Hollow Triumph 1948

A film noir drama in which a sophisticated con man, who has just stolen from the mob, is forced to impersonate a psychiatrist who looks just like him, going so far as to cut himself on the cheek to duplicate a similar scar on the doctor. When he takes matters even further, karma arrives, forcing him to pay the debts of his double.

Triumph 1917

This melodrama about an actress in love with a playwright and the stage manager blackmailing her for her affections offers a unique glimpse into Chaney’s career before his classic performances in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera.

Tears and Triumph 1994

Sai Ming Jun (Anita Yuen) is a single mother who works as an office administrator. But when the company gets taken over, her road suddenly becomes an uphill one. The controlling family's son (Sean Lau Ching Wan) takes an immediate shine to her, and begins to woo her, but she resists. Things get worse when his half-brother (Frankie Lam) shows up. He happens to have a controlling interest in the company - and is the father of Ming Jun's child! Will Ming Jun be able to make it through this twisted maze of family politics and hidden agendas? And will she be able to find a true, honorable love?

Triumph of the Spirit 1989

Fact based story about a former Greek Olympic boxer who was taken as a prisoner during World war II and placed in the Auschwitz prison camp. There he was permitted to survive as long as he fought for the amusement of his captors. His father and brother were also held as insurance that he would continue to fight.

Wyoming Triumph 2011

Documentary / Other - Take a journey deep into the mountains of Wyoming with a group of hard-charging, dedicated skiers and watch as they explore the state with the most rugged and remote terrain in the lower forty-eight. This film will captivate and inspire.

Triumph, IL

This isn't a hero's journey. Chicago's resident comedy-practicing jerk, Joe, is unexpectedly transferred to small town Triumph, IL, home of the world's oldest curling club - and not much else. Thanks to a little tough love, the end of a bad relationship, strange encounters with Illinois' eccentrics and plenty of cheap beer, Joe becomes slightly more tolerable.

The Great Triumph 1995

Several members of a Nationalist Chinese Army unit that is trapped between Japanese forces and another Chinese unit take revenge when their unit is almost wiped out.

The Patricia Neal Story 1981

The actress (Glenda Jackson) recovers from a 1966 stroke with help from friends and her husband, author Roald Dahl (Dirk Bogarde).

The Red One: Triumph 2000

Andrei, nicknamed Red, is a young drug dealer, trawling hotel corridors, selling little bags of hits to hookers and businessmen alike. Shrewd and tough, he has seen more than his fair share of life. But he has a problem - a rival gang, the Abreks, have moved into his territory and are forcing prices down. Andrei is a loner, attached to no one, but he is smart. He knows a member of a rival gang, Peaky, who runs with the X-Rays. Andrei manages to get them some "rods" - guns - and concocts his plan to run the Abreks out of his area.

The Triumph of Astana 2010

A filmic study on urban redevelopment in post-socialism, a portrait of the capitol of Kazakhstan and a building in this very city.

Triumph Over Death 1967

World War II. Albania is under the Nazi occupation. The Germans capture two young girls and torture them to learn more about the communist movement.

Triumph of the Heart 1929

In a small mine town north of the circle, Torsten lives, working with his sister Eva and comrade Lars, who is engaged to Eva. The town's bat-owner has a daughter, Märta, who, after trying out the big city life, has returned to the village for a while, and begins to flirt openly with Torsten, but also with Lars. Märta hears of an old gold treasure that will be hidden somewhere in the mountains, trying to seduce both of them and seek both friends to find out the treasure. Neither Lars nor Torsten knows the plans or swarms of others, but Eva notices how Märta attracts Lars away from her.

Little Billy's Triumph 1914

Young Little Billy wants to buy some ice-cream with the dime his mother gave him, but the neighborhood bullies have other plans for that dime.

Paul Temple's Triumph 1950

A husband-and-wife detective team look into the murder of one of her friends, whose father--a prominent scientist--has been kidnapped. They find themselves up against a sinister crime organization headed by a mysterious figure known only as "Z".

Paul Temple's Triumph 1950

Paul Temple, a writer and amateur detective and his wife team up to search for a missing atomic scientist.

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