Deadly Shores 2018

This gripping thriller follows Anna who moves to a remote island as the new bride of a famous mystery writer. Once there, she uncovers secrets about her new husband's dead former wife and fears she may be the next victim.

Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores 2012

It's officially Spring Break at Monster High, and Lagoona takes her gilfriends across the sea to the Great Barrier Reef, but they are ship wrecked and end up on a mysterious skull shaped island. Here they enjoy the local hospitality until they realize that they are being used by a slippery showman named Farnum to lure the rarest, most mysterious monster of them all, "the Beast" into a trap. Frankie is taken by the Beast but tables turn and she ends up rescuing him and returning with him to Monster High. The story goes to high voltage when they realize that Frankie has inadvertently led Farnum to the location of the greatest gathering of monsters anywhere...Monster High.

Distant Shores 2016

A sunny afternoon on an architecture tour boat in Chicago is haunted by the specter of the European refugee crises as a disembodied narrator recounts a much more dangerous voyage across altogether different waters. The hazardous journey is the unseen other of the carefree trip down the Chicago River and across Lake Michigan.

To the Shores of Tripoli 1942

Chronicle of a spoiled rich boy who joins the Marines with an off-handed attitude and finally becomes a battle-wise soldier. Academy Award Nominations: Best (Color) Cinematography.

Tomorrow's Shores

The world of the future is withering away, but when a mother and daughter discover one of the last fish left in the ocean, there may be a glimmer of hope.

New Shores 1987

NEW SHORES is a sister film to IN THE STONE HOUSE in many ways. Like the latter film, it consists of earlier footage edited in recent years. It could be seen as a sequel to IN THE STONE HOUSE especially since it begins with a cross-country journey to the West Coast, where I settled, and concludes with a visit, in 1987, to the “stone house” in rural New Jersey. Even though there is some sort of time line that can be imagined, the film stands on its own. It is simply a series of episodes that touch upon facets of living in a new area with new weather, new people, new identities and stubborn old fears. The Bolex camera goes to work across landscapes and living areas, workplaces and gatherings. A dance of images: can beauty partner with dread and death? It’s a film of the coexistences that percolate beneath the surface of ordinary events. A film of useless hopes and baseless fears.

To New Shores 1937

London 1846. Singer Gloria Vane has a resounding success at the Adelphi Theater. While she throws a brilliant party

On Distant Shores 1958

The film portrays the life of the legendary Azerbaijani guerrilla of the Second World War Mehdi Huseynzadeh, who fought the Nazi forces in the present-day Italy and Slovenia, hence the film's name On distant shores referring to the Adriatic Sea.

To the Shores of Hell 1966

A Marine officer leads a rescue mission through the Vietnamese jungle to rescue his brother, a doctor who has been taken prisoner by the Viet Cong.

Shores of Hope 2012

In this vivid historical drama set in 1980s East Germany, two dockworkers and best friends who dream of escaping the repressive regime are forced to choose their loyalties when the state police promise them safe passage out of the country — if they inform on their co-workers and union leader.

Brainstorm: Between Shores 2016

Brainstorm: Between Shores is a story of a cult Latvian band that have been together since childhood and as a band grown over 25 years alongside the country’s history. The documentary reveals how the music group was and is influenced by the changing political and economical environment. Brainstorm is the most known group in the eastern Europe singing in Latvian, English and Russian. It is a film about the music, the freedom and the refusal to be isolated, the urge of unity in the face of conflicts and the joy spread by four true friends that have been together almost all their lifetime.

Del Shores: Sordid Confessions 2012

Famed writer Del Shores pulls no punches in his latest live standup act, which features his hilarious and uncensored confessions about everything from raunchy love affairs to backstabbing during his career in entertainment.

Juana and the Sacred Shores 2017

Juana is a beautiful maiden living peacefully in her island. While dancing in the middle of the sea, she sees how vast the waters are, and suddenly realizes that she is alone. To satisfy her longing, she does an animistic ritual and prays for a companion. A man arrives.

Del Shores: My Sordid Life 2011

Famed comedian/writer Del Shores (Sordid Lives, Queer As Folk) shares the real-life stories that inspired his writing in this hilarious one-man show recorded live during his critically acclaimed tour across the U.S.

Shores of Light: Salento 1945-1947

This is the poignant untold story of warmth and compassion after a terrible war. Thousands of Jewish survivors, landed in Southern Italy, after WWII, on their way to Israel. To their surprise they were welcomed by the poor locals. In this time of psychological and physical healing, hundreds of children were born. The film follows the story of three Israeli women who were born then, in Santa-Maria-Di-Leuca. The film weaves rare historical footage with unique current testimonials capturing a ray of light after great darkness.

To the Shores of Iwo Jima 1945

Documentary short film depicting the American assault on the Japanese-held island of Iwo Jima and the massive battle that raged on that key island in the Allied advance on Japan. Four cameramen died bringing this footage to the public

The Shores of Phos: A Fable 1972

Phos equals light, but then I did also want that word within the title which would designate place, as within the nationalities of "the fabulous" - a specific country of the imagination with tangible shores, etc. The film adheres strictly to the ordinary form of the classic fable. - Canyon Cinema

On the Shores of Nova Scotia 1947

In this Traveltalk look at Canada's province of Nova Scotia, we visit several coastal communities. The first stop is Lunenburg, where deep sea fishing and shipbuilding are the main industries. Other stops include Blue Rocks, where lobstering is an important source of income, and Peggy's Cove, known for its artist community. Here we meet artist Earl Bailly, who contracted polio at the age of 3 and learned to paint by holding the brush between his teeth.

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