Mayflower! 2009

Marcus makes a bet that he'll go out with the next girl who walks through the Mayflower! bar doors. She just happens to be the gorgeous Rhonda and costs $1000 to take him around the world. Follow Marcus and Lamont's adventure to get the money.

Mayflower Madam 1987

Inspired by the explosive sex-for-sale scandal that rocked Manhattan in 1984, the infamous Sydney Biddle Barrows, a driven young socialite, opens an exclusive escort service catering to the wealthy and affluent. From Sydney's rise to become a million-dollar, modern-day madam to her notorious plummet into bankruptcy and public disgrace, experience a private glimpse into the forbidden world of high-class prostitution-where money talks...pleasure sells...and discretion is everything.

The Mayflower 1935

A Terrytoons cartoon released 27 December 1935.

The Mayflower Voyagers 1988

Follow Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and the Peanuts gang as they join the Pilgrims in their journey to the New World and celebrate the first Thanksgiving. Full of historical facts and inspiring faith in God, this short cartoon will remind your children of our rich heritage.

Mayflower: The Pilgrims' Adventure 1979

In 1620, the Assembly of the Pilgrims decides to emigrate to the young America because of the persecution they suffer by the English crown. The film tells the adventurous journey of the Pilgrims to an unknown land and future.

The Mouse on the Mayflower 1968

The famous ship called Mayflower is trapped amidst a huge storm. The entire story is narrated by a church-mouse called Willum, from his viewpoint. The tale begins with the pilgrim preachers deciding to move to America and getting aboard the Mayflower. However, because of the huge storm, the ship gets on the verge of sinking. Then, Willum, the pilgrim mouse, comes up with an idea to save the ship. When the pilgrims land safely, they write the Mayflower Compact and start constructing their new church and colony. However, it is already the autumn season and they do not have much food stored for the winter. The pilgrims then learn to plant crops during the spring season and celebrate a big feast toward the onset of the autumn season or fall. This is their first Thanksgiving celebration.

Mayflower, Quiltshoe & The Rubens Brothers 2017

When Kattilakoski family goes on a week-long Summer vacation to a rented cottage, the local police constables Bigbelly and Stronglass are joyful. Finally one week of peace! Their joy doubles when they win a rent-free summer cottage for one week. What they don't know is, that these two cottages are next to each other! When the truth comes out, the constables are forced to masquerade themselves to remain incognito. Unfortunately their alter egos, artistic Rubens brothers, become an instant hit for Mother Kattilakoski. Mayflower and Quiltshoe have instant doubts about Rubens; they must be escaped bandits instead. The girls set to prove their theory.

Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower 2006

So much more than simply the story of the Thanksgiving meal, the epic saga of the Pilgrims is one of the fundamental narratives of our nation. This ambitious documentary presents the definitive history of the Pilgrims and their journey to and colonization of the New World. A marriage of feature-film quality historical reenactments with the latest scholarship and analysis of original source material, this definitive look at the Pilgrims' progress will shed light on the reality of their experience.

The Mayflower Pilgrims: Behind The Myth 2016

The voyage of the Mayflower in 1620 has come to define the founding moment of America, celebrated each year at Thanksgiving. A lavish new drama documentary by Ric Burns, based on governor William Bradford's extraordinary eye-witness account, the Mayflower Pilgrims reveals the grim truth behind their voyage across the Atlantic. The Pilgrims story has come to define the founding moment of America and all it stands for. Celebrated each year at Thanksgiving, it is remembered as a pious crusade aimed at founding a Puritan paradise. However their journey from a harsh, often violent part of England to a colony assured of survival less than ten years later is also one of wealth, cruelty, and entrepreneurial genius.

Mouse on the Mayflower 1968

The story of the pilgrims on the Mayflower with the story told from a mouses point of view.

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