My American Uncle 1980

Prof. Henri Laborit uses the stories of the lives of three people to discuss behaviorist theories of survival, combat, rewards and punishment, and anxiety. René is a technical manager at a textile factory and must face the anxiety caused by corporate downsizing. Janine is a self-educated actress/stylist who learns that the wife of her lover is dying and must decide to let them reunite. Jean is a controversial career-climbing writer/politician at a crossroads in life.

America 2016

A festive evening, students. A city, a campfire, a walk through the forest, dreams, a journey, a disappearance.

Flodder Does Manhattan! 1992

The mayor of Sunny Dale see a chance to get rid of the Flodder family: They send the asocial bunch for an international exchange to New York. There they get confused with a Russian delegation of medical doctors while the street worker Werner who accompanies them becomes imprisoned.

Blue Away to America 1999

The victim of a serious accident, Camille finds himself in a strange, huge, rehabilitation centre run by Professor Helpos. He soon teams up with a group calling themselves "the wreckers" and who make their own rules, ignoring those of the medical establishment.

Emanuelle in America 1977

An American journalist travels throughout the world in search of a good story by joining a modern-day harem and traveling to Venice to see what really goes on at diplomatic parties. While trying to expose a corrupt government official, Emanuelle stumbles upon a group that uses kidnapped girls to make and sell snuff films

Zoop in Zuid-Amerika 2007

De rangers uit Ouwehands Dierenpark worden gevraagd om de bijzonder zeldzame De Loro-vlinderpopulatie te redden voordat deze uit hun cocons kruipen en omkomen in de grote bosbranden in de Zuid-Amerikaaanse jungle. Daarvoor reizen de rangers af naar Zuid-Amerika. De ranger trotseren daarvoor wilde dieren, op hol geslagen koeien op de Argentijnse pampas en gaan zelfs geen tango-wedstrijd, speedboten-race of onneembare rotswand uit de weg om de vlinders te vinden. Moes raakt intussen bevriend met Cherpee, een jaloerse aap waar Taffie het behoorlijk mee te stellen heeft. Mike ergert zich aan eigenwijze Bastiaan die besloten heeft om voor z'n fans zijn Zuid-Amerikaas avontuur op video te zetten. En Alwin en Sira...zij maken een van de meest hartstochtelijke avonturen mee.

Just Visiting 2001

A knight and his valet are plagued by a witch, and to repair the damage they make use of the services of a wizard. However, something goes wrong and they are transported from the 12th century to the year 2000. There the knight meets some of his family and slowly learns what this new century is like. However, he still needs to get back to the 12th century to deal with the witch, so he starts looking for a wizard.

America As Seen By a Frenchman 1960

This documentary is a general, unquestioning travelog of the United States through the eyes of French director and co-cameraman Francois Reichenbach, a director often fascinated with life in the home of the French-made Statue of Liberty. From the attractions of the West Coast including Disneyland to the skyscrapers of New York, Reichenbach is curious about everything. A prison rodeo (later to come under closer and more critical scrutiny in the '90s), culturally and ethnically mixed neighborhoods, religions outside the mainstream, ghost towns, and the unique world of the American teen are all given a peek. These views of the U.S. are informative though absent of critical analysis.

One Sunday in Canada 1961

One Sunday in Canada visits an Italian community in the northwest sector of Montreal, where about half of the city’s 150,000 Italians live.

American Made 2017

The true story of pilot Barry Seal, who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel in the 1980s.

Once Upon a Time in America 1984

A former Prohibition-era Jewish gangster returns to the Lower East Side of Manhattan over thirty years later, where he once again must confront the ghosts and regrets of his old life.

Que Dieu Bénisse l'Amérique 2006

Le 11 septembre 2001, dans un quartier résidentiel lavallois, les détectives Maurice et Sylvain poursuivent leur enquête sur les meurtres de trois prédateurs sexuels, tous retrouvés castrés et la bouche pleine de nourriture. La prochaine victime pourrait être Pierre, un voisin libéré la veille après avoir purgé une peine pour actes de pédophilie, bien qu'il ait toujours clamé son innocence. Durant la journée, l'ex-détenu aux abois croise divers résidents de sa rue auxquels il n'avait jamais parlé, dont une mère célibataire désespérément en quête d'amour, un paysagiste excentrique, ainsi que l'épouse dépressive et fugueuse de Sylvain. Parallèlement, cette dernière fraternise avec un voisin comptable aux prises avec un conjoint étouffant.

Crime Spree 2003

An out-of-town heist becomes a nightmare for a crew of French burglars when they mistakenly rob the head of the Chicago mafia. Unaccustomed to the ways of the American underworld, it is not long before they have the mafia, the FBI and a couple of street gangs on their backs as they attempt to make their way back to Paris.

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