Combat Shock 1986

A dangerously disturbed Vietnam veteran struggles with life 15 years after his return home, and slowly falls into insanity from his gritty urban lifestyle.

La Fuerza Inútil 1972

The rich entomologist René gets along with a group of young rebels. He is accepted for his money and with him they organize parties. He takes advantage of their ideas to seduce several young people, provoking the jealousy of their friends. One day he proposes a game in which each one must detach from the most valuable thing he has.

Primal Force 2016

Lina wants to become an animal and is willing to try it. Eduardo wants to tame her but can't. Primal Force explores the limits of a couple unable to engage.

Mad Mex: The Blackfighter 1980

Vietnam veteran NFL star who falls on hard times, runs up a gambling debt, and is recruited by a bunch of shady, ultra-rich elites who want to enjoy the ultimate thrill -- hunting another human being like an animal.

Fuerza Maldita 1995

Assigned to find a senator's kidnapped daughter, a crew of expert mercenaries heads deep into a mysterious forest, where they encounter an ancient evil lurking in the woods. Having ignored the warnings before the mission began, the soldiers now must confront the forces of darkness to save the girl. This chilling thriller from Mexico stars Mario Almada, Roberto Ballesteros and Luis Reynoso.

Deeply 2000

On Ironbound Island, native Fiona McKay arrives from Europe with her teenage daughter Clair, hoping that the peace of the island will help the girl get over the death of her boyfriend. The girl finds comfort in the company of a visiting American girl and more so in the stories of Celia, a crazy old local who weaves enchanting tales which cleverly combine her own experiences on the island with mystifying legends.

Two Voices 1997

Sybil, a housewife with breast cancer has to be subjected to a mastectomy after which will silicone implants. Another woman, Kathleen also uses a breast implant for cosmetic reasons. Sybil start having problems with implants and the surgeon advised other intervention. By knowing that the same thing happens Kathlen, begins investigating similar cases.

Héroe a la fuerza 1964

Child suffers a brain injury and falls into a coma. When he regains consciousness, twenty years later, he has to deal with having become a grown-up 'overnight'.

Air Force, Incorporated 2006

The documentary portrays a behind-the-scenes look at the poor state of Argentina's civil aviation, and puts the blame on the Argentine Air Force. The Air Force has been in control of air traffic operations since the military takeover of General Juan Carlos Onganía in 1966. The producer/director, Enrique Piñeyro, claims Argentina and Nigeria are the only countries whose air force controls and regulates the airline industry. The film is heavily based on the Austral Líneas Aéreas Flight 2553 plane crash. Enrique Piñeyro takes his camera, secretly, into the control tower of the Ministro Pistarini International Airport also-known-as Ezeiza, the international airport at Buenos Aires.

La fuerza de Babel 2013

From personal experience in Brussels (where she lives), and travel through Catalonia, the UK and Israel, Anna explores the benefits of linguistic diversity and found that the interaction between language and politics is the main obstacle for multilingualism .

La fuerza del deseo 1955

Wicked girl uses nude modeling as a way to seduce a wealthy painter into marriage, while still trying to keep an artschool stud piece on the side.

Adult Beginners 2014

A young, hipster entrepreneur crashes and burns on the eve of his company’s big launch. With his entire life in disarray, he leaves Manhattan to move in with his estranged pregnant sister, brother-in-law and three year-old nephew in the suburbs — only to become their manny. Faced with real responsibility, he may finally have to grow up — but not without some bad behavior first.

Excessive Force 1993

Chicago policeman Terry McCain is determined to put away mobster Sal DiMarco, who always gets acquitted on technicalities. While monitoring a drug sale, a shootout ensues, and one of Terry's fellow officers gets away with $3 million of Sal's money. Suspecting Terry took the cash, the mobster sends his men to kill Terry's brother, Dylan, and partner, Frankie Hawkins. Furious, Terry sets out to take his revenge by any means necessary.

