Dong-hwa 2018

In a small country village, Dong-hwa dreams of being a priest like his father. One day, Eun-jeong moves into the village with a secret and Dong-hwa feels attracted to her. Eun-jeong's step-father Jang-ho comes down to the village to push the development of the village. Dong-hwa's father Jin-suk won't let that happen. Joon-sang, Dong-hwa's best friend leaves the village because of the development. Dong-hwa feels the situation is quite serious and goes to see Eun-jeong, but he sees her being raped...

Dong 2006

China's greatest living filmmaker Jia Zhangke (Platform, The World) travels with acclaimed painter Liu Xiaodong from China to Thailand as they as they meet everyday workers in the throes of social turmoil. Liu Xiaodong is well-known for his monumental canvases, particularly those inspired by China's Three Gorges Dam project. In DONG, Jia Zhangke visits Liu on the banks of Fengjie, a city about to be swallowed up by the Yangtze River. The area is in the process of being "de-constructed" by armies of shirtless male workers who form the subject of Liu's paintings. Liu and Jia next travel to Bangkok, where Liu paints Thai sex workers languishing in brothels. The two sets of paintings are united in their subjects' shared sense of malaise in the face of the dehumanizing labor afforded them.

The Rebel 2007

In French ruled Vietnam in 1922, the French and Vietnamese officers plot to sniff out arch-rebel De Canh.

Zootopia 2016

Determined to prove herself, Officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny on Zootopia's police force, jumps at the chance to crack her first case - even if it means partnering with scam-artist fox Nick Wilde to solve the mystery.

The Arch 1969

The legendary first feature from CHINA BEHIND director Cecile Tang is a stylized period melodrama about a widow (Lisa Lu Yan) who upholds feudal virtue by suppressing her love for a cavalry captain (Roy Chiao) in favor of her daughter. One of the first modern Chinese films to achieve international acclaim.

Kid from Kwangtung 1982

Respected actor and action choreographer Hsu Hsia didn’t waste his chance to direct — inviting three other kung-fu designers to help on this fight-filled thriller. Wang Yu, co-star of such classics as Dirty Ho and The Kid With A Tattoo, here takes center stage as a young rascal caught between master martial arts actor Jen Shih-kuan (Once Upon A Time In China) and violent Huang Cheng-li (Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow). From there on, it’s one masterful kung-fu bout after another.

Hao Dong 1983

Pleng and Kam have arguments. Kam complains Pleng is not sincere. Pleng has to choose between being a gangster versus being an honest military officer .

Iron Angels 1987

Yeung’s poppy fields are torched by a law enforcement task force, she retaliates by ordering police officials assassinated. The Angels break into Yeung’s corporate offices, eventually tracing her headquarters. After Alex Fong’s character is captured and held by Yeung, the Angels mount an assault to rescue him. A complex sub-plot involving an armored car bullion robbery eventually leads the Angels to a final showdown with Yeung and her men.

Avenging Trio 1989

Three unemployed brothers decide to rob a bank in order to support their pregnant wives. When they're killed by the police, their wives swear revenge.

Hereditary 2018

When Ellen, the matriarch of the Graham family, passes away, her daughter’s family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry.

Merry-Go-Round 2010

The story of two women, two generations apart, who coincidentally return to Hong Kong from San Francisco where they had their first, fleeting encounter on the streets as strangers.

Bangun Lagi Dong Lupus 2013

The story begins when Lupus moved to new high school "Merah Putih". There he met with Poppy (Acha Septriasa) and immediately fell in love with the girl. But Poppie've got another lover, Daniel (Kevin Julio). At the new school, Lupus meet unique new friends, like Gusur(Jeremy Christian), strange artist who has aspirations to buy a house for his grandpa who had been living in with my sister-in-law. While Poppy busy with his business, Lupus and his companions planned to join the race "go green" that held the Ministry despite opposition by the high school Principal.

Dong Cunrui 1955

This war film tells the story of a martyr who gave his life in order to save his comrades. It pays tribute to Dong at the same time as it glorifies the communist revolution and provides a model hero for the audience to emulate.

Er Dong 2008

After her adopted son, Er Dong (Li Jun Bai), joins a gang, a single mother in rural China sends him to a Christian school, hoping he'll shape up. Er Dong soon falls for classmate Chang'e, and when the two run away together, they battle to survive. They aren't allowed to marry at 19, and Chang'e becomes pregnant . As problems accumulate, Er Dong struggles with fatherhood and a shocking secret from his past.

Upstream 2012

Set in a rigid, harsh school environment, a male student still tries to break away from rules and to live his own way. His motivation comes from a mysterious female friend, who always stays in the dark but her rebellious spirit is vigorous. The girl’s way of talking, behaviour and indifference to rules and warnings from the school authority intrigue him. However, a big incident happens, the teenage boy suddenly realizes the truth behind this strange girl.

Ding Dong 1951

Filmed record of a burlesque performance.

Walking Beside Me 1986

Joey was at the age of twenty-two and she was an independent and cheerful girl. She worked in an advertising company and she met a boy named Chiu Kwok Chiao who had just returned from America. Chiu was at the age of twenty-four. He seemed childish, when he met Joey, he fell a victim to her beauty. After a period of time they were in a low spirit because Joey was more intelligent than Chiu. Lui Lai Ho was Joey's mother and she was forty years old.

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