The Congress 2013

More than two decades after catapulting to stardom with The Princess Bride, Robin Wright decides to take her final job: preserving her likeness for a future Hollywood. Through a deal brokered by her loyal, longtime agent and the head of Miramount Studios, her digital doppelganger will be controlled by the studio, and will star in any film they want, with no restrictions. In return, she receives healthy compensation so she can care for her ailing son. Twenty years later, under the creative vision of the studio’s head animator, Wright’s double rises to immortal stardom. With her contract expiring, she is invited to speak at Miramount's "Futurological Congress". However, a group of terrorists plot an attack on the convention.

Montage muet français Palais des Congrès 1974

"On 2 March 1974, Henri Langlois, co-founder of the Cinémathèque française, screened a partly impromptu edit of films and fragments from the nation’s silent film production." - IFFR 2019 Programme "It was originally made by Langlois for a presentation whose origins or motives are unclear, as is the thematic or narrative through-line in the epic, though it is said that when he presented the film Langlois was doing something akin to cutting it together live in the projection booth. It definitely goes chronologically through French cinema, definitely avoids a general historiography and obvious citations, and definitely gravitates towards films shot in Paris, yet none of these touchpoints elucidate exactly what Langlois’s epic essay film was intended for. It was found in the Cinémathèque on the shelves only recently and digitized, embalming what feels like a very specific and quite personal guided tour through cinema, with the guide (Langlois) missing." - Daniel Kasman, MUBI

The Congressman 2016

Maine Congressman Charlie Winship has had a bad day. After being caught on video failing to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance, he knocks out another House member, confronts his angry ex-wife, and faces denunciation by the media for attacking one of the most cherished patriotic symbols in America. As his life spirals out of control, Charlie embarks on a journey to a remote island in the Atlantic whose eccentric inhabitants are in the middle of a shooting war over their fishing grounds. Treat Williams stars as The Congressman in this humorous and moving film that raises the important question of what it means to be an American.

Architects' Congress 1933

Architects' Congress is Lázló Moholy-Nagy's cinematic journal which recorded the 4th meeting of the CIAM (International Congress of Modern Architecture) in August of 1933. The meeting was held on board the ship Patris II which cruised from Marseilles to Athens, the Aegean Islands, and back. Congress participants featured such luminaries as Alvar Aalto, Cornelis van Eesteren, Charlotte Perriand, Ferdinand Léger, Seigfried Gideon, Le Corbusier, and José Luis Sert.

Our Congressman 1924

This two-reel comedy was the second of three shorts in which Will Rogers starred as Congressman Alfalfa Doolittle, a naive and unsophisticated but basically good-hearted guy from the heartland who finds himself rubbing elbows with Washington power brokers.

The Congress 1989

For 200 years, the United States Congress has been one of the country's most important and least understood institutions. In this elegant, thoughtful and often touching portrait, Ken Burns explores the history and promise of this unique American institution. Using historical photographs and newsreels, evocative live footage and interviews with David Broder, Alistair Cooke, Cokie Roberts, Charles McDowell and others, the award-winning film chronicles the personalities, events and issues that have animated the first 200 years of Congress and, in turn, our country.

Hotel Congress 2014

Would-be lovers spend a weekend away from their spouses.

The Congress of Nations 1900

A magician steps upon the stage carrying a hoop covered with white paper. Then in quick succession the flags of Germany, Russia, Ireland, England and China are brought forth, and from each a soldier is produced corresponding with the flag of each nation. The magician adds a bit of comedy to the scene by producing a decidedly Hibernian policeman from the flag of Erin's Isle. The magician then waves his hand and the flags of all nations slowly dissolve and blend into one huge American flag.

Library of Congress 1945

1945 Oscar nominated short documentary about the Library Of Congress

Going to Congress 1924

Will Rogers plays a lazy man who is chosen by a group of men to run for Congress.

Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown 2015

Jim Traficant was a legendary quarterback turned mob busting Walking Tall Sheriff who rose to power on a platform of “honesty in politics”. He quickly ascended to the hallowed halls of Congress, becoming its most outspoken member. "Jimbo" as his die-hard supporters called him, was known for his polyester thrift store suits, shock top wigs, vulgar humor and profanity laced rhetoric against the FBI, IRS, and every president since Reagan. His one minute speeches made C-SPAN must see programming, as he signed off with his patented “Beam Me Up!” In his post-industrial hometown of Youngstown, Ohio -- dubbed Crimetown, USA for being the most mobbed up city in America -- "Jimbo" was a living legend, once garnering more than 90% of the vote. However, the eccentric maverick also had a dark side, becoming only the second Member of Congress expelled since the Civil War, eventually spending over seven years in federal prison on bribery and tax evasion charges.

Gulf Coast Congressional Report

The Gulf Coast Congressional Report, or Congressional Report, is a public service television program broadcast by WKRG-TV in Mobile, Alabama from 1973 to 2006. Originally hosted by Representatives from the congressional districts within the reach of WKRG's signal, the commercial-free talk show gave viewers a local perspective of Washington, D.C. and the central Gulf Coast from their congressman's standpoint. The program was free to broadcast and was paid for by tax dollars. It was recorded in one of the United States Capitol recording studios and in Mobile.

Meet Your Congress

Meet Your Congress was a public affairs TV series on NBC and on the DuMont Television Network. The show premiered on NBC on July 1, 1949, airing Saturdays at 8pm ET. The DuMont series aired from July 8, 1953 until July 4, 1954. Moderator Blair Moody, who hosted the radio and TV versions from 1946 to 1952, died of pneumonia and heart problems on July 20, 1954.

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