Perfume: The Story of a Murderer 2006

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, born in the stench of 18th century Paris, develops a superior olfactory sense, which he uses to create the world's finest perfumes. However, his work takes a dark turn as he tries to preserve scents in the search for the ultimate perfume.

So I Married an Axe Murderer 1993

Just after a bad breakup, Charlie MacKenzie falls for lovely butcher Harriet Michaels and introduces her to his parents. But, as voracious consumers of sensational tabloids, his parents soon come to suspect that Harriet is actually a notorious serial killer -- "Mrs. X" -- wanted in connection with a string of bizarre honeymoon killings. Thinking his parents foolish, Charlie proposes to Harriet. But while on his honeymoon with her, he begins to fear they were right.

Dear Murderer 1947

When a man discovers his wife is having an affair, he commits the perfect crime.

The Murderer 1993

A tragic accident happens during the shooting of a movie about Jesus Christ. An actor who plays Jesus is killed. The director of the movie believes that he is guilty of this death.

I Met a Murderer 1939

An Englishwoman (Pamela Kellino) who writes novels meets a farmer (James Mason) who has just killed his nagging wife (Sylvia Coleridge).

Murderer 2014

Joo-Hyub is a cold blooded serial killer, but he tries to live unnoticed in a small village with his son Yong-Ho. His son becomes friends with Ji-Soo who is a new transfer student at his school. Ji-Soo soon realizes that Joo-Hyub is a serial killer. Joo-Hyub decides to kill Ji-Soo for himself and his son.

Interview With A Murderer 2016

Criminologist Prof David Wilson conducts a series of interviews with convicted murderer Bert Spencer, the man suspected of - yet never charged with - killing paperboy Carl Bridgewater in 1978

The Simple-Minded Murderer 1982

The feeble-minded Sven's mother dies and he gets work as a farm-hand at the rich, affluent Höglund's farm. He has to work without pay and sleeps together with the cows. He meets the disabled Anna who is the first one to treat him as an adult. One day he has had enough of Höglund's maltreatment and moves in with Anna's family. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

An Officer and a Murderer 2012

The true story of Colonel Russell Williams, one Canada’s most powerful and respected Air Force Officers, who committed numerous brutal crimes and was eventually brought down by a tenacious small town police detective.

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon 2008

From Richard Gale, mad maker of CRITICIZED, comes a film that will never have you looking at cutlery the same way again. Set-up as an epic-length trailer for an upcoming release, HORRIBLY SLOW... depicts a man's endless pursuit by what has got to be one of the most determined and patient murderers the screen has ever seen.

A Murderer 1957

The camera shows us a door handle and the door's striker plate; from this angle, they form a cross. The door opens and in steps someone in a dark trench coat. He approaches a bed in the room, where a shirtless man sleeps.

Voice of a Murderer 2007

One day, the only son of famous news anchor HAN Kyung-bae, disappears without a trace. Soon, the kidnapper calls the mother demanding a $100,000 ransom. The police assign a veteran inspector to the case and assemble a top-notch task force to work under his command. But the kidnapper constantly outwits the police and continues calling the parents with yet more instructions for the money drop.

Mozart is a Murderer 1999

When Chiara, a violinist at the conservatory, is brutally murdered after a performance, inspector Maccari is put on the case. Maccari, whose own wife was once murdered by a serial killer, suspect professor Baraldi, the director of the conservatory. But as more fall prey to the killer, Maccari comes to a shocking conclusion...

Married To A Murderer 2018

Having grown up an orphan and raised by her grandmother, Emma has worked for everything that she has, and takes pride in the simple life she's created for herself. When she strikes up a romance with the wealthy Ted, a guy she grew up admiring from afar, and says yes to marrying him, she thinks she's finally found her soul mate and is immediately brought into a much more luxurious world. That world also includes Ted's seductive twin brother Frank, whose affections for her go beyond family admiration. Now, back in town and living in his family's old home, Frank's long buried jealousy of everything his brother has, including Emma, comes to the surface. Suffering from black outs and manic episodes, related to a traumatizing accident, Frank quickly becomes a danger for anyone to be around. Soon, Emma realizes that coming between the twin brothers is more dangerous that she imagined. Anna Hutchison, Aaron Arnold, Austin Arnold, Cheyenne Jackson star.

