Midwife 2016

In a bleak future where women are dying rapidly, a female survivor must counsel, interrogate and mother those responsible to find answers.

Midwife 2013

MIDWIFE follows Minnesota home birth midwife, Sarah Biermeier (of Geneabirth), during her first year as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). The documentary quietly shows the life of a home birth midwife, from prenatals, to births, to postpartums, while also examining what the birth environment looks like in states where home birth midwifery is not legal, and families are faced with fewer birth options. The film has an excellent balance of a clear, strong political message and deep, soulful (but not sentimentalized) view of physiologic birth. Twenty-two states do not allow CPMs to attend home births. If a midwife chooses to practice anyway, they are faced with the possibility of arrest. In an act that should be simple, giving birth has become a human rights issue and a political event. MIDWIFE shows the compassion and beauty that begin with birth, and encourages viewers to explore their options, and with whom they choose to attend their births.

The Midwife (Praji Magic) 1977

The film tells a story about Nyi Anis who uses black magic because she is vengeful towards her husband who has thrown her out of the house. The condition for the black magic is that she has to sacrifice a baby every full moon. She becomes the pretty Nyi Mayang. Her husband is willing to take her back. Trouble arises when her black magic teacher dies and she cannot return to her original form. The villagers then defeat her using prayers.

The Midwife 2015

'The Midwife' (fin.'Kätilö') is a romance-drama set during WWII in Finland’s Lapland province, a major European battle ground of the war. Based on Katja Kettu’s bestselling novel, 'The Midwife' turns on the love affair between a Lapp midwife and a Nazi SS officer set against the backdrop of the Lapland War, which opposed Finnish and Germany armies in 1944-45. The themes in the story are international. It’s about conquering love and war, and class boundaries that are broken down.

The Midwife 2017

Claire is a midwife and has devoted her life to others. At a moment when she is preoccupied by the imminent closure of the maternity clinic where she works, her life is further turned upside down when Béatrice, her father's former mistress, turns up on the scene. Béatrice is a capricious and selfish woman, Claire's exact opposite.

The Midwife's Tale 1995

A young girl, the daughter of a lesbian couple, lies peacefully abed listening to one of her mothers reading her a bedtime story. The off-beat tale she hears is set in medieval times and chronicles the exploits of poor Lady Eleanor, an independent, free-spirited young aristocrat who would much rather spend her time riding and being outdoors than staying cloistered inside tending to needlework. Still she is a dutiful daughter and reluctantly abides by her late father's wish that she marry Lord William. William knows that he is not her dream lover, but he is patient and eventually she gets pregnant. Eleanor is terrified, for her mother lost her life and the life of her baby giving birth. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, she sneakily tries to engage the local midwife to come and abort the fetus. Unfortunately, the midwife has been accused of sorcery by the local priests and has been sentenced to die. Fortunately, young Gwenyth, a new midwife shows up.

American Experience: A Midwife's Tale 1998

A docudrama adaptation of Ulrich's Pulitzer-winning book, which was based on thousands of entries in the journal of Martha Ballard, a Maine midwife, in the late 1700's and early 1800's. The movie intercuts between reenactments of Ballard doing her Maine midwifery and related tasks, and Ulrich in her eight years of research on her book; in the end, clear comparisons are made between the work of the two women.

Das Geheimnis der Hebamme 2016

Marthe is a girl with a special gift: she can cure illnesses. But the time she lives in is marked by superstition and godliness. When Marthe can not help the burgrave's wife from her village, the girl has to flee. Your path crosses that of Ritter Christian, who moves eastward into the Mark Meissen with a group of Frankish settlers. In the Middle Ages an unimaginably long and arduous way. Christian has a hard time avoiding the fascination of Marthe, but their diverse backgrounds make a relationship impossible and the settlers are afraid of the weird girl.

Call the Midwife 2012

Drama following the lives of a group of midwives working in the poverty-stricken East End of London during the 1950s, based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth.

The Highland Midwife

3-part documentary series that follows the work of midwives in rural parts of Scotland.

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