April 9th 2015

In the early morning of April 9th 1940 the Danish army is alerted. The Germans have crossed the border; Denmark is at war against Europe's strongest army. In Southern Jutland Danish bicycle- and motorcycle companies are ordered out, to against all odds, hold back the forces until the Danish reinforcements can be mobilized. In the fatal hours, we follow second lieutenant Sand and his bicycle company - they will as the first Danish soldiers meet the enemy in combat on April 9th 1940.

April Fool's Day 1986

A group of eight college friends gather together at an island mansion belonging to heiress Muffy St. John to celebrate their final year of school. They soon discover that each has a hidden secret from their past which is revealed, and soon after, they turn up dead.

April Rain 2014

When an eclectic group of terrorists plot to attack the United States from within, it's up to a quasi-military special investigative unit to identify, infiltrate and neutralize the threat.

Pieces of April 2003

Quirky and rebellious April Burns lives with her boyfriend in a low-rent New York City apartment miles away from her emotionally distant family. But when she discovers that her mother has a fatal form of breast cancer, she invites the clan to her place for Thanksgiving. While her father struggles to drive her family into the city, April -- an inexperienced cook -- runs into kitchen trouble and must ask a neighbor for help.

April Apocalypse 2013

Artie is pure bred trailer trash. He has zero ambition, is everyone's favorite punching back at school and bears the burden of his virginity in silence. And then April moves out of the state. She's his best friend and support since kindergarten and the love of his life. Three years later Artie finally has the courage to take to the road and go see April to tell her how he feels about her. One car-crash later Artie wakes up in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. But this time he's not going to hide. Artie's love for April doesn't give him wings, but does give him the courage to hack, slash, punch and kick himself a part towards the girl he loves. Time is of the essence, because that bite on his hand will make the difference between a French kiss and a bite out of April's brains.

April Fool's Day 2008

The new "April Fool's" revolves around a party given by two rich siblings for their friend. Tragedy strikes when a friend falls over a balcony and dies. One year later, the teens responsible for the accident become the targets of a twisted killer who begins hunting them down one by one.


April is a documentary about the Airblaster guys that spent the month of april on Mt Hood Oregon. If you know Airblaster you know what you’re going to expect…Just fun shreds…

April 2012

Following a period of trauma and grief, the world around me once again declared itself in the form of one of the loveliest springs I can ever remember in San Francisco. April is intended as a companion piece for August and After, and is partly funded by a gift from Carla Liss.

April 2010

Starting at a new high school can feel like the greatest challenge to a teenage girl. Popularity is social currency and not fitting in can feel like the end of the world. This revealing year-in-the-life documentary follows April Poplewski's student experiences through her eyes. Lumber in her shoes as she endures all of the peer-pressures, 'in-crowd' influences and struggles to make the most of her high school journey.


An extremely stripped down conceptual film by Vincent Gallo.Filmed in late 2009.Not currently planned for release

April Showers 2009

A look inside a tragedy through the eyes of a survivor. Based on actual events, April Showers is about picking up the pieces in the direct aftermath of school violence

April Story 1998

In spring, a girl leaves the island of Hokkaido to attend university in Tokyo. Once there, she is asked to reveal why she wanted to go there in the first place.

April in Love 2006

Avril is a novice in a convent of "Baptistine" sisters, a monastic order which was officially dissolved by the end of the nineteenth century but that is kept alive by Mère Marie Joseph, the sadistic superior. While Avril is on retreat, locked in for a fortnight in a chapel prior to taking her vows, Soeur Bernadette, a sympathetic sister, discloses a secret to her: she has a twin brother...

Miss April 1958

The banker Marcus falls in love with the young ballet-dancer Maj who works at the opera. To meet her he takes a job there but Maj is in love with Osvald Berg, the big star of the opera. To wake Osvald's interest for her she asks Marcus if he could play deeply in love with her. Plot summary by nL.

April Kiss 2004

April Kiss, also called Kiss of April, is a South Korean TV drama that aired from April 21, 2004 to July 8, 2004 on KBS.

Your Lie in April 2014

Kousei Arima was a genius pianist until his mother's sudden death took away his ability to play. Each day was dull for Kousei. But, then he meets a violinist named Kaori Miyazono who has an eccentric playing style. Can the heartfelt sounds of the girl's violin lead the boy to play the piano again?

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