Mr. Gay Syria 2018

In focusing his attention on the competitors of Mr Gay Syria, director Ayse Toprak shatters the one-dimensional meaning of “refugee”. Using the pageant as a means of escape from political persecution, the organiser Mahmoud — already given asylum in Berlin — hopes to offer the winner a chance to travel as well as bring international attention to the life-threatening situations faced by LGBT Syrians.

Cries from Syria 2017

An attempt to re-contextualize the European migrant crisis and ongoing hostilities in Syria, through eyewitness and participant testimony. Children and parents recount the revolution, civil war, air strikes, atrocities and ongoing humanitarian aid crises, in a portrait of recent history and the consequences of violence.

Syriana 2005

The Middle Eastern oil industry is the backdrop of this tense drama, which weaves together numerous story lines. Bennett Holiday is an American lawyer in charge of facilitating a dubious merger of oil companies, while Bryan Woodman, a Switzerland-based energy analyst, experiences both personal tragedy and opportunity during a visit with Arabian royalty. Meanwhile, veteran CIA agent Bob Barnes uncovers an assassination plot with unsettling origins.

In Syria 2017

A mother attempts to keep her family safe as war rages and a sniper lies in wait outside her home.

50 Feet from Syria 2015

'50 feet from Syria' follows Syrian-American surgeon Hisham Bismar as he travels to the Turkish/Syrian border to volunteer operating on victims from the Syrian civil war. A successful hand surgeon in the United States, Hisham decides he cannot continue to watch images of wounded Syrian refugees flow across international borders without acting on his impulse to help. Hisham’s journey serves as a portal into one of today’s most brutal, dehumanizing conflicts and into the lives of remarkable people working to save lives at great personal risk.

Syria: A Fire Within 2015

When anti-Assad demonstrations erupt across Syria, an exiled pioneer of the pro-democracy movement must prove to US leaders that they have allies on the ground. Or else those allies, and the entire pro-democracy movement, may forever perish.

7 Days in Syria 2015

In the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, Newsweek Middle East editor, Janine di Giovanni, risks it all to bear witness, ensuring that the world knows about the suffering of the Syrian people.

Queens of Syria 2014

Queens of Troy follows a group of Syrian Refugee women as they put on their own updated, Arabic version of Euripides' ancient Greek play about refugees in Amman, Jordan.

Syria: Israel's invisible Hand 2017

A horrible six year conflict befell Syria with a multitude of factions fighting for territories backed by a score of foreign players. The script for war as with Iraq in 2003 originated with Zionist partisans with Israeli interests in mind. From Oded Yinon to the Israeli "Clean Break" papers, the Zionist regime made it very clear what their intentions were in Iraq and Syria. American mass media had a uniform message that "Assad must go" for years until the Trump administration took power. In Iraq, after the US made it clear that they did not back Kurdish secession and would not give them air support, the Iraqi forces chased out the Peshmerga in a mere 36hrs. The world must know that the US was dragged into these conflicts via Israeli pressure and deceptions.

Silvered Water 2014

Shot by a reported “1,001 Syrians” according to the filmmakers, SILVERED WATER, SYRIA SELF-PORTRAIT impressionistically documents the destruction and atrocities of the civil war through a combination of eye-witness accounts shot on mobile phones and posted to the internet, and footage shot by Bedirxan during the siege of Homs. Bedirxan, an elementary school teacher in Homs, had contacted Mohammed online to ask him what he would film, if he was there. Mohammed, working in forced exile in Paris, is tormented by feelings of cowardice as he witnesses the horrors from afar, and the self-reflexive film also chronicles how he is haunted in his dreams by a Syrian boy once shot to death for snatching his camera on the street.

The Bangles Live at the Syria Mosque 1986

Live concert of the Bangles at the Syria Mosque Arena, Pittsburgh, recorded December 13, 1986 Playlist: 01 - Let It Go 02 - Restless 03 - Walking Down Your Street 04 - James 05 - Going Down To Liverpool 06 - He¦s Got A Secret 07 - September Gurls 08 - If She Knew What She Wants 09 - Return Post 10 - Live 11 - In A Different Light 12 - I Want You 13 - Angels Don't Fall In Love 14 - Hero Takes A Fall 15 - Manic Monday 16 - Walk Like An Egyptian

Getting Through to Syria: Those who Dare 2015

An up close and personal story of three very different characters from the UK who allow us to follow them into Syria as they deliver aid and carry out life-saving operations. We experience their frustrations and witness their courage as they continue to provide hope to Syria when large organizations cannot. Their journey, their risks and their story.

A Syrian Love Story 2015

Filmed over 5 years, A Syrian Love Story charts an incredible odyssey to political freedom. For Raghda and Amer, it is a journey of hope, dreams and despair: for the revolution, their homeland and each other.

A Requiem for Syrian Refugees 2014

Scored to Gabriel Fauré’s well-known Requiem in D-Minor and shot in stark black and white with a crew of refugees who felt the urgency to convey their situation to the world, A REQUIEM FOR SYRIAN REFUGEES is a wrenching portrait of survival, resilience and empowerment in the camps of Northern Iraq. An intimate perspective on the daily lives and emotions of their fellow refugees, REQUIEM is also a poignant reminder of the civilian toll and trauma of 21st Century wars and an alarm sounded against indifference to the suffering and courage of millions, a non-partisan call for humanity and compassion.

Double-Take: Leader of the Syrian Revolution Commanding a Charge 2014

Two similar paintings filmed in detail. The original depicts the French colonial overlord, the copy the Syrian resistance leader who fought the French. A fascinating story highlights the discrepancy concerning specific choices and questions about the colonial past and how we deal with it are brought sharply into focus.

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