Obsession 1976

New Orleans businessman Michael Courtland’s life is shattered when his wife and daughter are tragically killed in a botched kidnap rescue attempt. Many years later whilst visiting Italy he meets and falls in in love with Sandra Portinari, who bears a striking resemblance to his wife.

My Teacher, My Obsession 2018

Riley is struggling to make friends after transferring to a new high school where her father, Chris, is an English teacher. When she meets Kyla, they quickly becomes close friends. However, the friendship takes a strange turn when Riley learns that Kyla is obsessed with her dad. Will Kyla successfully seduce Chris and start a twisted new life with him by removing everyone in her path, or will Riley be able to save her father from Kyla’s treacherous plot before it’s too late?

Obsession 1949

In London, psychiatrist Clive Riordan suspects that his cool and polished wife, Storm, is having yet another affair. Abandoning his weekly card game, Clive returns home to find Storm with her latest lover, American Bill Kronin. To Storm's horror, Clive overpowers Bruce and takes him away at gunpoint, then hides him in a secret location and taunts Storm with Bruce's condition. Scotland Yard gets involved when Storm contacts them about her missing dog.

Obsession 1965

Student Shurik has just two hours before the beginning of the exam and he has no lectures notes

Baby Obsession 2018

Anna Gray is pregnant and ready to start a family with her loving husband Jon. But she has no idea that Rachel, the mother of a baby who died from SIDS when Anna babysat her years ago, has been waiting for this day, determined to take back what Anna "took from me!"

Magnificent Obsession 1954

When churlish, spoiled rich man Bob Merrick foolishly wrecks his speed boat, the rescue team resuscitates him with equipment that's therefore unavailable to aid a local hero, Dr. Wayne Phillips, who dies as a result. Phillips had helped many people, and when Merrick learns Phillips' secret, to give selflessly and in secret, he tries it in a ham-handed way.

Obsession 1997

Two men become entangled in a torrid love affair with the same woman. Pierre is Miriam's longtime lover. John is desperately searching for clues about his past when he and Miriam have a fateful encounter in a Berlin train station. The allure of forbidden love becomes irresistible, and an intense love triangle is ignited. Who will Miriam choose? Who will walk away? For two men who desperately adore the same woman and for the woman who loves them equally...there is no easy way out.

A Sister's Obsession 2018

Kendra has been given an Educator of the Year award and now must prepare a speech to give at a banquet in her honor. She has the support of her husband (and is trying to start a family with him) and best friend Monica, but her life is starting to unravel. Kendra will discover the cause is a long lost twin sister, Amber, who resents her twin's "entitled" position. Kendra must fight her vindictive sister to save her home, husband, job, and finally her life.

Odd Obsession 1959

A middle-aged husband of a younger woman finds her youth intimidating to the point that he cannot become aroused. His solution involves the introduction of his daughter's lover to his wife.

Obsession 2013

An ambitious investigative reporter manages to get a meeting with a highly powerful businessman, but she does not expect to be pulled into the emotional maze that is his life which results in the two entering into a series of passionate encounters.

Obsession 1993

A female murderer gets involved with a man and becomes intensely jealous.

Obsession 1989

A young woman is increasingly out of control with her determination to nail the man who raped her teenage sister.

Obsession 1988

During the war, a woman learns that her husband is an army deserter.

Obsession 2011

Raymond Amsalem embodies the image of a weak and submissive woman, whose husband is a drinker and gambler and who cheats on her with other women. Her son is serving in the IDF and refrained from returning home for holidays, her daughter ran away, and the little boy is watching his family collapse into itself.

The Turn of the Screw 1992

A young woman is hired by a wealthy but sinister man to tutor his two children at the family's isolated estate. When the woman gets there, she finds that the two children are not quite what they seem to be--in fact, they are possessed by the spirits of the evil Quint and his lover.

A Trusted Man 2011

Sonia Patton accepts a huge job promotion. Accepting this promotion means she must leave her home in New York City and move to a small town near Boston. However, someone in her life is not ready to live without her.

Pretty Obsession 2012

A pretty eighteen year-old puts herself and her family in danger when she leads a double life as an erotic web cam model.

Dark Obsession 1989

Hugo Buckton seems to have it all: He is apparently rich and has a beautiful wife and a doting son. In actuality, though, Hugo is having money problems and is paranoid that his wife is cheating on him. After a boozy night at a party, Hugo hits and kills a woman with his car -- and at his friends' urging, keeps driving. When Hugo starts receiving letters from someone who knows about the accident, he begins to suspect that he has been set up.

Plush 2013

A young singer/songwriter, despite being married, becomes involved with her new guitarist, who she soon discovers has a dark past and may be a danger to her and those close to her.

Magnificent Obsessions

Magnificent Obsessions is a Canadian documentary TV series that ran in 2002 and 2003 on the Life Network. The series ran in six-parts. It was shot on location in Canada, England, Romania and the Netherlands. The series told the stories of six people with obsessive fixations ranging from investigating the Sasquatch, building the world's most elaborate sandcastles and studying Dracula. The series was directed by Shereen Jerret in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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