The Forest chronicle 1970

Greedy Wolf robs the forest. It deprives animals of their property. Once Hare found a hunting trap, and decided to find the owner "disappearance". Sly Fox, decided to punish the gray robber sent to Wolf Hare. Wolf because of his greed, took a trap for the valuable thing, and was punished for it.

78 days, the untold chronicle of a reforestation season 2014

Tree planting is one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs in Canada. Working long days in the baking sun of desolate clear cuts, you can expect rain storms and snow covered tents: that's tree planting in Northern Alberta. In this documentary, veteran planters share their experiences as they struggle through each day of what has become the longest and most difficult season ever!

Aspect: The Chronicle of New Media Art: Vol. 6

The sixth volume of Aspect Magazine rounds up a variety of thought-provoking new media pieces to explore the concept of location and present a dizzying diversity of approaches to expression. Segments feature artists Richard Clar, Shelley Eshkar, Paul Kaiser, Pete Gomes and Douglas Weathersby, with audio commentary by experts Christiane Paul, Jean-Luc Soret, George Fifield, Jelle Bouwhuis, Marisa Olson and James Hull.

Aspect: The Chronicle of New Media Art: Vol. 10

egments include Sam Easterson's video "Bird-Cams"; Jacob Galle's performance of "Untitled (Cubicle)"; Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadir's video offering "Wilderness Trouble V1.0"; and Markuz Wernli Saito performing "Canal Walks."

Timor - Chronicle from a Rising Nation 2002

Documentary about East-Timor's period between the referendum and its independence. Social and educational conditions. The scars of the violence imposed by Indonesia are still very much alive.

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari Part 3 2017

Set in the land of Yuguto, the people thought that the land they live is the size of the world, but it’s actually divided into several areas, each with a respective king. Even though there were small wars among areas, the kings had roundtable meetings to maintain peace and balance. It was until a dark group of dark monsters appeared...

Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Part 1 2016

Set in the land of Yuguto, the people thought that the land they live is the size of the world, but it’s actually divided into several areas, each with a respective king. Even though there were small wars among areas, the kings had roundtable meetings to maintain peace and balance. It was until a dark group of dark monsters appeared...

Mutant Chronicles 2008

It's the year 2707. Earth's natural resources have all but been exhausted by mankind. Battles rage for the remainder between the competing Corporations. During one such battle the seal is broken and awakens an ancient and deadly machine that was once defeated thousands of years ago. The order that awaited it's return must now lead a small group of soldiers to destroy it once and for all.

Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach 1968

Using letters Anna Magdalena Bach wrote to her husband, seminal composer Johann Sebastian, filmmakers Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet created one of the most precise, rewarding biopics ever put to screen. CHRONICLE OF ANNA MAGDALENA BACH's intense emotional pull can be understood by its status as a musical film in the most thorough sense: its performances – staged as extended sequences set within the very spaces once occupied by Bach himself, with trained performers both donning and playing items accurate to the period – are immense, bringing us closer to the sound than was ever thought possible. Immaculately restored on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, CHRONICLE OF ANNA MAGDALENA BACH invites viewers to experience a bygone age.

Chronicle of an Escape 2006

The true story of four men who narrowly escaped death at the hands of Argentina's military death squads during the 1970s is brought to the screen in this thriller. In 1977, Claudio Tamburrini (Rodrigo de la Serna) was a goalie for a minor-league football team when he was abducted by members of the Argentine military police and taken to an unofficial detention center on the false suspicion that he was a terrorist. Over 30,000 people lost their lives at the hands of Argentinean authorities under the military junta that ruled the country between 1976 and 1983, and as he was tortured by intelligence agents looking for information he didn't have, Tamburrini fully expected to become another victim. After many sessions of brutal torture, Tamburrini and his fellow captives Guillermo (Nazareno Casero) and Tano (Martin Urruty) were being readied for execution when, in a final desperate act, Tamburrini dove out a window during a rainstorm.

The Spiderwick Chronicles 2008

Upon moving into the run-down Spiderwick Estate with their mother, twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace, along with their sister Mallory, find themselves pulled into an alternate world full of faeries and other creatures.

Chronicle of an Industrial 1978

After a life of richness, a conservative industrialist blames himself for abandoning his youth's left values. In existential misery, he keeps looking for a possible personal redemption after a foreign company buys his business. His life breaks into pieces.

Pawn Shop Chronicles 2013

The stories of a missing wife, a couple of meth heads and an Elvis impersonator are connected by the items found in a small town's pawn shop.

Chronicle of My Mother 2011

Best-selling novelist Kosaku Igami has made a career out of using his family as fodder for his novels, much to their dismay. When his mother, the spirited family matriarch, is diagnosed with dementia, Igami must come to terms with the toll his own behavior has taken on his increasingly distant family and resolve his own long-simmering resentments. Evocative of classic Ozu, this gorgeously wrought epic family portrait explores the tenderness and trappings of familial bonds. (Chicago International Film Festival)

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