Extracurricular Activities 2019

The outrageous life of Reagan Collins, a model high school student with a “killer” after-school job that involves arranging “accidents” for his classmates' parents. When seasoned police detective Cliff Dawkins starts putting the pieces together, it's a battle of wits to see if Reagan can keep business booming.

Activities 1972

Działania (Activities) documents a four-day action in a Warsaw television studio which can be understood as a “visual free-jazz concert,” or an attempt at interdisciplinary, collaborative improvisation. In their work, KwieKulik often attempt to mediate communication through different forms: language becomes movement, ideas transform into objects, improvisation acts as another form of theory. The surprising trajectory of these improvisations in sound, sculpture, discourse, performance and movement show the open-ended outcomes that Przemysław Kweik and Zofia Kulik were interested in pursuing during this period.

The Clinton Chronicles 1994

'The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation Into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton' is a 1994 film that accused Bill Clinton of a range of crimes.