Fragile Relationships 1980

A divorced single mother romances a young slaughterhouse worker, must to the chagrin of her ex-husband.

Dramatic Relationships 2016

Scenes from the working life of a male director: Defa sophisticatedly lampoons masculinity in filmmaking with this sly, surprising meta-movie. (Courtesy of Film Society of Lincoln Center.)

Impossible Relationships 2016

A handsome stranger offers a widow who is struggling to bring up her children by selling food on the roadside, a cleaning job. The job pays more but it is not without its own obstacles.

Uncertain Relationships Society 2014

“Ambivalence means… nothing has happened, but you remember everything.” Another coming-of-age story about youngsters who are always desperate for but also afraid of falling in love, director Heiward Mak (High Noon, Ex, Diva) continues to examine the ambivalence of youthful love like an autopsy in this episodic adventure among a group of twenty-something. These characters might be a bunch of losers in love who are searching for self-esteem and recognition, but what make these intertwining tales relevant today are not just the pain and longing, but also the bittersweet memories and emotional growth of Hong Kong’s post-90s generation. - See more at:

Improving Your Relationships 2013

Join Dr. Hawkins and his wife Susan as they explore the topic of "Improving Your Relationships". All kinds of relationships are discussed: those with partners, children, animals and most importantly, our relationship with God.

Two Friends and the Art of Relationships 2011

Matthew (Morris) Is A 29 Year Old Guy Who Works In A Crumby Advertising Job And Is Afraid Of Commitment Until He And His Big Shot Psychiatrist Friend Tom (Findlay) Have A Bet Which Changes Their Minds About Women Altogether!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspirational Stories for All Relationships 2000

Always a soothing broth, the Chicken Soup video series offers hope through entertaining and touching vignettes about ordinary people. This series of joy-filled stories illustrates the many ways to express love -- through romantic intimacy, bonds of friendship or strengthening family connections. Celebrities Renee Olstead, William Atherton, Edward Asner and Andrew Dice Clay join Emmy Award-winning host Michael Tucker in this uplifting family series.

A Study of Relationships Between Inner and Outer Space 1969

David Lamelas' first film analyses the architectural, social, climatic, or sociological data that make up the exhibition's spatial environment, that of the institution and its geographical location. Beginning with the empty exhibition hall, the description is neutral and analytical. It progresses in ever larger circles, placing emphasis on all the important functional elements, from the electronic devices in the exhibition space, to the city's traffic regulation to the communication and information media and finally, to the climatic conditions of the London environment. The film concludes with six interviews regarding the big news item of the day: the future "landing" of the first men on the moon.

Movements arising from different relationships - Between regularity and irregularity II

This is the second film in the series, ‘Between Regularity and Irregularity’. This work continues to focus on the fluctuations and changes of sounds, tone qualities, movement of particles, and forms. With regard to movements of particles, it uses movements triggered by living organisms such as the structures and cells in the brains of mice, as well as particles and lines in non-living things.

All-Star Orchestra, Relationships in Music and the Living Art Form 2014

The All-Star Orchestra gives you a front row seat to the world's greatest music, performed by top players chosen from over 30 great American orchestras, and conducted by Gerard Schwarz. The programs feature complete performances of popular masterpieces and world premieres of new works by leading American composers. Filmed in HIgh-Definition with 19 cameras during a one-a-year 'summit' in New York's historic Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center, the All-Star Orchestra celebrates the symphonic experience in the 21st century.

The Forger 2011

While staying at a picturesque village, a teen encounters the underground world of art forgery.