I... Dreaming 1988

Phrases of Stephen Foster, set to music by Joel Heartling, are set to film in this autobiographical piece: a solitary female voice, occasionally joined by a chorus, sings phrases of sorrow as we watch a solitary man in shadows in an unadorned house: he stretches out, he picks his feet, he walks across a room, he rocks in a chair. Occasionally he watches two young children at play; the film sometimes speeds up. Handwritten words, like "dark void" and "waiting longing," cross the screen. Film and phrases often come in short bursts. Outdoor it looks gray and cold.

Frog Dreaming 1986

American boy Cody lives in Australia with his guardian, Gaza. Cody is very imaginative, inventive, and inquisitive. He comes accross some strange events happening in Devil's Knob national park associated with an aboriginal myth about "frog dreamings". Cody tries to investigate...

Dreaming 1991

Unemployed Ayrshire teenager Sammy Nelson is a dreamer, using his vivid imagination to conjure up a gallery of heroes. But far from simply providing an escape from grim reality, his dreams become weapons to confront it. With appearances by Deacon Blue. Billy Connolly and Marianne Faithful

Dreaming 1945

When a pretty Wren faints in a crowded train, Private Bud Flanagan and Captain Ches Allen are quick to render first aid. But over Bud's head, a heavy kitbag wobbles; it falls and scores a direct hit, knocking him unconscious. What follows is a dream sequence involving Ches, the Wren and Bud himself in a series of hilarious adventures as well as a magical medley of the duo's best-loved musical numbers!

Dreaming 2017

The tangled pathway through one’s sleeping imagination can effortlessly tangle fondest memories and tortured nightmares.

Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas 2017

An offbeat, irreverent musical documentary that tells the story of a group of Jewish songwriters, including Irving Berlin, Mel Tormé, Jay Livingston, Ray Evans, Gloria Shayne Baker and Johnny Marks, who wrote the soundtrack to Christianity’s most musical holiday. It’s an amazing tale of immigrant outsiders who became irreplaceable players in pop culture’s mainstream – a generation of songwriters who found in Christmas the perfect holiday in which to imagine a better world, and for at least one day a year, make us believe.

Dreaming About You 1992

Two teenage friends spend their summer break preparing for the sexual conquests they hope to experience. That is, until one of the boys is visited by his older, more sexually aggressive cousin, Azucena. Ushering her naïve cousin into the world of sex could take more work than Azucena realized.

Singapore Dreaming 2006

"Singapore Dreaming" ( 美满人生) is a story about a family with big dreams, living on a small island. Heavily in debt, patriarch Loh Poh Huat can’t help but feel bitter irony whenever he has to perform his job as a lawyer’s clerk – seizing goods from the homes of credit card debtors. At the end of his career and frustrated by the gulf between his middle class dreams and his working class reality, he takes his feelings of failure and envy out on his family. So when Poh Huat suddenly wins two million dollars in the lottery, the Lohs start believing that maybe this windfall will deliver them from their struggles. But something happens which pitches the family into a battle where the stakes are the very meaning of life itself...

Dreaming Lips 1932

The young Gaby (Elisabeth Bergner) is happily married to the musician Peter (Anton Edthofer) but cannot ignore the impression that his friend Michael (Rudolf Forster), a violin virtuoso, makes on her. Even when Peter falls seriously ill, she cannot forget her love for Michael. Torn between the two men, Gaby sees only one way out...

Holiday Dreaming 2004

Ah-Zhou, who is about to be honorably discharged from the military service, has a surreal dream. In the dream he sees the dead body of Shing-Shing Chen, a classmate in elementary school from years back. Is this dream implying that Shing-Shing Chen might have died? Soon afterwards, Ah-Zhou gets an unexpected five-day vacation and decides to look for Shing-Shing Chen. Nevertheless, he quickly learns that the special vacation is for him and another soon-to-be-discharged solider, Xiao-Gui, to go after a deserter, Kuen-He, who ran away with weapons two days ago. Both of them are worried about this assignment because they, the old birds, used to pick on Kuen-He, a spring chicken. And Kuen-He is now a deserter, armed and dangerous.

