Diagnosis: Murder 1976

A psychiatrist plots to murder his wife so he can be with his mistress, but his wife mysteriously disappears before he can carry out his plan.

Diagnosis Murder: Diagnosis of Murder 1992

Police detective Steve Sloan believes that top manager Nick Osborn has killed his boss, trust-owner Russell Cord. His father, senior hospital doctor Mark Sloan, is convinced that his long-time patient Osborn is innocent and soon discovers three other top employees of the Cord Group who also had reasons for killing their boss. Pretending to be a medical police consultant, Dr Sloan starts investigating the case himself, supported by a junior doctor and a young female pathologist. Besides, the merry old doctor saves the life of a young street urchin and takes tap-dance lessons from an old patient. Written by Otto Oberhauser

Diagnosis Murder: Without Warning 2002

A dead body washes up on the ocean. Steve's investigation leads to a farm with migrant workers. The migrant workers are dying from an unknown ailment and Mark struggles to find the cause.

Diagnosis Murder: Town Without Pity 2002

In Los Rios enroute to Los Angeles, Carol makes an urgent call to her father, Dr. Mark Sloan, pleading for help. Arriving in the small, seemingly pleasant mountain town, Mark investigates but the whole community denies knowing anything about his daughter and her husband. Dr. Sloan, however, soon uncovers enough evidence to make him believe that his daughter and son-in-law may have met a tragic end.

Diagnosis: Murder 1993

Dr. Mark Sloan is a good-natured, offbeat physician who is called upon to solve murders.

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