Amby & Dexter

Amby & Dexter was a small series of animated interstitials on Nick Jr. in 1997, created by Paul Fierlinger and his wife Sandra Schuette, and composed by John Avarese. The title is a play on the word "ambidexterity", meaning "the ability to use both hands", as the characters transform from a pair of hands. Amby and Dexter are depicted as miniature bespectacled, dressed humans, free to move and think of their own accord. The two solve problems and never speak. Amby, the female hand, is playful and has a penchant for dancing to get from one place to another. Dexter, the male hand, is more serious and sometimes annoyed by Amby's antics, but never too bothered. After the two finished their task, they transform back into the original pair of hands.

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