Freeze Me 2000

Chihiro is raped by three men and it is captured on video camera. She leaves her hometown and prepares to marry a colleague five years later, when one of the rapists arrives and says the others are on their way. He behaves like her long-lost lover and mistreats her again. Chihiro takes revenge, kills him and puts him in a freezer. The other rapists are awaiting a similar fate...

Put Nonna in the Freezer 2018

Simone, a clumsy financier, falls in love with Claudia, who’s living on her grandma’s retirement checks. When the old lady dies Claudia hides the body in a freezer, and sets up a fraud with the help of some friends to avoid bankruptcy.

Metallica: Freeze 'Em All - Live in Antarctica 2013

On December 8, 2013 we set a world record by becoming the first and only band in history to perform concerts on all seven continents in under a year! Watch us play for a small group of fans and research scientists in a little dome at the Carlini Argentine Base in Antarctica! Thanks to Coca-Cola for putting it all together and to Burton for keeping us warm!

Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge 1991

After defeating Frieza, Goku returns to Earth and goes on a camping trip with Gohan and Krillin. Everything is normal until Cooler - Frieza's brother - sends three henchmen after Goku. A long fight ensues between our heroes and Cooler, in which he transforms into the fourth stage of his evolution and has the edge in the fight... until Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan.

Freeze Die Come to Life 1989

Stuck in a mining town near Vladivostok in 1947 amongst Soviet exiles and Japanese POWs (Japanese prisoners remained in Siberia for years after the war had ended), the kids have to come up with something to keep them busy. Two friends, Valerka and Galia, play some peculiar, very dangerous games of their own amid the man-made wasteland of Suchan.

Cryonics – Freeze Me

Cryonics – Freeze Me is a television documentary programme created by ZigZag Production for Five in 2006 for in their Stranger than Fiction series. The program's main topic is cryonics and mainly features interviews with Alcor Life Extension Foundation staff or Alcor members. The program is narrated by Michael Lumsden. Interviews with following people are featured: ⁕Tanya Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Alcor ⁕Michael Riskin, Ph.D, Alcor Board of Directors and Member ⁕Anita Riskin, Alcor Member ⁕Dr Arthur W. Rowe, Ph.D, Professor of Forensic Medicine, New York University Medical School ⁕Terry Katz, Alcor Member ⁕Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D, Biomedical Gerentologist ⁕Gregory Fahy, Ph.D Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, 21st Century Medicine ⁕Regina Pancake, Head of Alcor Stabilisation Team, South California ⁕Tilly Nydes ⁕Robin Nydes, Alcor Member ⁕Professor Ralph Merkle, Ph.D, Georgia Tech College of Computing ⁕Dr James R. Baker MD, Director Michigan Nanotechnology Institute