Desire drives her car 1990

A road movie parody. Shot on Yonge Street ,Toronto, the cursing centre of Canada. A north American foray into car culture and its (non) relationship with female sexuality. Custom Kar Kommandos (Kenneth Anger) in a Canadian context of constant desire.

Who Drives Me Mad? 1995

Lee Jong-du, a salesman who believes that luck will change when he becomes a famous writer. However he is forced to give up after his story failed to win at a spring literature contest. Added to this is the fear that his girlfriend Joo-young will leave him. After Joo-young gets a job Jong-du realizes his mistakes that knows that she will never leave him.

Drives 2009

Carlos, a man who has a doubt, and a month before his wedding, decides to hire a gigolo to satisfy his homosexual curiosity.

Mr. Denning Drives North 1951

When well-off aircraft designer Denning finds his daughter's current boyfriend is a nasty character he tries to buy him off, ending up hitting him and causing his death when he falls. Instead of calling the police he dumps the body in a lonely spot on the road to the North, making it look like a hit-and-run accident. Weeks later there is still no report of the body being found, and Denning starts to go to pieces. When he lets his wife into his secret the two start making enquiries, possibly making things worse.

Death Drives Through 1935

The race car designer Kit Woods is in love with Kay Lord. Kay's father is against her relationship with Kit. Kit also has to do with the competition from his rival Garry Ames.

Liz Drives 2017

Two sisters on the way to visit their mother come across an unexpected horror.

When the Devil Drives 1907

The devil hijacks a train trip in France. Made by magician turned filmmaker Walter Booth, who established the Charles Urban Trading Company to make films in his own London garden.

Fatty Drives the Bus 1999

Oh no! It appears as if Satan isn't going to fill his soul quota this month! So of course, he turns himself into a tour guide and takes a bus-load of unsuspecting tourists on a ride down the highway to hell.

Dangerous Drives

Dangerous Drives is a documentary television series broadcast on Speed TV.