Modern Inventions 1937

Donald Duck goes to a museum of modern inventions. After getting in without paying, he meets a robot butler who takes Donald's hat every time he sees him. Donald is very annoyed by this and magically fixes himself a new hat every time this happens and strolls on. Ignoring the sign not to touch it, Donald starts playing with a wrapping machine and ends up being wrapped himself. He also encounters and tries out a robot nursemaid and a fully automatic barber chair. They both don't do him much good.

Bobby McFerrin: Spontaneous Inventions 2005

Filmed live at the Aquarius Theatre in Hollywood in February 1986, Spontaneous Inventions was Bobby McFerrin's first live concert video, and was the basis for his debut album with Blue Note Records. Spontaneity has always been the key to a Bobby McFerrin performance, and this particular appearance is an early testament to his astonishing creativity and vocal technique. With a special and surprise guest appearance by sax legend Wayne Shorter as an added inspiration, this program shows Bobby�s unlimited creative resourcefulness and illustrates how and why he received two Grammy Awards in 1986.

Post War Inventions 1945

Gandy Goose is reading a book about Post-War Inventions. Sourpuss doesn't like it one bit, and that night he dreams that he has come to a hall of new inventions. At first he's impressed, but things begin to go wrong with the inventions, and when he finally wakes up, he promptly smashes the book over Goose's head.

The Plastics Inventor 1944

Donald is listening to a radio program that tells how to build an airplane from plastic, in a process much like baking a cake, cookies, and making toast. He takes it out for a test flight, still guided by the radio, and it works wonderfully. Until the radio interviewer asks if there's any problems: yes, it melts when it gets wet. Of course, Donald instantly flies into a rain cloud, and has to battle his plane as it disintegrates.

101 Inventions That Changed The World 2012

It starts with a spark, but some ideas catch fire and in the process change the world. Necessity is the mother of invention--from darkness, man found light (the candle) and from even the farthest distances we can still find each other (the telephone).

1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets 2010

Three teenagers are researching how the modern world has been impacted by the Dark Ages. They meet the Librarian who guides them through a journey of discovery about the ancient Golden Age.

120 ans d'inventions au cinéma 2016

One hundred and twenty years of film history in a warehouse in Paris. In the reserves of the French Cinematheque, where thousands of cameras and projectors are sleeping on the shelves. Thousands of stationary machinery, we dream of getting back to work as a great machine back in time. To tell their story, the material history of cinema.

Ancient Inventions 1998

Ancient Inventions was a BBC historical documentary series released in 1998. It was presented by ex-Monty Python member Terry Jones and looked at great inventions of the ancient world. The series is split into 3 episodes, namely City Life, Sex and Love, and War and Conflicts, all around 50 min long.

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