The Neighborhood 2017

A brash group of hoodlums have been doing minor crime jobs in their neighborhood since they were kids until they step on the wrong toes and get caught up in a war with an old-school mafia king pin and their lives soon become hell on earth.

Neighborhood Food Drive 2017

A sublime comedy of biting humor and unusual schemes that paints a satirical portrait of millennials and hipsters who think they’re benefitting their community. But good intentions do not always have good consequences.


The film tells a small neighborhood and funny stories that come to the inhabitants of this neighborhood. The flow of events begins with Tofiqin (Coşqun Rehimov) returning from military service. Annesi (Cuban Eliyeva) finally wants to marry her only son. Tevfik's future father-in-law is "professor" (Avtandil Israfilov). But this professor is not one of the professors you know ...

The Neighborhood Nightmare 2018

When Lindsay Porter, responsible mother and head of the local neighborhood watch program, falls for Stephen, the handsome new bachelor on the block, she begins to fear she and her daughter's lives may be in grave danger.

Un p’tit gars de Ménilmontant 2013

A man leaves prison after a 15-year sentence and returns to his home district to find that it has changed completely, almost beyond recognition. He will find it hard to adjust to a world that is governed by a totally different set of rules...

Bad Neighborhood 2013

The faith of all Christians is tested daily. When that faith is a test from God, how quick will we respond? How much can we take before we abandon our faith? What is our human breaking point? Yet, many times we expect God to respond quickly. But, is waiting on God part of the test? Barb Grantham is a good Christian. Despite planning to the contrary, she finds herself stranded in a Bad Neighborhood and under, what she believes to be, attack. She has no one to call on but God. She cries out for help from Him. She has only her prayers to guard her. As events unfold, she loses faith, thinking that God has abandoned her. But has He?

The Neighborhood 2001

Martin Scorsese takes his youngest daughter to visit the New York City neighborhood he grew up in, showing how he incorporated the place, its people and its history in his films.

Neighborhood Tokyo 1992

Miyamoto-cho is a community of Mom-and-Pop stores and family enterprises located near the center of Tokyo. Competition from supermarkets and shopping centers threatens the livelihoods of long-term residents. High land prices tempt owners to tear down old homes and replace them with apartment buildings; this in turn is changing the composition of the population. Against this backdrop, residents strive to maintain the close social ties, symbols of local identity, and community rituals that keep Miyamoto-cho from becoming just another mailing address. Theodore Bestor began his research here in 1979. His prize winning book of the same name is available through Stanford University Press. This documentary is one of a series depicting the variety of life in today's Japan in the context of human problems common to all industrial nations. A comprehensive study guide is available.

There Goes the Neighborhood 1992

There Goes the Neighborhood, released as Paydirt in most foreign countries, is a 1992 comedy film. The film tells a story of a dying prisoner who whispers the location of his loot to the facility's psychologist Willis Embry (Jeff Daniels) who heads to the New Jersey suburbs to find it.

In an Old Neighborhood 1963

Affectionate, experimental short documentary that paints a mosaic of Cuba by focusing on a microcosmic "old neighborhood", where the country's personality slowly emerges through its various dualities: young and old, day and night, sound and silence, Christianity and Santería, civilian life and military presence, poverty and abundance.

The Animal Neighborhood Community 1941

The Neighborhood Community (Tonari-gumi) was the smallest unit of population which was the national mobilization program established by the Japanese government during the World War II. This was to regulate rationing and thought control more efficiently. Each unit was consisted from 5-10 households, and organized to help one another, also to keep eye on any suspicious behavior. The same title song was made to promote this program, became a big hit in Japan with its cheerful melody.

Baby Einstein: Neighborhood Animals 2002

As babies continue to explore the world around them, they soon encounter many creatures, both large and small, that are extremely intriguing. Whether furry or feathered, winged or wiggly, bumpy or smooth, each holds a special fascination. Neighborhood Animals exposes little ones to animals most likely to be found close to home or in easily recognized environments. With a captivating combination of live-action footage, stimulating, colorful images and engaging puppet shows accompanied by beautiful classical music, this wonderful introduction to familiar animal life will provide you and your baby with countless opportunities to discover a world of engaging creatures together in and near your own backyard!

Friends From The Neighborhood

Undercover Police Detective Danny Myers must infiltrate a new street gang that has formed in the city of Smithville. This small but powerful crew of thugs have taken control of all criminal activity in the city. Detective Myers must gather as much evidence as possible to take down this criminal organization. Myers works his way into the gang through an informant and soon discovers that the Boss of the operation is an old childhood friend of his, Joey Kenefick. Joey has not seen Myers since they were kids and has no idea that Myers is a cop. Joey welcomes Myers into his crew of ruthless criminals with open arms

A Healthy Neighborhood 1913

An unscrupulous doctor tries to drum up business by having the sidewalk in front of his house covered with banana skins, inviting slip-and-fall injuries. Guess you couldn't get sued for that in 1913. Later, he mistakenly gives a patient some poison for medicine, causing her father to blackjack the quack.

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