Taekwondo 2016

Fernando is on holiday with his closest male friends in a beautiful country house in a suburb of Buenos Aries. On their own without their girlfriends in a “men only” environment, the hunky young studs bask in the hot sun, play in the pool, smoke pot, and drink, most often semi-clad or naked. In this freewheeling and testosterone-infused environment, they talk of their desires and strengthen their individual bonds.

When Taekwondo Strikes 1973

The story is about the Japanese occupation of Korea during World War II. A Korean patriot played by Carter Wong gets into a fight with some Japanese people and is chased into a church. The priest there is captured and tortured. Trying to secure his release, the leader of the resistance, Jhoon Rhee is himself captured and tortured by the Japanese. Carter Wong, Angela Mao and Anne Winton have to now try and rescue him. This leads to an explosive climax with the heroes having to fight the likes of Wong In Sik (Hwang In-Shik), Sammo Hung and Kenji Kazama.

The Foot Fist Way 2006

An inept taekwondo instructor struggles with marital troubles and an unhealthy obsession with fellow taekwondo enthusiast Chuck "The Truck" Williams.

Somi, The Taekwon-Do Woman

All is not well in the medieval Kingdom of Koryo (918-1392), a distant precursor of today's Korea, ruled over by a corrupt dynasty in the north. While the Koryo overlords become bloated on a lifestyle of luxury and decadence, a series of farmer’s revolts rock the country, only to be mercilessly quashed. During one such uprising, the parents of a young girl, Somi, are ruthlessly murdered by the brutal government vassal Hyon Ryu Bal. The shock causes Somi to lose her voice, as she flees by boat for her life. She is rescued and taken in by Dosa, a white-haired martial arts master, along with another young boy from Somi's village, Ung Gom, orphaned in the same raid. As Dosa raises the two in his martial arts school, Somi and Ung Gom grow up together like brother and sister, waiting until their day of vengeance arrives.

The Dragon Tamers 1975

Carter Wong plays a young chinese martial arts student who travels to Korea to learn Taekwondo. Soon he comes up against a vicious gang who want all the local martial arts schools to join their evil association. But before he can defeat the bad guys, he has to learn to master his own strong desire to fight.

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