Fatima 2015

Fatima, a Moroccan-born woman who now lives in France with her two teenage daughters, with whom she is barely able to communicate.

Fátima 1997

1917, a beautiful apparition of Our Lady forever alters the lives of three children: Lucinda, Jacita and Francisco who lived in Villa Fatima in Portugal.

Jacinta 2017

The story of Jacinta, one of the three children involved in the Marian apparition reported in 1917 at Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal.

Fátima 2017

The journey of 11 women while they go on a pilgrimage from Bragança to Fatima.

The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima 1952

In 1917, three shepherd children living just outside Fatima, Portugal have visions of a lovely lady in a cloud. The anticlerical government wishes to squelch the Church; reports of religious experiences are cause for serious concern. Yet the children stand by their story, and the message of peace and hope the Lady brings. In the last vision, attended by thousands of people, the Lady proves her reality with a spectacular miracle that is seen by everyone present. Based on actual events at Fatima in the summer of 1917.

Fatima 1984

This 60-minute documentary uses the reported miracle at Fatima in 1917 as a springboard for an examination of the relationship between religion and science in the 20th century. Participants include: Pope John Paul II, James H. Billington, philosopher Paul Kurtz, and writers Malcolm Muggaridge and Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. It is hosted by Ricardo Montalban.


New film about the events at Fátima

David & Fatima 2008

A retelling of Romeo and Juliet in Jerusalem involving a Palestinian woman and an Israeli man.

Fátima, Terra de Fé 1943

Having abandoned his family due to religious differences, Dr Silveira moves to Coimbra, where he dedicates himself to his patients, and rejecting any attempts at reconciliation. But, when a terrible accident happens to his son, he must seek a resolution to the debate between faith and science.

La señora de Fátima 1951

The story of the 1917 miracle of Fatima, in which the Virgin Mary appeared to three children--two girls and one boy..

Finding Fatima 2010

Explores the story of three children who claimed to have witnessed visitations of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, 1917. It shows the journey that they went on and how their courage and belief changed the face of Portugal.

Fátima, el Último Misterio 2018

A series of strange coincidences seem to indicate that the mysterious apparitions of Fatima have changed the course of history of these last 100 years.

Fatima, l'Algérienne de Dakar 2004

In the aftermath of the Algerian War, a young Algerian woman reaches a strange reconciliation with the Senegalese officer who raped and impregnated her.

Fatima, Queen of the Night 2015

Fiction film based on the homonymous short story by Miguel Barnet, which tells the story of Fatima, the Queen of the night. The film tells the life of a young homosexual and transvestite, who prostitute to earn a living, and also to maintain economically to the man whom he loves, and who must face all the complexities arising from its decisions.

Fatima Buen Story 1994

Based on an actual case, Fatima Buen Story mixes tabloid sensationalism with paranormal symbolism and features O’ Hara’s trademark qualities: sudden violence and heroic love against a background of cinematic magic.