Beyond the Edge 2018

Contemporary Moscow. A talented gambler gathers a team of people with supernatural powers to win big at a casino. But they find a much stronger mystical rival.

The River's Edge 1957

Ben Cameron and wife Meg struggle to build their small ranch in the New Mexico desert. Then bad guy Nardo Denning arrives in New Mexico looking for his girlfriend and her husband.

On the Edge 1995

A man. A woman. A single night in Paris. Such is the basic framework of this French romance that begins when middle-aged middle-class housewife Clara, happily drives to the airport to meet her husband who was supposed to come in on the evening flight and is devastated to learn that he has remained at his hotel and is having an affair. Clara sees a younger man eating a sandwich and asks him to have a drink. Later, she and he, an amiable baggage handler, spend the evening talking and exploring the nightlife on the outskirts of Paris. There they meet many people from other countries who come to Paris and work as laborers.

On the Edge 2014

Two hard-living best friends and aficionados of illegal racing contests find their bond tested when one of them goes to trial for vehicular homicide.

Over the Edge 2012

Just as David and Freja arrive at their newly bought country house close to the Cliffs of Møn the harmony is disturbed by an inexplicably suicide. When David realizes that their new craftsman Roar is linked to the person who fell of the cliff he starts being suspicious. David is also certain that Roar is hitting on Freja. She denies this and all Davids theories. David joins forces with the widow Veronica to solve the case and prove to Freja that he is right. But the closer he gets the truth the further away he gets from Freja. David has to risk everything to unveil circumstances that go far beyond his imagination...

On the Edge 2001

On the Edge is about suicidal patients discovering their true selves while going through therapy in a treatment center.

Beyond The Edge 2013

A 3D feature film about Sir Edmund Hillary's monumental and historical ascent of Mt. Everest in 1953 - an event that stunned the world and defined a nation.

Over the Edge 2011

Jason (Danny Bedford) is in a crisis. He won’t go to work and stays holed up in his flat. But when his TV breaks, he is forced to call co-worker Richard (Sean Hart) to fix it. All is normal, except when Jason mentions that a friend of his may be dead in his bed. Instead of hightailing it out of the potential murder scene, Richard (who has the hots for Jason) instead not only checks the body (yes, dead) but also proposes a homemade autopsy. And when the scalpel cuts the flesh, these two young men are now in it together. But it is not just one body, a serial killer is roaming London’s streets, but the bodies seem to all end up in Jason’s flat.

Edge of Obedience 2017

Ahmad Zakii Anwar may well be Malaysia's best-known artist. He became famous for his photo-realistic animal pictures, still life paintings and expressive portraits, which offer a timeless reinterpretation of modern Asian society. This documentary looks at the way Zakii's art continues to defy convention in an increasingly radical Islamic world. Ahmad Zakii Anwar's paintings of naked male bodies are both provocative and fascinating, especially in a country like Malaysia, where Islamic Sharia law prevails. It is a society that still regards nakedness and even being different as taboo. The 63-year-old Anwar, who is one of Malaysia's most sought-after artists in Western countries, sees himself as an urban realist looking for confrontation. It is the first time a documentary has looked at the painter and his work in detail and examined its meaning in both a radicalizing society and a liberal one.

Edge of Darkness 1943

The film pivots around the local doctor and his family. The doctor's wife (Ruth Gordon) wants to hold on to the pretence of gracious living and ignore the occupiers. The doctor, Martin Stensgard (Walter Huston), would also prefer to stay neutral, but is torn. His brother-in-law, the wealthy owner of the local fish cannery, collaborates with the Nazis. The doctor's daughter, Karen (Ann Sheridan), is involved with the resistance and with its leader Gunnar Brogge (Errol Flynn). The doctor's son, has just returned to town, having been sent down from the university, and is soon influenced by his Nazi-sympathizer uncle. Captain Koenig (Helmut Dantine), the young German commandant of the occupying garrison, whose fanatic determination to do everything by the book and spoutings about the invincibility of the Reich hides a growing fear of a local uprising.

Edge of America 2003

From acclaimed director, Chris Eyre, whom People Magazine calls "…the preeminent Native American filmmaker of his time" comes this touching and inspirational story about loyalty, friendship and courage. New man in town Kenny Williams (James McDaniel) has just accepted a position as an English professor at the Three Nations Reservation in Utah. Finding it hard to fit in with the tight-knit Native American community, he decides to take on the challenge of coaching the high school girls' basketball team.

Out on the Edge 1989

Danny (Rick Schroder) is a troubled teen with a difficult home life. His parents' marriage has disintegrated, and his father's already found someone else he'd like to wed. So, Danny turns to drugs to soothe his lost soul, and when he goes too far, his mother checks him into a psychiatric unit. Can Danny finally turn his life around, and will his father help?

On the Edge 1986

In one final attempt to achieve victory, an aging professional runner is training vigorously for a very tough marathon race.

Walking the Edge 1983

A Los Angeles taxi driver helps a distraught young woman on the run from gangsters after they murder her husband and young son.

On the Edge 2006

Three flatmates in Mexico City face uncertainties: Lucía who has a great job as an art director for TV commercials is abusing alcohol and cocaine. She risks losing her job, going to prison for assault, and she's woefully in love with a bullfighter who may be two-timing her. Carmen, an artist without income, can be manic - snorting lots of cocaine and hanging out with a gay man and a transvestite. What's her future? Hanna contemplates divorce from Abraham, a wealthy momma's boy, and she's disoriented by feelings of attraction to Sandra, a customer at her jewelry store. Can any of these poor little rich girls sort things out in a world of excess?

The Naked Edge 1961

Michael Anderson's 1961 suspense thriller stars Deborah Kerr as a London wife who suspects her wealthy husband (Gary Cooper) might be a murderer. The cast also includes Eric Portman, Diane Cilento, Hermione Gingold and Michael Wilding. This was Gary Cooper's last film.

Edge of Eternity 1959

Helped by socialite Janice Kendon and barkeeper Scott O'Brien, Arizona deputy sheriff Les Martin works to solve three brutal murders in and around the Grand Canyon. His efforts leads to the killer fleeing with Janice as a hostage and a chase by car and helicopter lead to a climax on a miner's bucket on cables a mile above the canyon floor.

On Edge 2016

Adrien, Louis and Mathieu are three non-conformist youth, a bit hood and drop-out, living in a small french town. One day Adrien makes a surprise for Mathieu : he kidnaps the girl Mathieu loves secretly. Ill appreciated by his two friends who don't know if it's just a joke or if he intends to go trough with his plan, Adrien causes a clash wich could break their friendship.

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