1982 2013

1982, a film inspired by true events at the onset of the crack epidemic in Philadelphia, tells the story of a father and his efforts to protect his gifted daughter from the insidious epidemic which has literally come home via her drug-addicted mother. As his wife becomes more distant and unreliable, he struggles to raise his daughter on his own, while still striving to help his wife become clean. In the process, he learns some hard truths about his marriage and his life, which will ultimately test him as a parent, a husband, and a man

1982 2013

A writer reflects on his childhood.

1982 2017

Janey is visiting her aunt in New York for the first time traveling all the way from the Netherlands. She asks her to visit her former home of Suriname, but what she hears is even more stunning tale of the revolution.

Euskadi, Summer 1982 1983

Part of a series in which foreign filmmakers portray a region or town in France. Otar Iosselani looks at the Basque region and its inhabitants.

Beirut 2018

In 1980s Beirut, Mason Skiles is a former U.S. diplomat who is called back into service to save a colleague from the group that is possibly responsible for his own family's death. Meanwhile, a CIA field agent who is working under cover at the American embassy is tasked with keeping Mason alive and ensuring that the mission is a success.

1982 FIFA World Cup Official Film: G'olé! 1982

Brazil was expected to beat Italy with ease in a group decider, but did not count on Paolo Rossi wrecking their plans with two great opportunist goals, enabling Italy to win a classic game 3-2. The Italians eventually went on to win the tournament with a 3-1 victory over a West German side.

Tod den Hippies!! Es lebe der Punk! 2015

1980: 19 year old Robert, fed up with Hippy phoniness and bourgeoise narrow mindedness alike, flees the German provinces for West Berlin. A tour de force through the glorious dirt of West Berlin ensues. Full of sex, drugs, love and PUNK.

Rocky III 1982

Now the world champion, Rocky Balboa is living in luxury and only fighting opponents who pose no threat to him in the ring, until Clubber Lang challenges him to a bout. After taking a pounding from Lang, the humbled champ turns to former bitter rival Apollo Creed for a rematch with Lang.

Formula One 1982 Review

The 1982 Formula One season was the 33rd FIA Formula One World Championship season. It commenced on January 23, 1982, and ended on September 25 after sixteen races. The World Drivers' Championship was won by Williams driver Keke Rosberg. Rosberg was the first driver since Mike Hawthorn in the 1958 season to win the championship after winning only one race. 11 drivers won a race during the season, none of them more than two times. Scuderia Ferrari won the World Constructors' Championship.

1982: One Amazing Summer! 2017

All-new retrospective documentary produced by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures about the unforgettable films released in the summer of 1982.

Van Halen: Largo, Maryland 1982 1982

DVD 1: 01 – Romeo Delight 02 – Unchained 03 – Drum Solo 04 – The Full Bug 05 – Runnin With The Devil 06 – Jamie’s Crying 07 – Little Guitars 08 – Where Have All The Good Times Gone 09 – Bass Solo 10 – Hang Em High 11 – Cathedral 12 – Secrets 13 – Everybody Wants Some 14 – Dance The Night Away 15 – Somebody Get Me A Doctor DVD 2: 01 – Ice Cream Man 02 – Intruder/Pretty Women 03 – Guitar Solo 04 – Aint Talking Bout Love 05 – Bottoms Up! 06 – You Really Got Me 07 – Happy Trails 08 – David Lee Roth Interview 09 – Unchained 10 – So This Is Love? 11 – Pretty Woman

The island of adventure 1982

Four British teens on vacation visit an island and discover that a terrorist group is using it as their headquarters.


Dai Sentai Goggle-V is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It was the sixth installment in Toei Company's Super Sentai series of tokusatsu television dramas. It aired on TV Asahi from February 6, 1982 to January 29, 1983, with a total of 50 episodes. Its international English title as listed by Toei is simply Goggle V.

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