Excessive Force II: Force on Force 1995

Stacie Randall plays Harley, a Special Forces agent-turned-investigator, who arrives on the scene of an apparent mob hit to help the local police. In actuality, she's hunting down Francis Lydell, her former C.O. and lover, who shot her in the head when she turned down his offer to become part of the freelance assassination squad he was forming. Ignoring the need for surgery to remove the bullet fragment which still causes her to have occasional bouts of disorientation, she continues her quest to bring down Lydell before he has the chance to kill a Mafia informant being held at the police station. Written by Chris Holland

Brain Is Better Than Brawn 2008

This documentary deals with the stories, achievements and difficulties of women boxers and footballers. Their stories are told from the point of view of their daily lives where sport, family live and relationships intermingle in a complex and often contradictory whole. All these women share the desire to triumph in sports normally considered to be men´s sports. Some of them pursue their dream while working at other jobs such as driving taxis, selling tacos or being lawyers. They are not women victims, trapped in the family or in marriage; for the simple reason that they are still fighting, they have not accepted defeat. This documentary looks at the feminine aspect of these sports and the unfairness that there is.

La fuerza de los humildes 1955

Unethical industrialist gets taken down by a combination of forces including labor activists and a kill-crazy tribal Indian.

The Power of Destiny 2011

La Fuerza del Destino is a Mexican telenovela produced by Rosy Ocampo for Televisa. Sandra Echeverria and David Zepeda star as the main protagonists, while Laisha Wilkins, Gabriel Soto, Rosa Maria Bianchi, and Juan Ferrara star as the main antagonists. La Fuerza del Destino won 5 awards in Premios TVyNovelas: Best first actress, best original story or adaptation, best male antagonist, best lead actress, and best telenovela of the year. The theme song is sung by Marc Anthony and Sandra Echeverria. Portions of their performance in the recording studio are periodically shown in the closing credits. Canal de las Estrellas aired La Fuerza del Destino from March 14 to July 31, 2011 Univision had announced that La Fuerza del Destino would air on the network as part of the 2011-2012 programming schedule, and was broadcast from August 2 to December 26, 2011, with La que no podía amar replacing it in both countries. It was awarded"The Best Telenovela of 2012" by Premios TVyNovelas.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman 1972

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is a five-member superhero team that is composed of the main characters in several anime created by Tatsuo Yoshida and originally produced in Japan by Tatsunoko Productions and later adapted into several English-language versions. It is also known by the abbreviated name Gatchaman. The original series, produced in 1972, was eponymously named Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman and is most well known to the English-speaking world as the adaptation titled Battle of the Planets. The series received additional English adaptations with G-Force: Guardians of Space and ADV Films' uncut 2005 release. Tatsunoko also uses the official translation Science Commando Gatchaman, as shown in numerous related products and media. Because the English-language versions are notoriously inconsistent not only with one another but also with the original Japanese series, viewers most familiar with the English versions often experience some confusion upon re-examining the series after a long hiatus. The original 1972 Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman series was followed by an animated film, two sequel series, Gatchaman II, and Gatchaman Fighter. In the 90's, episodes from both series were dubbed into English by Saban as Eagle Riders. In 1994, the original series was remade as a condensed OVA series.

Earth: The Power of the Planet 2007

In each episode, geologist Dr. Iain Stewart explains the effects and importance of a specific force of nature, such as wind or volcanism. He also examines the various ways in which it shapes planet earth itself and influences life on it, often in conjunction with other natural forces, and sometimes with lifeforms, as in the 'apocalyptically' grave case of global warming.

Sudamerican Rockers 2014

Three teens start a band in the late 1970s, this is the beginning of the famous musical group; Los Prisioneros.

Samson and Delilah 1996

Mara and Manoa are both upstanding and religious Israelites living under the harsh and unjust rule of the Philistines. One day, a mysterious stranger appears to Mara and promises her that she will bear a son whom she is to call Samson.

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