Chronicle of the Town Magistrate 1987

In a maelstrom of evil, can a new magistrate, samurai Mochizuki Koheita, with a reputation like an alley cat, bring order to the town of Horisoto, or is he, too a corrupt villain looking to gain wealth from the oppressed people? From the pen of famed samurai author Yamamoto Shugoro, this exciting tale turns the tables on the standard samurai story with a unique lead character previously portrayed in Ichikawa Kon’s “Dora Heita.”

The Chronicle of an extermination 2013

Hortiatis is one of the numerous Greek villages whose inhabitants were massacred during the German occupation during World War II. The documentary attempts a “reenactment” of the Hortiatis holocaust through the first-hand testimony of eye-witnesses, while underscoring the significance of the preservation of historical memory. The unfolding of events is shaped by official sources and through individual perspectives and personal experiences of common people, shedding new light on these historic events.

Chronicle of a Forgotten Death 2012

During two and a half years, the man didn’t move from the couch of his Geneva apartment. His letterbox was full, his mail was being returned. Electricity had eventually been cut off and the real estate agency was about to evict him. When the police finally forced their way in, they discovered a flat infested by vermin and, in the middle, the decomposed body of Michel Christen, a 53-year-old Swiss man. The investigation that takes place in the film will show that his death occurred 28 months earlier. But the date on the death certificate has to be the one of the day the body was found. That’s the law... How could this man, who had a family and who was being monitored by medical and social services, fall into oblivion in such a way?

19th-Century Georgian Chronicle 1979

A poetized chronicle of the events taking place in one of the Georgian villages in the late 19th century, when, to save a forest, the innumerous intelligentsia could rally the people and oppose the industrialists…

Chronicle of the End of the World 2015

Drama and comedy are blended in this Colombian film centering on a retired teacher who fears that the world is coming to an end, and his jobless son, whose wife has abandoned him after having a baby.

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant 2015

Set in a village right after the Korean War, poor but good-hearted Heo Sam-gwan sets out to win the most beautiful girl in the village, Heo Ok-ran, by selling his blood to earn money. Years later, the two are happily married with three children, but their family undergoes a crisis when Sam-gwan's eldest son doesn't resemble him and rumors spread about the boy's paternity.

Chronicle of a Summer 1961

The film begins with a discussion between Rouch and Morin on whether or not it is possible to act sincerely in front of a camera. A cast of real life individuals are then introduced and are led by the filmmakers to discuss topics on the themes of French society and happiness in the working class.

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: Tokyo Revelations 2008

Continuing their journey from Record Country (the place that held the book of memories), Syaoran and company land into Tokyo Country, a blood-filled country under war from opposing factions for natural resources and survival. While reluctantly involved in the race to live, the group faces their own problems as certain revelations are made, changing their journey forever. A shocking betrayal and a battle that risks all of their lives. After this revelation, they will never be the same again.

Heimat 2: A Chronicle of a Generation 1992

The movie consist of 13 separate episodes each handling a period between 1960 and 1970. It tells the story of a group of people in Munich (mostly music and film students). The movie tells a story in many different levels about love, friendship, misfortune, loss, art, politics, history with important historic events of the decennium in the background.

Yann Piat: A Chronicle of Murder 2012

February 25, 1994, Yann Piat is executed at point blank range by two gunmen on a motorcycle. Its first victories for the FN in 1986 to his ambition in 1994 to take the town hall of Hyères under the banner of the UDF, Yann Piat methods and a speech that upset both policies, businessmen, and middle.

A Diving Bomber Chronicle 1967

A story about last three days of the PE-2 soviet diving bomber crew - the three young men about 20: a former school teacher, musician and artist. Set during WWII.

The Forest chronicle 1970

Greedy Wolf robs the forest. It deprives animals of their property. Once Hare found a hunting trap, and decided to find the owner "disappearance". Sly Fox, decided to punish the gray robber sent to Wolf Hare. Wolf because of his greed, took a trap for the valuable thing, and was punished for it.

