Bruce's Fingers 1976

After malicious gangsters capture Bruce Wong's ex-girlfriend, a young martial artist attempts to rescue her along with the late master's book containing lethal techniques for killing with one's fingers.

The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow 2014

Kyungcheon is a pianist-in-training who loses his heart and becomes a milk cow. He lives as a man during the day, but becomes a milk cow at night and eats grass. Meanwhile, with the help of wizard Merlin, a satellite named Ilho fell from the cosmos by a supernova, is transformed into a girl. One day, Kyungcheon is attacked by members of a secret agency that chases people who lost their heart. Kyungcheon defeats them with the help of Ilho. Following a narrow escape from secret agents, the two mismatched characters come to know about each other’s secrets and draw close.

Soul of Chiba 1977

This mid-1970s martial arts classic stars Sonny Chiba as Mu Yun Tek, a young man trained in the Thai fighting style since childhood to one day avenge his parents' death. When a fellow student kills their teacher, Mu Yun's thirst for vengeance grows. The brutal action never stops as Mu Yun teams up with an Interpol agent (Tadashi Yamashita) to find the culprit, who insists that their former master was a drug dealer who had to be destroyed.

The Magnificent Chivalry 1971

Hong Kong superstar Jimmy "One Arm Boxer" Wang Yu stars as the Bamboo blade, China's top swordsman. His services are rendered by the Imperial treasury who want him to infiltrate a powerful gang of Highwaymen and get back the stolen silver bullion. After numerous deadly encounters the gang are beaten by the bamboo sword and only the gang leader remains, however he is a lot tougher than was originally bargained for.

Kung Fu Fever 1979

A training manual supposed used by Bruce Lee himself has mysteriously disappeared and is highly sought after by good and evil alike.

Treasure of Bruce Le 1979

In "Treasure of Bruce Le," a Samurai steals the Kung Fu secrets of the Shaolin Buddhists. Now Bruce must fight the powerful Samurai for control.

Bruce Against Snake in the Eagle's Shadow 1979

A group of lovely pearl divers on the Taiwan coast call on the help of an expert martial artist when they start to get exploited by a group of ruthless triads.

Wild Weed 1949

A chorus girl's career is ruined and her brother is driven to suicide when she starts smoking marijuana.

Shaolin Master and the Kid 1978

A government law officer is dispatched to bring his brother's killers to justice. On his bloody mission, untold assassins are thrown at him, but to no avail. One by one they are done away with in a most militant style.

The Last Fist of Fury 1977

Dae-dong is the newly appointed leader of the Jung-mu Martial Arts Hall. He is challenged by the Japanese and is killed. The Jung-mu Hall is almost at the point of ruin. The teachers of Jung-mu Hall go searching for the master Keum-san of Chosun, the great Taekwondo fighter. Keum-san was the Korean teacher of the deceased Dae-dong and a highly respected warrior. When Keum-san's disciple, Chung, hears the sad tidings of Dae-dong's death, his only friend, he goes to China with the Jung-mu masters to hold his funeral. During Dae-dong's funeral, Chung receives a challenge from the treacherous Japanese man, Kuromasa. Chung kills Kuromasa and returns to Chosun but he discovers his wife and master Keum-san murdered. Stunned, Chung destroys them all and leaves for somewhere desolately carrying his young child.

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