Capture the Flag 2015

When the brave and determined 12-year-old Mike Goldwing discovers that an eccentric billionaire plans to fly to the moon, steal its vast, valuable natural resources, and destroy the American flag planted by the Apollo XI astronauts during man's historic moon landing, the countdown to a spectacular adventure begins! Mike, teamed with his grandfather, best friends Amy and Marty, and a clever chameleon, blasts off on an incredible moon-bound mission, determined to thwart the billionaire's evil plan, capture the flag, and reunite his family.

Christmas Wedding Planner 2017

Wedding Planner, Kelsey Wilson, is about to have her big break: planning her beloved cousin's lavish and exclusive wedding. Everything is going smoothly until Connor McClane, a devilishly handsome private investigator, shows up and turns Kelsey's world upside-down. Hired by a secret source, Connor quickly disrupts the upcoming nuptials but wins Kelsey's heart in the process.

Once Upon a Time in the West 1968

This classic western masterpiece is an epic film about a widow whose land and life are in danger as the railroad is getting closer and closer to taking them over. A mysterious harmonica player joins forces with a desperado to protect the woman and her land.

Once Upon a Time in Rio 2008

Situated just above the awe-inspiring Ipanema beach in Rio is the Cantagalo slum. Every day, floods of Cantagalo residents make their way down the mountain, only to disappear into their surroundings as part of the invisible working-class that cleans apartments, works in restaurants, and sells food along the scenic, sun-drenched shores. Young Dé (Thiago Martins) is just such a man. Dé lives with his mother Bernadette (Cyria Coentro) in a cramped Cantagalo apartment, selling hot dogs on the beach in order to make the rent. His brother Beto was killed when Dé was just a young boy, and his adopted brother Carlão (Rocco Pitanga) has been jailed for a robbery that he didn't commit. One day, while working on the beach, Dé meets Nina (Vitória Frate). Nina is the only child of a successful lawyer named Evandro (Paulo César Grande), who's none to happy to discover that his daughter is dating a member of the lower class. How...

Once There Was Brasília 2017

Disguised as dystopian science fiction, which crosses references of George Miller and JC Ballard, Once There Was Brazilia proposes a reflection on the current Brazilian political and social situation, concretely from the process of dismissal of President Dilma Rousseff, rehearsing an alternative future for Brazil. As the political capital of the country, and especially as one of the most symbolic utopias of the Brazilian twentieth century, the city of Brazilia shares the protagonism with a couple of renegades who survive by wandering marginally waiting for personal and collective redemption. To the fourth film, after the multi-award-winning White Out, Black In (2014), Adirley Queirós returns to explore the vicissitudes of Brazilian society.

Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015

When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

Era Of Dance 2017

During the second half of the '80s, electronic dance music movement was in full swing in the West. The first historical story of the invasion and development of western music and lifestyle in Eastern Europe. This most definitely influenced further democratization of the society up until the complete collapse of the old political system.

The Silence of the Sky 2016

After being a victim of rape within their own home, Diana chooses to keep the trauma secret. Mario, her husband, also has something to hide. The silence takes the couple's account over the day turns gradually into a peculiar form of violence.

Era di marzo 2017

After years spent under the yoke of her violent and mafioso husband, Nunzia flees to Switzerland in search of shelter. Along the way, she crosses paths with her husband's henchman, Aitano. It transpires that he's a lover absolutely besotted with her.

WWE: Attitude Era: Vol. 2 2014

What does everybody want? Head to the nearest man cave, give your boss a Stone Cold salute and spend the next six hours watching The Attitude Era Vol.2, the hottest set to be released since Sable’s handprint bikini. If you are old enough to order a Steve-Weiser, “Hello ladies” was your pick up line in college and you loved WWE before “Federation” became the new “F” word, then here is what you need to do. Take this all new collection, shine it up real nice, flip it sideways and stick it straight up… your DVD player!!

TV Fighter (Cam Era Plane) 1977

TV Fighter (CAM-ERA-PLANE), 1977 plays with the experiences of real-time and the video copy, presenting in several iterations a fragment of World War II footage taken from the point of view of a fighter plane as it machine-guns targets on land and sea. Using a Russian-doll structure of images repeatedly rerecorded and reframed, Hall toys with the viewer’s manifold experiences of live and recorded time: the historical time of archival footage, the live experience of watching it on a screen, the déjà vu of watching that “live” footage again on another monitor. This nesting of recorded images within other recorded images implies an emergent sensibility in which the present moment is continually being recorded and reframed by audiovisual apparatus, but crucially Hall’s approach to this phenomenon is as playful as it is provocative. (artforum)

Ice Age 2002

With the impending ice age almost upon them, a mismatched trio of prehistoric critters – Manny the woolly mammoth, Diego the saber-toothed tiger and Sid the giant sloth – find an orphaned infant and decide to return it to its human parents. Along the way, the unlikely allies become friends but, when enemies attack, their quest takes on far nobler aims.

Aquarius 2015

In the late 1960s, a Los Angeles police sergeant with a complicated personal life starts tracking a small-time criminal and budding cult leader seeking out vulnerable women to join his “cause.” The name of that man is Charles Manson.

At the Threshold of an Era 1999

At the Threshold of an Era was a Hong Kong epic drama series broadcast by TVB Jade Channel from October 11, 1999 to December 18, 1999 and March 13, 2000 to May 26, 2000, and was extensively promoted by TVB as its cross-milliennium, one-hundred-episode-long epic. The series composed of two parts, with a gap in between the airing. The entire series took place in a continuing flashback, with one of the main characters pondering the trials and tribulations he went through while riding on a train in the "green city" he developed.

Once Upon a Time 2011

There is a town in Maine where every story book character you've ever known is trapped between two worlds, victims of a powerful curse. Only one knows the truth and only one can break the spell. Emma Swan is a 28-year-old bail bonds collector who has been supporting herself since she was abandoned as a baby. Things change for her when her son Henry, whom she abandoned years ago, finds her and asks for her help explaining that she is from a different world where she is Snow White's missing daughter.

Era Uma Vez: Novela

Era Uma Vez is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo in 1998. It was written by Walter Negrão and directed by Jorge Fernando.

She Was Pretty 2015

Ji Sung Joon has a crush on the most beautiful girl in town, Kim Hye Jin - the only problem is, he's unattractive and lacks self-esteem. As fate would have it, years later Sung Joon grows up to be not only successful, but extremely attractive. However, when he runs into his first love Hye Jin, she has become unattractive and poor. Can their love transcend the vanity they both associated with each other?

Once Upon a Time... Man 1979

Once Upon a Time… Man is a French animated TV series from 1978 directed by Albert Barillé. It is the first in the Once Upon a Time... franchise. The series explains world history in a format designed for children. The action focuses around one group. The same familiar characters appear in all episodes as they deal with the problems of their time. The series' opening and ending title sequences famously used Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor as the main title theme music. Shortening the piece to only 2 minutes in length, the introduction uses the very beginning, which jumps into the start of the middle section and finally the dramatic ending to coincide with the destruction of Earth at the end of the intro.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 2013

In Victorian England, the young and beautiful Alice tells a tale of a strange new land that exists on the other side of a rabbit hole. Thinking Alice insane, her doctors aim to make her forget everything. While Alice is ready to put it all behind her, she knows this world is real. In the nick of time, the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit save her from a doomed fate. Together, the trio tumble down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, where nothing is impossible.

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