Gone Missing 2013

When two best friends go missing during Spring Break, their mothers do everything they can to find them, while realizing that their different parenting styles may have led to the disappearances.

Dannemora Prison Break 2018

The two-hour special dives back into the historic 2015 prison break by Clinton Correctional Facility inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt.

Lunch Break 2011

A normal daily story saw through a restaurant glass. A man and a woman meet by accident in a restaurant. What will happen is just a destiny game.

Fast Break 1978

Evoking a cinema verite feel not found in most sports documentaries, Fast Break examines the 1977 Portland Trailblazers basketball team in a surprisingly personal and compelling fashion. Inter-cutting excerpts from the 1977 playoff / championship season, the film steps outside of the basketball court, and into the everyday lives of the Trailblazers, as well as their coach Jack Ramsey. Whether it’s biking the Oregon coast with star center Bill Walton, hosting a kids basketball camp with Dave Twardzik, or joking with Maurice Lucas at the pool – Fast Break lets the players speak for themselves: about basketball, life and playing in Portland. Fast Break, a film documentary about Bill Walton and the Portland Trail Blazers winning the 1976-77 NBA title and the aftermath of their accomplishment, is the greatest movie I have ever seen on the subject of professional team sports, basketball as a metaphor for life, and the perfect practice of Zen Buddhism in American society.

Coffee Break 1987

Experimental film which incorporates a range of materials, ink, coloring pencils, watercolors, and graphite, to narrate the story of a woman who is transformed into a cat while she drinks the celebrated beverage of the island, coffee.

Prison Break 1938

Barton MacLane stars as a tuna fisherman who has been wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit. His exemplary behavior in prison ensures that he is up for early parole. He realizes, however, that his movements will be limited, and he will be unable to join and wed his beloved. The only solution is to escape and hunt down the real killer, himself.

The Break 2012

From U2's The Edge comes 'The Break' - an inspirational documentary that follows three diverse young people who are currently without a home.

The Break 1995

A depressed and destitute Nick Irons, a tennis pro banned from the tour for slugging a player during a TV match, agrees to coach a bookie's "head case" son, Joel, who wants to turn pro. The bookie wants his son to get out of tennis and contracts Nick to discourage him. Nick begins to do that but after an episode with his old flame, Jennifer, and after seeing the kid's determination he decides to teach him all the tricks, both physical and psychological, of the trade. The two battle the kids of a famous coach, unfair refs., injuries, travel all over the southern US, while Nick tries to woo his love back, finally to reach the big championship tennis match where all is resolved in dramatic fashion.

Clean Break 2013

A psycho girlfriend, Tracy, moves in with her boyfriend Scott and his two roommates, Cam and Dan, only to start targeting them when they get in the way of her plans for the perfect relationship.

Border Break 2014

In 2011, Janet Taylor left for Cancun for Spring Break, and she's been missing ever since. Police investigations and reenactments show that Janet and her friends took a detour on their road trip, and one deadly wrong turn takes them down a dangerous path of kidnapping and murder. With friends like Samantha along for the ride (Denise Williamson) and a mysterious Sheriff (Cory Hart) Janet Taylor's disappearance leaves us all asking, "Who do you trust when your life is on the line?"

Tea Break 2004

Deep inside a bizarre industrial abattoir, a blood-stained worker systematically hacks through... meat. A darkly comic Grand Guignol depiction of numbed desensitization from one of Britain's most twisted creative minds.

Break Up 2009

A film about a break up by Matthew Frost starring Jena Malone.

The Break 1974

Two strangers break into a man's house and subject him to a series of terrifying - and humiliating - mind games.

Break Through

Raw, eye-opening documentary about a group of impassioned Theatre for Social Change students who unite in a stand against LGBT discrimination in America, and find empowerment by facing the truths about their own prejudices and sexual orientation.

Break Ups 2016

'Break Ups' is a slice of life story about a young couple with an on-and-off relationship. They stumble upon a time machine that takes them back to several periods in their lives as a couple.

Break Fruit 2015

In a city with unbreathable air, a young woman pays a farewell visit to her older lover, a widower who became agoraphobic after his wife’s death. Both immigrants, they argue over her impending return to Nigeria from their place in diaspora, charting an emotional path together through fear, loss, and a thirst for freedom, all marked by an underlying secret. It’s a story of exile, homecoming, what gets left behind, and the truths that change everything.

The Break 2015

Since 2008 the recession has been the biggest story in Ireland. Nobody has gone untouched by the catastrophic collapse of house prices, the banking system and the Celtic Tiger feelgood factor. The Break is a story about how Tim, a father of two, tried to cope for the first few months after everything went wrong.

Break Through 2012

Break Through is a raw, eye-opening documentary following a group of impassioned theatre students who come together to produce a play aiming to shed light on the many stigmas and equality-rights issues faced by LGBT youth in the United States today. Throughout the creative process, they face the truths about themselves and their families. In the end, they learn the importance of self-acceptance and of overcoming their fears, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

Break Down 2017

Charlie had hoped to have a completely honest break up. Unfortunately, David is being a real shit about it.

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