Chronicle of a Latin American Subversive 1974

1964, in a Latin American country, a journalist is head of an armed liberation movement that decides to initiate radical actions. His second in command, a farmer, and the other members of the group will kidnap a north american colonel stationed in Venezuela to force his government to suspend the execution of the vietnamese Nguyen Van Troi, accused of trying to assassinate the American Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara.

Riftworld Chronicles 2015

A struggling journalist teams up with a dimension-traveling wizard who is stuck in our world without his magic powers. She helps him on his quest to return home in exchange for the rights to his story. When a rift between the realms opens up and fantastical foes invade, they are forced to solve the mystery of what binds their worlds, and their fates, together.

Xiaolin Chronicles

Xiaolin Chronicles is a Canadian animated/CG television series and the revival and sequel series to Xiaolin Showdown. The series premiered on August 26, 2013, with three back-to-back episodes serving as a preview. The full series premiered on September 14, 2013.

Death Row Chronicles 2018

Death Row Chronicles is the story of the world's most dangerous record label could only be told in a definitive 6-part documentary series. While Death Row Records boasted the success of Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, and Dr. Dre forged by unmatched creativity, the chart-topping and record-breaking sales came at a bloody, controversial cost. Part true-crime murder mystery and part hip hop drama, this compelling docu-series will comb through mountains of misinformation, uncovering key evidence and witnesses who will reveal the truth about the bitter rivalries surrounding its legends. The limited series will also celebrate the groundbreaking music of Death Row, explain how it reflected society at the time, and how it influenced some of today's biggest hip hop artists. On the eve of the label's 25th anniversary, Death Row Chronicles offers an unflinching look at the label and its legacy.

Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels 2015

The Hells Angels are the single most notorious motorcycle club in history. They’re also one of the most secretive organizations on the planet. Members are known to take revenge on each other for talking. Now, for the first time ever, a Hells Angels member will bare all the club’s secrets. A former angel will come clean. He’ll tell the world about everything from initiation rites to murder for hire.

Book and Sword Chronicles

Book and Sword Chronicles is a Taiwanese television series adapted from Louis Cha's novel The Book and the Sword. It was first broadcast on TTV in Taiwan in 1984.

Valkyria Chronicles 2009

When Imperial forces attack the small border town of Bruhl, Welkin Gunther, son of late General Belgen Gunther, is forced to fight for his life alongside Town Watch captain Alicia Melchiott. Along with Welkin's adopted sister Isara, the three escape to Gallia's capitol and subsequently join the country's militia forces. As members of the newly-formed Squad 7, they must work to repel the invading Imperial forces and discover the true purpose of the invasion itself.

The Methos Chronicles

The Methos Chronicles is a 2001 animated internet Flash series based on Methos, a character drawn from Highlander: The Series. Peter Wingfield was the voice actor for the main character of the short series, which lasted only one eight-episode season. The animation quality was considered by most to be poor, but it has found something of a cult following amongst die-hard Highlander fans. The Chronicles had eight flash animated episodes, and most of the episodes contained flashbacks of Ancient Egypt. The series was left incomplete in 2001, but new fan-made episodes complete the history.

The DL Chronicles 2007

The DL Chronicles is a series of short stories about men of color who lead double sex lives. Episode; Wes introduces us to Wes Thomas, an upwardly mobile real estate banker who is overwhelmed by the demands of his marriage, career, and closeted attraction to men. When Wes' sexy but ambivalent brother- in-law stops in for an unexpected stay, he is directly faced with temptation and ultimately falls for the forbidden fruit.

Broken House Chronicles

Broken House Chronicles is a Canadian television series which premiered in 2001 on HGTV and is produced by Mountain Road Productions. Re-runs are currently airing on DIY Network Sundays at 6:00 & 6:30PM as well as weekdays at 3:00PM.

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