines, optimistic of future victory, in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind. In the Spanish title, the accented word "será" is pronounced as "say-Rah" but often the word for day is not accented. The telenovela's runtime was 30 minutes, and it had 120 episodes. The TV series was produced in Mexico by Televisa S.A. de C.V. Viewers' reactions to the show have been highly favorable.

The Vampire Diaries 2009

The story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same girl, who bears a striking resemblance to the beautiful but ruthless vampire they knew and loved in 1864.