Dreaming Butterflies 2017

Heena Hoyana Samanallu (Dreaming Butterflies) (Sinhalese: හීන හොයන සමනල්ලු) is a 2017 Sri Lankan Sinhala family drama film directed by Rohan Perera and produced by Sunil T Fernando for Sunil T Films. Shehan, who belongs to a higher middle class family is the only child of Madhavi (Dilhani Ekanayake) and Adithya (Saumya Liyanage). Their lives changed unexpectedly when Shehan is diagnosed with leukemia.

Dreaming Machine

On August 24th 2010, Writer-Director Satoshi Kon passed away from pancreatic cancer leaving this film's production postponed until Studio Madhouse has the funds to resume development. Despite many setbacks, the film's current owner is dedicated on completing Kon's film true to his initial vision.

Dreaming Colors 1958

Makavejev archives the symbolism of a folk tradition by piecing a cinematic quilt from Kilim weavings of different hands.

40,000 Years of Dreaming 1997

Australian born film maker George (Mad Max) Miller offers a personal view of Australian films. He suggests that they can be regarded as visual music, public dreaming, mythology, and song-lines. In extrapolating the idea of movies as song-lines he examines feature films under the following categories : songs of the land ; the bushman ; the convicts ; the bush-rangers ; mates and larrikins ; the digger ; pommy bashing ; the sheilas ; gays ; the wogs ; blackfellas ; urban subversion. He then concludes that these films can be thought of as "Hymns that sing of Australia

We're Not Dreaming 2012

Yes, we will build a world. We're not dreaming. Despite the struggle, brick by brick, part by part, we will build it. We're not dreaming.

Dreaming the Rose 1986

Valent is a night shift worker who can barely feed his family. To add the insult to injury, every night he must pass near the butcher's shop with meat products he can't afford. But one night the shop is a scene of a gangland shooting. Valent picks up the bag full of money and a gun, and his life changes.

Dreaming Out Loud 1940

Lum and Abner work at a general store in Arkansas. There they get involved in some misadventures with the locals.

Crocodile Dreaming 2007

Crocodile Dreaming is a modern day supernatural myth about two estranged brothers, played by iconic Indigenous actors David Gulpill and Tom E. Lewis. Separated at birth, they have different fathers. One is readily accepted as a full-fledged member of the tribe and is looked on to fulfill the duties of jungaiy, an important ceremonial role which obliges him to be caretaker for his mother's dreaming, the crocodile totem. The other, whose father was white, is younger and has had to struggle to fit into the tribe who see him only as a yella fella.

Dreaming Nicaragua 2010

DREAMING NICARAGUA is a film about HOPE. It's about love for the dignity and courage of the human spirit that, even immersed in uttermost tragic conditions, fights for a better life, and in this case, with a friendly SMILE. DREAMING is a sensitive and lyrical portrayal of four children living in extreme poverty in Nicaragua. The film takes us beyond their hardships and gives voice to the youngsters, who are surprisingly funny, hopeful, and optimistic. A traveling art teacher provides a safe arena for our four unlikely protagonists to express their innermost thoughts. When painting, the kids momentarily escape the stresses of their reality into a world of dreams and ideas, a stark contrast to their lives outside: a vicious cycle of hunger, child labor, and violence. Despite the extreme circumstances, the children and their families face their lives with an inspiring unity, strength and humor.

California Dreaming

California Dreaming is a British reality television programme, broadcast on Channel 4's T4 strand, that followed six British celebrities seeking success in Hollywood. They lived in a Hollywood mansion and were trained by doing challenges set by acting guru Bernard Hillier. The programme's title came from the song "California Dreamin'" by The Mamas & the Papas.

The Dreaming Girl

The Dreaming Girl is a Chinese animated series from China. It is produced by "Beijing Golden Pinasters Animation Company" in Beijing with the collaboration of CCTV.

I'm Dreaming of a TV Christmas 2003

I'm Dreaming of a TV Christmas was a British one-off television show on BBC2 presented by Phill Jupitus. The show was first aired on 24 December 2003, and included guests such as Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbett, Jimmy Savile, Noel Edmonds and Tony Blackburn. Shows revisited by the programme included Morecambe and Wise, The Generation Game, Blue Peter, Top of the Pops and The Two Ronnies.

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