The Treasure of the Amazon 1985

A ragtag group of adventurers, including a former Nazi, is led by a half-maddened grizzled treasure hunter who wants a second chance to find the mythical treasure of the Amazon, after his first mission went terrible wrong.

The Rundown 2003

When Travis, the mouthy son of a criminal, disappears in the Amazon in search of a treasured artifact, his father sends in Beck, who becomes Travis's rival for the affections of Mariana, a mysterious Brazilian woman. With his steely disposition, Beck is a man of few words -- but it takes him all the discipline he can muster to work with Travis to nab a tyrant who's after the same treasure.

Las Amazonas

Las Amazonas is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on VenevisiĆ³n. This telenovela lasted 105 episodes and was distributed internationally by VenevisiĆ³n International.

Walking the Amazon 2012

Ed Stafford and Luke Collyer set out to walk the entire length of the Amazon River. Over seven thousand kilometres of the toughest terrain on the planet. Teeming with deadly wildlife and a battleground for the criminal drugs trade.

Amazon 1999

Amazon was a syndicated television show created by Peter Benchley. It was developed by Canadian production companies Alliance Atlantis Communications & WIC Entertainment and German company Beta Film GmbH. The 22 episodes of the series were in first-run syndication between 1999 and 2000. The drama series focused on the six survivors of a crashed airline flight in the Brazilian Amazon jungle. The group soon comes into contact with a Native American tribe, and relations are anything but friendly. The group is taken in by a mysterious tribe, who descended from 16th century British colonists who were lost in Amazon. Relations with the Chosen are tenuous at best. Most of the group escapes the Chosen only to stir up a hornets nest with a tribe of cannibals, led by an insane American woman bent on domination of all the local tribes. The first season ended in a cliff-hanger, and a second season was never produced. The series retained sufficient interest that it was released on DVD in 2011. A novelization of the 2-hour pilot was written by Rob MacGregor, and a mass-market paperback was released by Harper on 8 Aug 2000. The German title was Amazonas - Gefangene des Dschungels.

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