Mosquito Squadron 1969

In WW2, a RAF squadron leader mourns the death of a comrade and receives a bombing mission against a secret Nazi V-2 rocket testing facility in France.

Fighter Squadron 1948

During World War II, an insubordinate fighter pilot finds the shoe on the other foot when he's promoted.

633 Squadron 1964

When Norwegian resistance leader Lieutenant Erik Bergman reports the location of a German V-2 rocket fuel plant, the Royal Air Force's 633 Squadron is assigned the mission to destroy it. The plant is in a seemingly-impregnable location beneath an overhanging cliff at the end of a long, narrow fjord lined with anti-aircraft guns. The only way to destroy the plant is by collapsing the cliff on top of it.

303 Squadron 2018

After the fall of the September Campaign of 1939, two Polish pilots are forced to fight for their nation in foreign battlefronts.

International Squadron 1941

The true story of the exploits of the RAF's (Royal Air Force) foreign legion battling the German Luftwaffe (Nazi Germany's Air Force) during the early months of 1941 during WWII before America officially entered the war at the end of the year when Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan and Hitler declared war on the United States. The United States then drafted all of their airmen and fighter pilot aces into the United States Air Force for their own combat missions against the Luftwaffe

Torpedo Squadron 1942

John Ford splices together footage of Torpedo Squadron 8, all but one of whom were later shot down and killed in the Battle of Midway.

The Lost Squadron 1932

When World War I comes to an end, three pilots find themselves on hard times. They wind up in Hollywood, where they work as stunt fliers for a sadistic director.

White Squadron 1936

Lieutenant Mario Ludovici, an army officer, gets himself transferred to a Libyan post when his romance with society girl Cristiana goes on the rocks. Ludovici is looked upon as a weakling by Captain Santelia, the hard-boiled commander of the troops, but after a bitter campaign against a rebel tribe Ludovici proves his true worth and returns as commander when Santelia is mortally wounded. Cristiana arrives and tries to entice him to return to Rome, but he decides to stay in Africa with the army.

Devil's Squadron 1936

In this action film, a courageous test pilot works with experimental aircraft for the US Armed Forces. When an important airplane manufacturer dies, his daughter is left to run the company. The company seems to be producing dangerous prototypes, so the woman decides to close the company.

The Mystery Squadron 1933

Hank Davis, foreman on a huge dam project, enlists the aid of his two flyer friends when a sinister figure known as The Black Ace leads his Mystery Squadron of masked pilots in an attempt to destroy the dam.

Dragonfly Squadron 1954

A Korean War film with a secondary plot of the training of South Korean pilots, to fly fighters in air defense, by American Air Force instructors,led by Major Brady, a famed and skilled-but-grounded pilot, assigned to the Kongku base.

Squadron 1992

A young Russian aristocrat, Baron Fyodor Jeremin, volunteers to serve with a Dragon squadron to impress the girl who rejected his love. Just at this time the 1863 insurrection explodes in Poland. He enlists to serve in the army being sent to suppress the revolt. He believes that now it's enough to defeat the Poles, become an officer and hero, get a bunch of medals, and then return and lay all of this at the feet of her beloved. However, the "little Polish war" looks completely different to the way that young Jeremin imagined it to be. In course of time, he learns to be on the wrong side. But there is no escape - he must kill or he will be killed. What's more, he falls in love with a beautiful Polish girl...

Squadron of Honor 1938

Squadron of Honor takes place during an American Legion convention, with newsreel shots of the genuine article interspersed among the reenacted scene. A murder is committed, and young legionnaire Blane (Don Terry) wants to find out who's responsible. The cops are convinced that pacifistic munitions executive Metcalf (Thurston Hall) committed the crime, but in fact Metcalf has been framed by pro-war armaments manufacturer Kimball (Robert Warwick).

Eagle Squadron 1942

An American joins the British Royal Air Force just before Pearl Harbor is attacked, and falls in love with a beautiful English girl.

The Yellow Squadron 1954

The year is 1954. The war in Korea has just ended and the superpowers stand by each side of the boarder. The peace in Europe is fragile and the cold war is imminent. At F8 - Air Fore Base, the yellow squadron stand ready with its J29 fighters.

Battle Squadron Lützow 1941

Propaganda film telling the story of a German bomber crew taking part in the invasion of Poland and attacks on British shipping.

Hurricane 2018

The story of the Polish fliers who found themselves fighting for the freedom of their own country in foreign skies. Seen through the eyes of Jan Zumbach, fighter ace and adventurer, it tells how the Poles, driven across Europe by the German war machine, finally made their last stand. Flying Hurricanes for the RAF over Britain, they became a key component in the legend of ‘The Few’. Up against the might of the Luftwaffe they hoped that, by saving Great Britain from Nazi invasion, they were keeping the dream of a free Poland alive.

072 Squadron: G Rangers 2010

Year is 2099. Japan is controlled by the Mabutachi gang. Mysterious woman Mihiro wanders the world searching for the mabutachi gang. What is going to happen to Japan?

Squadron Leader X 1943

Equipped with an RAF uniform, an English accent, a photograph of his "wife" and a packet of Players (cigarettes), a German agent is parachuted into occupied Belgium to create anti-British propaganda. Unfortunately for him he chooses a night when the Belgian resistance are smuggling the crew of a British bomber home across the channel. Before he knows it he is landing on the south coast of England. With MI5 hot on his trail, the fugitive tries to contact his old German émigré friends in London. But they have all been interned on the Isle of Man. How will he escape back to Germany ?

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