Bob the Builder: Teamwork! 2009

Bob the Builder gets the job done with help from the entire team, including Wendy, the machines and even the pets! Although Scoop is so busy helping others that he misses the town's snowman-building contest, the whole town teams up to make him a winner. Dizzy rounds up the crew to finish building Farmer Pickles' barn and Wendy gives Dizzy and Trix a hand with bricklaying.

Bob the Builder: Legend of the Golden Hammer 2010

In their new home of Fixham Harbour, Bob and the team set to work tackling exciting new building jobs, and making new friends. But when Spud and Scrambler learn of an amazing treasure, the pirate Brickbeard's Golden Hammer, hidden somewhere in Fixham they decide that building can wait, and they must find the hammer to give to Bob. Help them follow the clues and find the Golden Hammer in this all-new special !

Bob The Builder - Bob's Big Plan 2005

Four more episodes from the popular children's animated series. In 'Bob's Big Plan', Bob hears of a plan to build on Sunflower Valley, a beautiful place where he played as a youngster. After having a bad dream in which he imagines the valley as a noisy, smelly city, he realises he must comes up with a plan to save it. Also includes are three episodes from the latest series: 'Bob's Fresh Start', 'Lofty's Shelter' and 'Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie'.

Bob The Builder: Adventures in Bobland Bay 2009

Join Bob and his Can-Do Crew as they make an exciting move to the seaside in this collection of thrilling adventures from Bobland Bay. Bob decides to build his dream house in Sunflower Valley but is struggling to think of ideas for his new home. Meanwhile the team put up some spectacular lights for the grand opening of the Bobland Bay Promenade and a beautiful comet passes through the night sky! Bob’s amazing team is bigger and better in this collection of episodes with the arrival of some new friends Flex, Bristle and Splasher and the return of the digging duo Gripper and Grabber!

Bob the Builder - Race to the Finish 2008

When Sunflower Valley needs a new sports stadium, there's only one team for the job. It's Bob the Builder™ and his Can-Do Crew! Can Bob build it? With the help of his new friends, Gripper and Grabber - YES, HE CAN! Join Bob, Wendy, and the Can-Do Crew as they race to the finish line in their biggest construction job yet. See how teamwork and fun go hand-in-hand in this colossal building adventure.

Bob the Builder: Big Dino Dig 2011

Bob s building Fixham Harbour s new dinosaur-themed fun park with a giant roller coaster and fantastic rides. Everything is going to plan until the team begin unearth dinosaur bones on site! The machines can t contain their excitement and are eager to dig in and get mucky, but where are they going to put all the bones and who will be able to move them and will dinosaur hunter Scratch be lucky enough to find his own discovery? Fortunately Bob s got a plan and Rubble the new dumper truck can help!

Bob The Builder - Building Friendships

What do bats, otters, badgers and a parrot have in common? They all get by with a little help from their friends-Bob and his can-do construction team! Wendy finds that Farmer Pickles' fence blocks the badgers' path to the stream, so she teams up with Bob to build a "badger gate" for them. Then Molly discovers a family of otters in thestream and comes up with a "mucky" solution to keep her new friends from being scared. Mr. Beasley provides a home for the bats in thebelfry after his pigeons have flown the coop. Finally, Molly and JJ are thrilled wehn Hmish the parrot needs a new home-their building yard is just the place for their new friend! Making friends and helping friends-it's all in a day's work!"

Bob the Builder Snowed Under 2004

Bob the Builder and his gang travel to a winter resort and have to help build the venues for the Bobblesberg Winter Games, since the original crew assigned the tasked gets snowed under.

Bob the Builder: Animal Adventures

Owls, rabbits and hedgehogs…oh my! Bob the Builder and his team work together in these seven fun and fur-filled building adventures!

Bob the Builder: Hammer Time 2013

It's HAMMER TIME with Bob and the Can-Do Crew! Benny feels left out but soon learns that sometimes it takes a small digger to do a big job! Lofty is nervous about his turn at the campfire sing along until he learns that singing, like building, takes teamwork! While building an observation tower, the team uses creativity to help Roley reach new heights. Bob and Wendy find the perfect owner to rock out in the newly restored houseboat and much, much more.

Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time 2012

Scrambler needs help getting his treehouse project off the ground! Grab your hard hats and come along with Bob the Builder for his latest project.

Bob The Builder: Building Buddies 2013

Theres no job too big for Bob the Builder and his Can-Do Crewand no animal too small to cause problems for the team! Spud the scarecrow stirs up trouble when his homemade skateboard almost wrecks Bobs work; Farmer Pickles baby chicks find comfort from an unlikely feathered friend, and Pilchard the cat becomes the hero of the day at the local dog show. The machine team have to work their magic to avoid big bunny trouble while searching for Mr. Ellis magic rabbit. Even through silly mix-ups, close calls and tight deadlines, Bobs team proves that the fun is in getting it donetogether!

Bob the Builder: Construction Heroes 2016

Grab your tools and get ready for teamwork time with Bob the Builder and his trusty crew! Spring City is abuzz with new construction and Bob the Builder and his team are there for all the action! From constructing the amazing new "Spring City Splash" water park to developing an exciting motocross course, Bob and his team prove that with a positive attitude and whole lot of laughter, there's nothing this talented builder and his team can't fix!

Bob the Builder: When Bob Became a Builder

Join Scrambler and Benny, the newest members of the team and learn about the moment When Bob Became a Builder. From his very first brick to hi latest plan, it;s the story of Bob from boy to builder.

Bob the Builder: Bob's Winter Build 2016

"Team Bob" is building a chairlift to take snowboarders to the top of the hill. While Bob reluctantly has a snowboarding lesson, Scoop can't resist a snowy slide, but causes an accident that leaves the first chairlift passengers dangling from the cable! Can Bob use his new skills to snowboard to their rescue? Meanwhile, the team goes hi-tech for Christmas as Muck tests his ice-skating skills and Scoop's gift for Bob causes some Christmas chaos!

Bob the Builder 1999

Bob the Builder is a British children's animated television show created by Keith Chapman. In the original series Bob appears as a building contractor specializing in masonry in a stop motion animated programme with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised work-vehicles and equipment. The show is broadcast in many countries, but originates from the United Kingdom where Bob is voiced by English actor Neil Morrissey. The show was later created using CGI animation starting with the spin-off series Ready, Steady, Build!. In each episode, Bob and his group help with renovations, construction, and repairs and with other projects as needed. The show emphasizes conflict resolution, co-operation, socialization and various learning skills. Bob's catchphrase is "Can we fix it?", to which the other characters respond with "Yes we can!" This phrase is also the title of the show's theme song, which was a million-selling number one hit in the UK.

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