Sam Cooke: Legend 2003

Singer, songwriter, business man, family man, civil rights activist: Sam Cooke transcends all barriers of race, faith and talent. This first-ever biography of the definitive soul singer looks at his extraordinary career and personal life - from his gospel-singing roots through his R&B and pop music career.

Lenny Cooke 2013

In 2001, Lenny Cooke was the most hyped high school basketball player in the country, ranked above future greats LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. A decade later, Lenny has never played a minute in the NBA. In this quintessentially American documentary, filmmaking brothers Joshua and Benny Safdie track the unfulfilled destiny of a man for whom superstardom was only just out of reach.

Sam Cooke: Portrait Of A Legend 2014

Universal Music Group has gone back to the original master tapes to deliver fully uncompressed, high-resolution versions of many of your favorite albums on Blu-ray Pure Audio Disc. Mastered at 24bit/96kHz, Blu-ray Pure Audio Discs deliver the sound the artists originally heard in the studio when these classic albums were recorded. These discs provide all the recorded musical information. While convenient due to their small file size, today’s heavily compressed music files do not represent the true fidelity of the original album.

Lady You Shot Me - Life and Death of Sam Cooke 2017

Sam Cooke died at the age of 33 on December 11, 1964, at the Hacienda Motel, at 9137 South Figueroa Street, in Los Angeles, California. Answering separate reports of a shooting and of a kidnapping at the motel, police found Cooke's body, clad only in a sports jacket and shoes but no shirt, pants or underwear. He had sustained a gunshot wound to the chest, which was later determined to have pierced his heart. The motel's manager, Bertha Franklin, said she had shot Cooke in self-defense after he broke into her office residence and attacked her. Her account was immediately questioned and disputed by acquaintances.

Cookers 2001

After stealing a huge stash of drugs, speed freaks Hector and Dorena plan to cook up an enormous batch of crystal meth and get rich quick. Hector's old buddy Merle has the perfect hideout/meth lab: an old, abandoned farmhouse in the woods where no one will ever find them. Unfortunately, no one will hear their screams either. Turns out, they may not be alone after all. It seems this farmhouse is the site of a horrific urban legend. Now, holed up together with nothing to do but snort, smoke and shoot up, the strung-out "cookers" fall prey to paranoia, private demons and terrifying visions which, whether they are hallucinations or hauntings, are equally terrifying and just as deadly!

Pressure Cooker 2008

A committed, passionate teacher tries tp make all the difference in the lives of disadvantaged students.

He Cooked His Goose 1952

Larry is a pet dealer who's seeing Moe's wife while at the same time trying to steal Shemp's fiancée. When Moe's become suspicious, Larry attempts to frame Shemp as the boyfriend. He gets Shemp a job as a door to door pajama salesman and sends him to Moe's apartment, and then tells both Moe and Shemp's fiancée to go there and catch him in the act. Larry's plan backfires when Shemp catches him and lets Moe deliver some punishment.

Fried Shoes Cooked Diamonds 1979

After World War II a group of young writers, outsiders and friends who were disillusioned by the pursuit of the American dream met in New York City. Associated through mutual friendships, these cultural dissidents looked for new ways and means to express themselves. Soon their writings found an audience and the American media took notice, dubbing them the Beat Generation. Members of this group included writers Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg. a trinity that would ultimately influence the works of others during that era, including the "hippie" movement of the '60s. In this 55-minute video narrated by Allen Ginsberg, members of the Beat Generation (including the aforementioned Burroughs, Anne Waldman, Peter Orlovsky, Amiri Baraka, Diane Di Prima, and Timothy Leary) are reunited at Naropa University in Boulder, CO during the late 1970's to share their works and influence a new generation of young American bohemians.

The God of Cookery 1996

The God of Cookery, a brilliant chef who sits in judgement of those who would challenge his title, loses his title when a jealous chef reveals him to be a con-man and humiliates him publicly. As this new chef takes on the God of Cookery's role, the former God tries to pull himself back on top again, to challenge his rival and find once and for all who is the true God of Cookery.

Fully Cooked for You 2011

A mother making a traditional New Year’s vegetable dish for the family, and a child watching. The ingredients are anthropomorphic peas, carrots, burdock root and konjak. Enjoy the dish!

The Raw and the Cooked 2012

The Raw and The Cooked is a culinary journey around the gourmets paradise, Taiwan. The film makes seven stops along the way. In the islands capital, Taipei, we visit a traditional Taiwanese restaurant, a legendary dim-sum palace, and one of the city's lively night markets. Next, we encounter the hearty cuisine of the Hakka, Taiwan's largest ethnic community; were introduced to the pure and delicious seafood specialties of the Ami indigenous tribe; and we get a glimpse of the Buddhist influences on Taiwanese cuisine. Finally, we are invited to a banquet by one of the islands most creative chefs. Combining traditional cuisine and best organic ingredients, he weaves a culinary magic to create spectacular and novel dishes. On our travels, we witness the efforts of Taiwan's young environmental movement to resist the rapid pace of urbanization, which is destroying much of the islands beautiful countryside. The Raw and The Cooked is an island tour that celebrates fine food.

McDull: Rise of the Rice Cooker 2016

McDull has no black mask or red underwear, and certainly not supernatural powers. One day, an outerspace monster invades the Earth and makes mincemeat of the superhero sent to meet him. Now the responsibility of saving the Earth falls squarely on the shoulders of Mcdull and Risopot. Can they really save our planet? And the outerspace monster, why does he time and again invade the Earth?

America: A Personal History of the United States 1972

First transmitted in 1972, Alistair Cooke's America was a series of thirteen, fifty-minute films in colour, written and narrated by Alistair Cooke. The programmes trace the history of the United States from the early voyages of discovery to the present.

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