Hot Rod 2007

For Rod Kimball, performing stunts is a way of life, even though he is rather accident-prone. Poor Rod cannot even get any respect from his stepfather, Frank, who beats him up in weekly sparring matches. When Frank falls ill, Rod devises his most outrageous stunt yet to raise money for Frank's operation -- and then Rod will kick Frank's butt.

Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Lost Classics 1994

James Earl Jones hosts this film based on two stories by the late Rod Serling, who wrote the stories of the original 'The Twilight Zone' (1959) series.. In "The Theater," a young woman attends a movie theater only to find that her life story is being revealed on the screen. In "Where the Dead Are," a Boston surgeon in 1868 searches for a scientist who may have the answer to a medical mystery.

Spare the Rod 1954

Donald's nephews are always playing instead of doing their chores. Donald is going to punish them, but the "voice of child psychology" convinces him to play along instead. This works well when they chop the wood to burn him at the stake. Meanwhile, however, a trio of Pygmy cannibals that escaped from the circus are out to do the very same thing to Donald with a cauldron of water.

Hot Rod 1950

A young man builds a hot rod despite the disapproval of his father, a Juvenile Court judge. Circumstantial evidence points to the innocent teenager when his car is involved in a hit-and-run accident and he must reconcile with his father.

Hot Rod Gang 1958

A teenage heir (John Ashley) must hide his interest in fast cars and rock 'n' roll.

Red Heat 1988

A tough Russian policeman is forced to partner up with a cocky Chicago police detective when he is sent to Chicago to apprehend a Georgian drug lord who killed his partner and fled the country.

Hot Rod Hullabaloo 1966

A young hot rodder, needing money to go to college, decides to participate in an illegal drag race. He knows he has the fastest car around and so does his competitor who is willing to stop at nothing to win the large pot and begins plotting to shooting the hero. When the good driver's best friend learns of the scheme he races off to warn him. Unfortunately, the wicked driver runs him over right in front of the aspiring student's girl friend, who learns of the plot from the dying friend. The quick-witted girl saves her lover's life in one ingenious, and ultimately, gory stroke. The film was shot on location in Washington, D.C.

Hot Rod 1979

A drag-racer enters a local championship race. However, he runs up against the town boss, a corrupt sheriff who has already made arrangements to ensure that his own son wins the race.

Spare the Rod 1961

It is London in the year 1960 and John Saunders enthusiastically begins his new teaching career at a tough slum-area school. His class are bored pupils in their last term before leaving. Will he handle the grave problems that lie ahead?

Lightning Rod 2004

Tun (Choosak Lamsook) and Tao (Somchai Kemglad) are good buddies. One night at a karaoke pub, Tun falls for Nok who is a mafia's girl. Nok disappears after the night. Tun's trying to find her with the help from Tao. But things go upside-down when they have to kidnap a girl for money and almost trap themselves in their own plan. The two good buddies have to find a way to survive.

My Tribe 2012

People enter and go exit our lives, influencing and changing us in the process. Their impact on us makes us the way we are.

The Hunt for Red October 1990

A new, technologically-superior Soviet sub, the Red October, is heading for the U.S. coast under the command of Captain Marko Ramius. The American government thinks Ramius is planning to attack. A lone CIA analyst has a different idea: he thinks Ramius is planning to defect, but he has only a few hours to find him and prove it — because the entire Russian naval and air commands are trying to find him, too.

Living in Oblivion 1995

Nick is the director of a low-budget indie film. He tries to keep everything together as his production is plagued with an insecure actress, a megalomaniac star, a pretentious, beret-wearing director of photography and lousy catering. Divided in three acts, each representing a different scene to shoot, this film is an essential for amateur filmmakers.

Masculin Féminin 1966

With Masculin féminin, ruthless stylist and iconoclast Jean-Luc Godard introduces the world to "the children of Marx and Coca-Cola," through a gang of restless youths engaged in hopeless love affairs with music, revolution, and each other. French new wave icon Jean-Pierre Leaud stars as Paul, an idealistic would-be intellectual struggling to forge a relationship with the adorable pop star Madeleine. Through their tempestuous affair, Godard fashions a candid and wildly funny free-form examination of youth culture in throbbing 1960s Paris, mixing satire and tragedy as only Godard can.

Golden Rod 2006

2006 experimental short work by Mark Lewis

Torque 2004

Biker Cary Ford is framed by an old rival and biker gang leader for the murder of another gang member who happens to be the brother of Trey, leader of the most feared biker gang in the country. Ford is now on the run trying to clear his name from the murder with Trey and his gang looking for his blood.

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