Dear Murderer 1969

Tu Chang (Peter Chen Ho)’s boss Yeh Kuang Lung (Liu Kei) thinks highly of him and is prepared to give him his daughter’s hand in marriage. Lan Fen (Pat Ting Hung), a company typist, is Tu’s sweetheart. She gets pregnant by him and threatens to tell the manager unless he’s prepared to do the right thing. Tu however is bent on marrying Jenny. When words fail to win Lan over, Tu murders her and hides her body in the wall of an abandoned villa. Tu weds Jenny but after his honeymoon finds that a lawyer named Huang Hsiung (Wang Hsieh) is investigating Lan Fen’s disappearance on behalf of her family.

Making a Murderer 2015

Filmed over 10 years, this real-life thriller follows a DNA exoneree who, while exposing police corruption, becomes a suspect in a grisly new crime.

Dear Murderer 2017

A drama about the life and times of larger than life barrister, Michael Bungay. Spanning several decades chronicling good, evil, rights, wrongs, strengths and flaws, all centred around one of NZ's most infamous characters.

Who's The Murderer 2016

The cast is introduced to the settings and suspects of a murder case for the new episode. The cast then chooses their role in the episode, as a particular suspect or the detective.

The Mind of a Murderer 2015

Dr. Michelle Ward goes behind bars to interview violent murderers and offer insight into what drives people to kill. From her early doctorate research on psychopathy, to her ongoing study of criminal behavior, she possesses a unique ability to push murderers to the limit, getting them to admit things they wouldn't confess to anyone else. She is trained to go beyond excuses and get to the psychological core of why people commit heinous acts - and she does it alone in a room, face-to-face with coldblooded killers.

Hokuto - A Murderer's Conversion 2017

Why did an abused solitary boy become a murderer? A sad but powerful gut-wrenching drama portraying the destiny of humans seeking love, starting up-and-coming actor Yuma Nakayama.

My Father's Murderers 2016

The action series begins when the main character, a young police inspector Aleksandar Jakovljevic, despite its problematic behavior, receives an important case - killed the daughter of a prominent man unit whose company is building the largest residential - commercial complex in the region. The investigation goes in that direction, or even torn Aleksandar their problems, nothing leaves the case and digging into every aspect of life of the murdered girl, unaware of the danger which is exposed because someone cares about is to cover up the killing as quickly as possible. Aleksandar tortured and personal pain of the never solved the murder of his father Mileta also a police inspector when he discovers that the murder may be linked both to him solve the murder of a young girl becomes a mission. he don't know who to trust along the way, whether your boss and best friend of his dead father, police chief Marjanovic, Mirko whether colleagues or two women in his life, Mary - the public prosecutor with whom he related, while in his heart does not pick up a young scientist Jelena. While all the risks and desperately searching for the truth, they will not know how it can be really painful.

Faceless Killers 1995

It is winter on the plains of Skåne coast. Farmer woken gets up and goes over to the neighboring farm. The sight that meets him is terrible. His neighbor John Lövgren lying on the floor with broken face. His wife Mary is sitting on a chair with a noose around his neck and her nightgown nersölat of blood. Before she dies in the hospital, she has time to say a word as soon leak out into the media, "Foreign" Inspector Kurt Wallander in Ystad police leading the investigation will soon receive anonymous threats by telephone. When the city's refugee camp on fire and a Somali refugee murdered, he understands that those who threatened him serious. And realize that it is now a race against time. And, against a ruthless opponent. A killer with no face ...

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