Shanghai Knights 2003

The dynamic duo of Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon return for another crazy adventure. This time, they're in London to avenge the murder of Chon's father, but end up on an even bigger case. Chon's sister is there to do the same, but instead unearths a plot to kill the royal family. No one believes her, though, and it's up to Chon and Roy (who has romance on his mind) to prove her right.

Last Knights 2015

When an evil emperor executes their leader, his band of knights – bound by duty and honour – embarks on a journey of vengeance that will not come to an end until they've destroyed their mortal foe.

Knights 1993

In the future, as a result of devastating wars, all suitable for cultivation of land turned into one big lifeless desert. In the search of fertile lands around the world were traveling group of nomadic farmers. But one of the distant city genesis in these lands came cyborgs. For the operation they need human resources, or more simply - blood. To combat this army of Vampire creator has been sent cyborg Gabriel (Christopherson). In this he will help the girl Nea (Long), whose parents as a child killed the main villain - Job (Henriksen).

Knights of Badassdom 2013

Three best friends and dedicated roleplayers take to the woods to reenact a dungeons and dragons-like scenario as a live action role-playing game. Trouble arises when a prop spellbook purchased from the internet ends up being a genuine grimoire and they unwittingly conjure up a blood-lusting succubus from hell.

Playmobil: Knights 2014

The dwarves are traveling to the big feast for the tournament performance. But nothing goes as planned: they loose their cave troll, meet a dragon, find magic weapons, and fall in the middle of a fight at the royal castle of the Knight of the Lion...

Knights of the Damned 2017

The King has sent his best Knights to defeat the Dragon besieging his castle. Along their epic adventure they encounter malicious sirens, warrior women on a mission of revenge and an unstoppable army of the undead. Can they survive?

A Knight's Tale 2001

William Thatcher, a peasant, is sent to apprentice with a Knight named Hector as a young boy. Urged by his father to "change his Stars", he assumes Sir Hector's place in a tournament when Hector dies in the middle of it. He wins. With the other apprentices, he trains and assumes the title of Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein.

Afghan Knights 2007

Haunted by the fact that he left a man behind in Afghanistan, a soldier (Bacic) pulls together a special task force to save his comrade.

The Hollywood Knights 1980

Led by their comedic and pranking leader, Newbomb Turk, the Hollywood Knights car gang raise hell throughout Beverly Hills on Halloween Night, 1965. Everything from drag racing to Vietnam to high school love.

Western Knights 1930

Western Slapstick. A good chance to see Al St. John moving into the western comedy sidekick that would be his bread and butter role for the next twenty years. Also, it's a rare screen opportunity for Addie McPhail, Roscoe Arbuckle's wife and therefore Al's aunt.

Knights on Bikes 1956

A romance between a clumsy knight and a damsel in distress.

Knights Must Fall 1949

Bugs must joust with Sir Pantsalot of Drop Seat Manor when he tosses a partially eaten carrot into a suit of armor.

Two Arabian Knights 1927

Director Lewis Milestone's 1927 comedy follows the exploits of two American soldiers during WWI. Starring William Boyd, Mary Astor and Louis Wolheim.

Suburban Knights 2011

The Nostalgia Critic and his fellow reviewers from the website That Guy with the Glasses dress up as famous fantasy characters and go searching for a magic gauntlet hidden in suburban Illinois.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table 2017

In medieval England, Merlin and King Arthur banish the evil enchantress Morgana and her son Mordred to the ends of the universe as Morgana vows revenge. In present day, Knights descendant Penn doesn't take much stock in the legends of his supposed ancestors, even as the descendants meet in Thailand to practice fighting. But when Morgana and her son return to earth, armed with alien technology and hell-bent on destroying every last descendant of King Arthur and his knights, Penn must to come to terms with who he was born to be, and bring together the new Knights of the Round Table to save themselves and the earth from Morgana's total vengeance.

Cinderella and Four Knights 2016

Eun Ha-Won is a college student. She is a bright girl who wants to be a veterinarian, but at home she is lonely. She is isolated from her family members. Eun Ha-Won lives with father, step-mother and step-sister after her mother died in a car accident. One day, she helps a mysterious old man. The old man suggests to her to live in a mansion and pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Since than, she moves into the mansion and lives with three cousins Kang Ji-Woon, Kang Hyun-Min, Kang Seo-Woo and their bodyguard Lee Yoon-Sung.

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