Ruth 2018

In the same year that war broke in the portuguese colonies, another conflict was taking place between the most powerful football clubs in the country. The target, a young player from Mozambique named Eusébio da Silva Ferreira...

Citizen Ruth 1996

"Citizen Ruth" is the story of Ruth Stoops, a woman who nobody even noticed -- until she got pregnant. Now, everyone wants a piece of her. The film is a comedy about one woman caught in the ultimate tug-of-war: a clash of wild, noisy, ridiculous people that rapidly dissolves into a media circus.

Ask Dr. Ruth 2019

A documentary portrait chronicling the incredible life of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a Holocaust survivor who became America's most famous sex therapist. As her 90th birthday approaches, Dr. Ruth revisits her painful past and her career at the forefront of the sexual revolution.

5 Flights Up 2014

A long-time married couple who've spent their lives together in the same New York apartment become overwhelmed by personal and real estate-related issues when they plan to move away.

The Story of Ruth 1960

Ruth is an unusual character in the Bible. First she's a female protagonist, one of a select few there. Secondly her story gets its own book in the Old Testament, a short item of only four chapters. Lastly she's the first non-Hebrew protagonist in the Bible since Abraham sired the Hebrew people. It's a simple story in the Old Testament. Ruth is one of two Moabite women who marry the sons of Elimelech and Naomi. When Elimelech and sons Mahlon and Chillion die, leaving Naomi a widow with two widowed daughters-in-law, Naomi decides to return to Israel. One daughter-in-law, Orpah, bids her goodbye. Daughter-in-law Ruth however says she will not desert her. She's going to give up the life and culture of Moab and her people will be Naomi's people in the most famous line from the Book of Ruth.

Babe Ruth 1991

A film based on the home-run legend's life.

Ruth 1996

particular translation

Ruth 1994

When the Israelite Naomi and her two Gentile daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth, are left as widows, Naomi begs them to return to their own people. Orpah agrees, but Ruth declares she will never forsake Naomi and accompanies her mother-in-law back to Israel. Her faithfulness is rewarded when Naomi’s kinsman, Boaz, falls in love with Ruth and marries her.

Babe Ruth 1998

As its title implies, this video attempts to go beyond the public persona of one of major league baseball's greatest stars. Accepting Ruth as a larger-than-life figure, this 59-minute video doesn't attempt to rationalize, apologize, or analyze his behavior. Rather, it endeavors to present an unbiased account of the life of George Herman Ruth, contradictions and all.

Dear Ruth 1947

A normal day in the Wilkins family: reticent beauty Ruth, crusty judge father, petition-happy political activist teen Miriam. Who should show up but Ruth's soldier pen pal Bill Seacroft...whom she doesn't know about. It seems Miriam used her sister's name and picture to build up wartime morale. Ruth reluctantly agrees to "humor" Bill for his 2-day leave, though she's just become engaged to her stuffy suitor Albert. Can Miriam's cloud castle last the weekend without crashing to earth?

Martha, Ruth & Edie 1988

Two women attending a Women's Seminar on personal development walk out in acute embarrassment during the introduction. They meet up with a woman who arrived too late to be admitted. Thrown together by chance, they discuss their emotional lives in intimate detail.

The Book of Ruth 2004

The tensions that arise when a newlywed has her new husband move into the home of her oppressive mother.

The Innocence of Ruth 1916

The young Ruth Travers, left an orphan after the death of her father financially ruined by Mortimer Reynolds, is welcomed at home by Jimmy Carter, a young millionaire who becomes his guardian. Sexual violence ensues.

Ruth, Roses, and Revolver 1987

Television documentary from BBCs Arena program in which David Lynch, fresh off the release of Blue Velvet, examines his surrealistic influences in cinema which excerpts from several classics works of the avant-garde

Ruth Rendell: Road Rage

A plan for a hotly contested bypass in Kingsmarkham sparks a community protest -- and when Dora Wexford joins the group, Chief Inspector Wexford keeps his distance, as he anticipates trouble.

The Babe Ruth Story 1948

The baseball player (William Bendix) goes from wayward youth to Boston Red Sox pitcher to New York Yankees home-run hero.

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries 1987

The Ruth Rendell mysteries is a British television series made by TVS and Meridian Television for ITV between 2 August 1987 and 11 October 2000.

Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth 2009

Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth is a cooking program that is produced by WGBH-TV and aired nationally on the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. The show follows former Gourmet magazine Editor in Chief Ruth Reichl around the USA and the rest of world, where in the company of various celebrities, the program instructs the viewer about different countries and regions and their cuisines.

Ruth Watson's Hotel Rescue 2009

Ruth Watson's Hotel Rescue is an observational documentary television series which aired on British terrestrial television channel, Channel 4 in 2009. In each episode, the celebrated hotelier Ruth Watson visits and assesses the site of a planned hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast, and offers advice and support to the new owner/s. Watson identifies weaknesses in the preparations of the new establishments, and then sends the new owners to various hotels in the UK to improve their skills. Each episode usually culminates in the new hotel being secretly inspected and assessed by a tourism agency or travel writer. Premiering in September 2009, Hotel Rescue was the second Channel 4 series to star Ruth Watson, as part of her exclusive deal with the channel to front a number of series. Watson also fronts Country House Rescue for Channel 4, which sees her turn her attention to struggling country houses and their owners. Watson has previously starred in The Hotel Inspector, a documentary series for Five of a very similar format to Ruth Watson's Hotel Rescue, but with existing struggling hotels, rather than new start-ups. Watson herself has described the show as "Grand Designs meets The Hotel Inspector".

Ruth Mott's Country Christmas 1995

Ruth Mott, of "The Victorian Kitchen" and "The Wartime Kitchen and Garden" fame, hosts this look at a traditional English Country Christmas, featuring traditional Christmas recipes, instructions on making decorations and personal stories.

Ruthie on the Telephone

Ruthie on the Telephone is an American comedy television series that was broadcast on the CBS network from August 7 to November 5, 1949. It is perhaps most notable for the fact that each episode was only five minutes long, yet it was shown during a prime-time television slot.

Secrets of the Castle 2014

How do you build a medieval castle from scratch? Domestic historian Ruth Goodman and archeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold make perhaps their most ambitious foray into the past as they head to France to take part in a build that has been underway since 1997. Our intrepid history adventurers join this magnificent construction at Guédelon Castle to recreate authentic medieval castle living from within its rising walls.

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